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Finding Love in Your Radius
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The Webseries:

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to watch and share the first episode of “Local Attraction". The feedback has been great. We’ve accumulated nearly 21,000 views (and counting) on youtube, only half of which came from my mom. On top of that, I was proposed to by a middle eastern woman named “Chu” on Facebook, but I'm not sure if that has anything to do with this.

I’m asking you to pitch in whatever you can to help us produce future episodes of “Local Attraction". The concept I envision for the series is that each episode will consist of two characters meeting for their first date having connected through the iPhone dating app Tinder. I never imagined being in a position to write my own material, and I would be incredibly grateful for the opporuntity to continue to do so. The ultimate goal is that this series will lead to additional opportunities. Perhaps even an opportunity to be paid to act in a project. I dream big.

- Connor Hines, Writer & Director

Episode I: TRENT & MAEVE


Risks and challenges

Why We Need Your Help:

Though Trent makes it look easy, a lot of time, money and effort goes into producing a webisode. While Connor funded the first episode out-of-pocket, in order to sustain the series we need to acquire outside funding. This valuable capital will fuel the entire filmmaking process: from the script review and pre-production meetings, to casting and securing the location, to dress rehearsals, to on-site filming, to the tedious hours in the edit room, and the final sound and color correction. More specifically, the money will go towards paying the talented crew for their time and expertise, towards the camera, sound, and lighting equipment, as well as other necessary costs such as transportation, props, craft services, batteries, and field production rentals and insurance.

Though we are proposing a large goal to produce the next few episodes, we are dedicated to making sure each dollar is used wisely and each purchase is absolutely necessary. Additionally, the crew has all decided to receive much less for their time than they would for any other job, and the actors are entirely unpaid, because the team truly believes in this project and want to see it, and Connor, succeed.

- Melanie Quinn, Executive Producer

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