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Ovie plus Amazon Alexa make it easy for you to keep track of what's in your fridge and waste less food.
Ovie plus Amazon Alexa make it easy for you to keep track of what's in your fridge and waste less food.
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The Story of Ovie

Posted by Ovie (Creator)
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A lot of people ask us how we came up with the idea for Ovie, and the simple answer is that a moment of inspiration collided with a moment of frustration. Our co-founder Ty was in a modern parking garage with LED lights over each space: red means occupied, green means available. It was so easy to look across a full parking level and know that you could drive right to a spot. No driving up and down rows hoping to find something. You just knew.

That moment inspired him to wonder what else in life could be made easier by something as simple as an LED light. That's when the moment of frustration arrived. 

We've probably all been there - preparing for a run to the grocery store or digging through the refrigerator to find something, and it leads to the total fridge cleanout. While dumping out a delicious container of rigatoni with italian sausage and homemade sauce that was thoughtfully made and saved with the intent to eat (because this pasta is amazing and even better after it sits and soaks in all of the flavors for a day or two), the moment of inspiration and moment of frustration collided.

That's when the first concept for Smarterware was envisioned.

Of course we're more than an LED light now, but it's still the critical component that allows Ovie to make life so much easier. No more wondering when you saved something or how long it should last. No more forgetting about that delicious meal you wanted to eat anyway.

We're not just the creators of Smarterware. We're customers as well because we need this. It was an idea born out of a desire to have this in our homes. So we really mean it when we say you're all part of Team Ovie. You're helping us bring this to life. And we're right there with you in becoming the first to know what we have in our fridge and to know when and how to use it.

So again, as we've passed another funding milestone, we're filled with gratefulness for each of you who've joined us on this journey.

(And be sure to look for inspiration everywhere. Even a parking garage!)

Thank you so much!

Team Ovie

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