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An evolution in PC Gaming devices, the Stinky Footboard is the perfect companion to your Mouse and Keyboard. Improve your Gameplay!
An evolution in PC Gaming devices, the Stinky Footboard is the perfect companion to your Mouse and Keyboard. Improve your Gameplay!
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    1. Christian Christiansen on

      Guess its too late now to complain about never receiving anything a small yeah and 4 months later...

    2. Tary Taylor

      still haven't received my hoodie whats up?

    3. Missing avatar

      Paul Burkholder on

      Still no custom board. Why can't you just let us know what's going on?

    4. Missing avatar

      Reiner Perillo on

      Anyone having problems with the configurtor not recognizing the board?

    5. Travis Lance Walter on

      Any news on when the custom boards are going to be sent out?

    6. Andrew Wang on

      How is the progress on the Mac OS X version of the configuration software? I was one of the original early bird backers. The FAQ and your website both pointed towards "late 2013" (5 days left). I'm still waiting on that Mac version of the configuration software.

    7. Christian Christiansen on

      @SteLuLu - Any news on my boards?

    8. Truls Vian on

      I just started using one of my two boards. and i have to say, i came to me realy easy, i use the first board for push-to-talk. Helps me alot with the communications=) Kudos for a great product guys=) Im gonna learn to use more buttons quickly, but i do recommend you offering stiffer springs for the adult/heavier player. Im working with physical work and doing some lifting and even the red springs are on the soft side for me.

    9. SteLuLu Technologies Creator on

      @Christian - The special edition boards were sent out direct from manufacturing a little over 2 months ago. I've contacted the warehouse to find out what happened.
      @s1ckn3ss - I've traced your parcel… and it looks really odd. I've put in a request with Parcel Force to find out what's up.
      @Travis - We apologize for the delay. The custom etching has been a challenge to say the least. We've been informed that the boards are on their way to our office. We'll send them out just as soon as we get them.

    10. Travis Lance Walter on

      Yeah still waiting on that custom board, that July goal is kinda over shot. (USA)

    11. Missing avatar

      s1ckn3ss on

      Still waiting for my two stinky boards (germany)...

    12. Christian Christiansen on

      Sure is taking its time to get that stinky package to me ;P

    13. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Been experimenting with mine on a few different games. I feel like I'm quite a long way away from mastering it, but as a product it feels really good. Well made, customization, reliable. I'm very happy with it.
      But for V2.0 I have a couple of suggestions:
      Firstly is the size, maybe it's just me but I find it a little bit big (I have size 7 feet). I find myself wanting to slide my foot across the surface to be in the most comfortable position to press in a particular direction. And in doing so I often end up with my foot out of position and pressing the wrong direction. A way to counter this is to use the softer springs to make pressing the directions easier from the center of the board, but then I find myself accidentally depressing whichever direction I've left my foot resting on.

      Secondly, some shaping or detailing on the surface to help you feel where you foot is. Often I find myself pressing left diagonal when I want forwards.

      I do wonder if these issue are more a learning problem for me than a design one, but I feel that they could be easier. But that said I'm still very happy to have it, and even when I'm only using 1 button as a push-to-talk key it makes things much easier!

    14. Your average joe shmoe on

      I'm very pleased with my board, but I'd like to make a suggestion for Stinky 2. It might be better if the top surface was concave. It would make finding your feet positions easier. There's been a few times using it with Mass Effect 3 where I've jabbed instead of jumped.

    15. KY Fong on

      Received mine yesterday, looks good and works well.
      (Using it for WASD movement)
      Diagonal movement is a bit difficult for me, maybe a more "squared" shape board would be better for movement.. looking forward to Stinky 2 though!

    16. Sae-Young Lee on

      Just received my stinky (Switzerland). Gotta say I`am a little bit disappointed with the packaging. In my opinion there should have been more protection like bubble wrap. The box was handled quite roughly so I hope the board wasn`t damaged. Also I had to pay GBP 30 taxes. Usually when I get something through Kickstarter it is declared as a gift. If I`m not wrong this is legal because you get the reward as a gift for your support.

      Anyway build quality looks great and I am really looking forward to test the board today!

    17. Missing avatar

      Hawyee Auyong on

      Got mine today. Works great! In Singapore.

    18. SnergleTheDwarf on

      I got mine ... haven't tried them yet ... next weekend I will try them out ... so far thx ;-) ... I'm from Europe ...


    19. SteLuLu Technologies Creator on

      @Wah Kwan Nam - Your order is being packed as I type this and should be delivered to you within the next 24hours

    20. Missing avatar

      Wah Kwan Nam on

      I'm live in Hong Kong, and now end of September and my "INTERNATIONAL STINKY SQUARED" still nowhere to be found, and not even an email notice.

      Would you please help to check if my pledge is lost in somewhere?

    21. Missing avatar

      J.R. Dijkstra on

      Never mind, my neighbour had it :D

    22. Missing avatar

      J.R. Dijkstra on

      Got my tracking number, says it is delivered to me, but i got nothing :((

    23. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Just received mine in the UK, gotta say that the packaging looks very good. Can't wait to get it home to try it out!

    24. Cyrill Baur on

      Got my tracking number for switzerland 2days ago but Still not on the way.

    25. Susan Galbraith on

      Stinky arrived earlier today (Scotland). Really pleased with it so far, well done SteLuLu.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      UK here, got my shipping notice today. Tracking number doesn't work yet, but the email says it might take 2 days for the tracking info to be available.

    27. Missing avatar

      J.R. Dijkstra on

      I got my shipping info too today.

    28. Phil on

      @J.R. Dijkstra: i got my shipping notification today (euro, germany), granted with a wrong name in the address (don't know why they don't use the name given in the survey), but it seems the shipping for europeans finally started.

    29. Missing avatar

      J.R. Dijkstra on

      Do we europeans get an email when it is shipped? I really do not like all the misleading info regarding shipping.

      On your own website you posted:
      Shipping Next Week
      We've had some minor logistics delays which have now been resolved. All the units, both International and North America, will start shipping next week!
      We apologize for the delay and we want to thank you once again for your support.
      Team Stinkyboard

      On the updates here on Kickstarter every two weeks you promise me next week. (update # 16, update #17)
      Please no more promises, state the date you really shipped it to me.

    30. Minoru TODA on

      Arrived here in Japan today :)
      Is it normal for the footboard not to have a serial number sticker on the underside ?

    31. Missing avatar

      Eva Zernack on

      Where are my Stinkys and where is my comment from two days ago???????????????????????

    32. Missing avatar

      Sybernetix on

      So us euro peeps got a little stitched up on the shipping. If you're going to state a price for the shipping you really should have researched before hand if you could actually deliver on the price.

    33. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hooke on

      Picked it up from my local post office today (Melbourne, Australia). Playing with now. :D

    34. SteLuLu Technologies Creator on

      @J.R. Dijkstra - You'll definitely get them before the end of September. We're aiming for end of this week or early next week.
      @Alexander - Check your email for ticket #81.

    35. Missing avatar

      J.R. Dijkstra on

      If I read this correct, the european stinkys are still not shipping???????? Still on their way to the UK, and we have to wait when they ship from there?
      So receiving it in september is no longer an option?

    36. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      Hi I ordered the international stinky squared, I received emails saying they are sending only 1x board . I sent email to you , but no reply .

    37. SteLuLu Technologies Creator on

      @Minoru TODA - We have a distribution hub in Hong Kong and the boards have started shipping. You should get notification any day.

    38. Minoru TODA on

      How are things going for Asia ? What's your plans on shipping orders for other regions ?

    39. SteLuLu Technologies Creator on

      @International backers (euro) - We truly apologize for the late shipments on the International (euro) backers. We appreciate your patience. We've run into some issues getting the shipments out at an affordable rate. We've secured a distribution hub in the UK and the boards are currently on their way there. I'm told they will be arriving early next week. You'll be receiving your shipment notifications shortly after. Thanks again for your support and patience.

      @pclabtech - please submit a support ticket on our website and we'll get you fixed up.

    40. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      @Phil I'm an international early bird, and I've not heard a peep.

    41. Phil on

      Still waiting for my international shipping, it also would be interesting if only early bid's are sent out or all international rewards. i also read in the update comments that some are waiting for their early bid's

    42. pclabtech on

      Question: why does the configuration software always launch and display on my desktop every time I boot my machine. I have checked the "Minimize on launch" and pressed every "Save" button I can find, but the setting does not stay and I am presented with the configuration window every time I boot.

      What can I do to just have it stay minimized in my system task tray?

    43. Missing avatar

      J.R. Dijkstra on

      Not me. And it is still unclear to me why international is shipped so late.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Any internationals received anything yet?

    45. Missing avatar

      Fu on

      Finally opened mine up after receiving it about a week ago. Very happy with the build quality.

    46. SteLuLu Technologies Creator on

      Hello Daniel, Please go to our website and submit a support ticket. They'll send all the information.



    47. Daniel Burwell on

      I just got mine. Any info on what the new firmware does or how to install it?

    48. Missing avatar

      Cranky Dog on

      Finally got it in Montreal, Canada! Okay, it arrived yesterday, but I was out so had to wait till today to pick it up at the post office. The shipping box was about twice as big as I expected, but the product box inside is perfect (and smells nice and new too).

      The board is a beaut. Nice heft to it. Now to try it out!

    49. Kaiser Soza on

      Last Thursday while on my way to the airport, i received my shipping notification and tracking number. I was headed to Seattle for PAX and shipping estimated delivery for Tues, the very day i was due back in Texas. I was working the GCW-Zero booth at PAX and we were sharing the 6th floor with the Stinky Boards. I was so excited to see the board in person, and it was a pleasure meeting Luc, and a few of the crew! I am now home, and Stinky was here to greet me! I will test it out soon, but i wanted to drop in and say thank you to Luc and the entire Stinky Squad!! Lol!

      I may even run test it with the GCW-Zero

    50. zane brown on

      Would be good to get some clarification on the international boards. I'm not having a go, I understand the nightmare that logistics can be. Just think it would be nice to be given a realistic time frame on when they will ship. Really looking forward to using your awesome product. cheers

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