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Oculus is a motorized frame and software kit that instantly converts a small laptop into a web controlled ROBOT
Oculus is a motorized frame and software kit that instantly converts a small laptop into a web controlled ROBOT
Oculus is a motorized frame and software kit that instantly converts a small laptop into a web controlled ROBOT
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Xaxxon Annouces Oculus Prime

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Greetings Kickstarter backers from long ago! 

We initially launched our new product as a developer version in December of last year. Between then and now, we've added several software updates, new capabilities, and a slew of satisfied customers. Our original goals for the project have finally been reached: presenting Oculus Prime, the autonomous surveillance and remote monitoring vehicle!

As the name suggests, Oculus Prime builds on the technology of our original Oculus Laptop kit, and takes it to the next level. The unit can drive itself, dynamically detecting and avoiding moving and stationary obstacles. Its remote web-browser interface can be used to create a map of an area, set navigation goals, define waypoints, and schedule daily patrol routes. 

Web browser map interface
Web browser map interface

Patrol functions currently include motion detection, sound detection, human detection, still photos, and email/RSS alerts.

Motion detection, image highlighted and emailed
Motion detection, image highlighted and emailed

Oculus Prime comes with a tilting camera and high intensity lights, four quiet-running gear motors, a powerful mini-ITX Intel PC under the hood, long-lasting lithium polymer batteries, and (of course) an auto-docking charging station. It runs the open source Robot Operating System (ROS) middleware, and has an open API for easily scripting custom functions.

We put a ridiculous amount of hours into dialing in the software so Oculus Prime runs hassle free and reliably - so you can forget about it and let it do its thing. The unit is available in fully configured and calibrated versions, or as a build-it-yourself kit.

For more info, please check out

Latest from Xaxxon and other Cool Robots

Hello! We've been busy at Xaxxon working on our next platform, currently dubbed Oculus ITX. It is to be a four wheeled rover like Oculus, but will be aimed at home/office/warehouse surveillance, with less of a focus on telepresence. Instead of using a small laptop for its brains, it will have its own mini-ITX motherboard built in, running Linux or Windows. Here are the specs so far:

  • Mini-ITX Atom motherboard with SSD, 4Gb RAM, Wifi
  • Four x 5-inch wheels with independent quiet-running DC gearmotors for each
  • Capable of navigating 1.5" obstacles, and off-road operation (fair weather only)
  • Built in battery and charging system, 2 hours run time or higher
  • Charging station with automatic-visual docking
  • USB camera, with 220 degrees of vertical tilt
  • Spotlight/Floodlight built into camera tilt
  • Xtion/Primesense 3D depth camera mount

Here's a shot of the very 1st prototype (quite a few things are going to change, but this is the idea):

18 second video:

And a shot next to good 'ol Oculus, for scale:

The software is very similar to that of Oculus, built on the same open Oculus-Java platform, and the controller PCB is Arduino compatible. We plan on offering the robot in a fully configured and assembled version, AND in a bare-bones, ship flat, kit version that you supply your own mini-ITX hardware for. Pre-order availability is still a couple months or more away yet, so stay tuned!

And - The Fritz Robotic Head Kickstarter Project

And finally, we'd like to send a shout out for a cool Kickstarter project -- the Fritz Robotic Puppet, developed by Xyzbot and our clever friends over at RoboRealm

There's only a few hours left to get in as a backer, so check it out!

Oculus Software Update featuring The Telnet Progamming Interface

Greetings Oculus backers! Those of you who have a penchant for programming will probably be interested in the latest software update. The Telnet Programming Interface has been finalized and documented. With it, cool new capabilities have been added, and you can program Oculus using almost any programming language. As well, Linux support is now more complete. For more information, go here:

Oculus TeleOperator iOS App Released

The Oculus TeleOperator app for iOS is now available for download from iTunes! It is a free app, designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This version allows one-way audio and video, and snappy, real-time control of the robot and OcuLed headlight. The on-screen controls can be made ‘always visible’ (recommended for the iPad), by selecting ‘More’ from the main menu, and setting the ‘Controls Always Visible’ check box. 

Extended functionality is available by sending Oculus text commands directly—go to the ‘More’ menu, and enter commands in the ‘Send Text Command’ box. A complete reference of commands is listed here.

Android users can download an equivalent version of this app at our google code site.