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StoryCorps' first animation special will feature stories told by everyday people, brought to life by Rauch Brothers Animation.
StoryCorps' first animation special will feature stories told by everyday people, brought to life by Rauch Brothers Animation.
775 backers pledged $26,581 to help bring this project to life.


Our first full-length animation special will air in 2013 and it's thanks to YOU! We asked you to help us Kickstart our animated shorts and you responded loud and clear! 

We are sending a huge ‘thank you’ for your support! 

For updates on the development of the Animation Special connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Your support will help us share our animated shorts with a larger audience than ever before. 

Thank you from everyone at StoryCorps!

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StoryCorps on Attack of the Show

StoryCorps' Animation Special was selected as a feature for Attack of the Show's Fund It segment, which recently aired on G4tv.

Watch it here to see our clip among other very cool Kickstarter projects, as well as to hear an interview with StoryCorps' very own Animation Producer, Lizzie Jacobs. The Attack of the Show producers also threw in a huge "CONGRATS!" on the television broadcast since we made our goal. Thank you backers!

Facundo the Great Official Release!

We just released our brand new animated short, Facundo the Great, at Since some of you folks were the first to see this short, we want to know—what did you think? 

We’ve received some great feedback so far via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

  • Oh gosh i can't stop laughing! xD but this was sweet in its own way, dealing with the (in my  opinion) all-too-frequent assimilation/mitigation of the wonderfully diverse cultures and languages that people bring with them to America.
  • Hahahahahaha! Loved loved loved loved it!!!!! I so relate to this. Growing up, it was easy for teachers to call me Agnes. I hated it! My name is Agnessa. Why is that so hard? Just add an "a"!
  • God, these make me cry faster than any other channel on Youtube...but it's a GOOD cry! :')

If you loved the ordinary kid who became a hero just for keeping his real name, then share with your friends and family! We want to bring more stories like this to life through animation, and with your help, it will become a reality!



I don't always cry on the way to work, but when I do….

Many thanks to all of our backers and the flowing generosity! We are steadily approaching our $25,000 goal, with a little under ten days to go.  

In addition to the loving support we have seen on our Kickstarter project page, we've noticed a few memes popping up in the web-o-sphere, such as the beautiful specimen below.

We love it and want to see more! Take a few minutes on to create your own meme image, share it with friends and family on twitter or facebook, and ask them to make a pledge in support of StoryCorps' Animation Special at Every dollar counts! Feel free to post your genius to our Facebook wall or tweet @StoryCorps, too! 

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Facundo the Great - Backers only sneak peak of StoryCorps' unreleased animated ahort!


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