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"The street is unlike any other." Stories to amaze, delight, & touch the heart by edgy new voices in science fiction and fantasy.
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Posted by Robert B Finegold (Creator)
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You got yours. Now we share the adventure. :)

And we hope you'll help us spread the news.

Waiting to make sure you, our loyal backers, received your copies first and had time to enjoy Lou Harper's marvelous cover, Liz Ticknor's illustrations, and our authors' tales of wonder and adventure, I'm pleased to announce that the 3RD AND STARLIGHT paperback edition is NOW available to everyone via Amazon. 

We'd really appreciate reviews, even if but a word or two. 

Paperback link

Kindle edition link

And we'd love to hear from you on what you liked and disliked and what you want more of for.... 4TH AND STARLIGHT. More worlds, many-angled dimensions, odd dreams (& nightmares) and, inevitably, human hopes, follies, and spirits to explore.  :)


Dr. Bob -- Email:; Blog/Website:

P.S.: Emeritus Editor Dustin Adams informs me that yesterday he sent the remaining newly printed paperback copies of his 1ST AND STARLIGHT and 2ND AND STARLIGHT paperbacks to all who chose them as part of their rewards.



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