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"The street is unlike any other." Stories to amaze, delight, & touch the heart by edgy new voices in science fiction and fantasy.
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Posted by Robert B Finegold (Creator)


CAPTAIN’S FINAL LOG: This is it. The final "countdown" hours of our Kickstarter. We’re "crazy in love" with 3RD AND STARLIGHT, our "Destiny’s child." This volume of "irreplaceable" great science fiction and fantasy stories by edgy new voices in science fiction is poised to "blow" past Earth’s gravity well, and I’m putting everything (of mine) into it, as you'll see below. No bars (bad puns, or veiled Beyoncé allusions) hold.*

* I've no reservations about using a "star" to assist our reaching the stars (even if this near 60-year-old would be challenged to name a single Beyoncé song without the aid of my shipboard computer (who is younger, smarter, and far more "hip" than I). 


We’re closing out with:  

(1) AUTHOR SHOWCASE: 2015 Hugo and Campbell award nominee KARY ENGLISH. Mini-interview, sneak peek at her story “Shattered Vessels” (co-written with ye humbled and honored editor), and FREE STORY, her mind-blowing Hugo-nominated story with heart: “TOTALED” A must read.  

(2) NEW REWARD “OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN!” I'm putting all of me into this one. ;)


From creation to the world’s end, the story of a warrior and a blade, and the strength of love. 



from SHATTERED VESSELS by Kary English and Robert B. Finegold, M.D.
from SHATTERED VESSELS by Kary English and Robert B. Finegold, M.D.


KARY ENGLISH grew up in the snowy Midwest where she avoided siblings and frostbite by reading book after book in a warm corner behind a recliner chair. She blames her only high school detention on Douglas Adams, whose The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy made her laugh out loud while reading it behind the covers of her geometry textbook. Today, Kary still spends most of her time with her head in the clouds and her nose in a book. To the great relief of her parents, she seems to be making a living at it. Her greatest ambition is to make her own work detention-worthy. You can find Kary on Facebook or at


Kary’s 2015 Hugo-nominated story TOTALED

Neuroscientist Margaret Hauri has two children to raise, and she's on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough. There's just one problem. She's dead. A heart-wrenching story told from the point of view of Margaret’s disembodied brain.

Reviews“Done right, a good story gets in fast, cuts to the meat of a problem, and gets out even faster… poignancy, punch, and speed. That’s what I found in Totaled, and I can’t wait to look up what else Kary English has written.” – Daniel, Attack Of The Books

“Sense is a key part of the story, and Kary English’s tactile writing style pulls off this aspect perfectly.” – Doris V. Sutherland, Women Write About Comics 


It has been my privilege to edit and prepare for publication the 3RD AND STARLIGHT anthology, showcasing this gifted award-winning and award-nominated “vibrant new voices in science fiction and fantasy," as Martin L. Shoemaker, WSFA award-winning author of “Today I Am Paul” proclaims on our back cover (Thank you, Martin). 

In the final surge toward our Goal, I’ve grabbed armfuls of my own books from above my bunk, including volumes where my stories (both original publications and, full disclosure, reprints) humbly appear, to my complete amazement, beside the works of such authors of stature as ROBERT SILVERBERG, KEN LIU, ELIZABETH BEAR, ALISTAIR REYNOLDS, LEIGH BRACKETT, DAVID DRAKE, BARRY N. MALZBERG, JODIE LYNN NYE, STEVE PENTAZIS, LAVIE TIDHAR, IAN MCDONALD, CATHERYNNE M. VALENTE, JEFF VANDEMEER, RACHEL SWIRSKY, CHARLES STROSS, BETH CATO, KENNETH SCHNEYER, MARTIN L. SHOEMAKER, and (wow) JANIS IAN! *

* Note: Her 1975 hit "At 17" was released when I was, um, 17 -- although I did not aspire to be "a beauty queen." [See. You may know Beyoncé but I know the rock classics. What a thrill to share a Table of Contents with her!]


  • 1ST AND STARLIGHT – ed. by Sky Mckinnon  
  • 2ND AND STARLIGHT – ed. by Dustin Adams 
  • 3RD AND STARLIGHT – ed. by Robert B. Finegold 
  • GALAXY’S EDGE MAGAZINE No. 19 - ed. by Mike Resnick 
  • MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN – ed. By Neil Clarke 
  • MYSTERION – ed. by Donald S. Crankshaw and Krisitn Janz  ROBOTICA – ed. by Elizabeth Hirst 

SIGNED by your captain (and/or personalized) upon request. Retail value: over $90, Orbital Booster Pledge Reward offering: $50. Just two sets available. 


Our Kickstarter ends at 1159 am EST. Will we reach our Goal? All hands on deck! Row, mates. row for the stars! Our thanks to all our current and (we hope) our final backers.


Dr. Bob


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