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Posted by Robert B Finegold (Creator)
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CYBER MONDAY UPDATE - 15 Days to go and we’re 50% funded!  

We’re approaching escape velocity and over these last two weeks will be sharing more author mini-interviews, free tokens of appreciation to our backers, and more. We appreciate your support in getting new award-winning and nominated voices in science fiction and fantasy heard and read! Please keep checking back and tell your friends!  


Today, it is my pleasure to travel to the opposite end of the world, from my home in Maine where winter’s breath is cooling my cheeks and brow (and that bald area atop my head) to the south Pacific islands of New Zealand. The Land of the Long White Cloud is where award-winning and Asimov’s SF cover Kiwi author SEAN MONAGHAN abides, enjoying a ripening spring and new life taking root…  

Oelenes die giving birth to many young; a time of great celebration.  Human females do not die in childbirth, Ribolee’s human friend Abigail said.  How strange; how troubling. For Ribolee’s friend Siluone is about to die birthing many young oelene; and now, alone among her people, Ribolee feels a sense of loss. A tale of two species, two cultures, and friendship that bridges both. 


SEAN MONAGHAN studied at the University of Queensland and now makes his home in New Zealand, where he works in a busy public library. Sean’s preferred mode of transport is aircraft, particularly any departing for distant, warmer locales (a long way of saying he loves to travel). 

Sean’s stories litter the internet and the pages of magazines, from Takahe and Landfall to Asimov’s and Amazing Stories. A three-time Writers of the Future contest Semi-finalist and one-time Finalist, Sean is no longer eligible for the Writers of the Future contest, having "pro’ed out" by gaining professional status through sales to Asimov’s Science Fiction and other professional markets. He has also been a Finalist for the Aurealis Award and the Sir Julius Vogel Award, and the 2014 Grand Prize winner for the Jim Baen Memorial Short Story contest for his story “Low Arc" (collected in the recently released THE JIM BAEN MEMORIAL AWARD: THE FIRST DECADE edited by 2016 Nebula Award winner William Ledbetter. Highly recommended by ye humble editor). 


* Looking at your work, what story, character(s), poem, article, artwork stands out as your all-time favorite? 

My favorite is “Crimson Birds of Small Miracles” which appeared in the January / February 2017 issue of Asimov’s. It’s the story where I feel I surprised myself by striking an emotional chord better than I’d achieved before. And the cover illustration for the issue, by Maurizio Manzieri, is simply stunning. [True! See it here - Bob].

* Who are your greatest creative influences? 

I grew up reading Robert Silverberg and Robert Heinlein and the like, though my reading habits have changed over time. When I undertook my Masters in creative writing, I was reading at the more literary end of the spectrum – John Irving, Richard Ford and Raymond Carver. These days I read a blend of contemporary thrillers, science fiction, and the occasional odd thing tossed in. A current favorite is Karl Schroeder – his Virga series is wonderful. I wish he would publish more books. 

* What is your favorite book or character or imaginary world in fiction? Or if you were stuck on a deserted island, what one book would you wish to have and why (Other than 50 ways to escape from a deserted island)? 

I remember loving Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast series, but I suspect my tastes have so changed over time that I would struggle with it. I picked up my copy of Titus Alone just now, and boy is that writing dense. I did love the world, though: that enormous, near-empty castle with its strange and awkward characters. 

Perhaps ultimately I’d go with David Guterson’s East of the Mountains – a wonderful, rich book that stands re-reading. (By the way, I think I’m going to write a book now, titled 50 Ways to Escape a Desert Island). 

* What are you working on now and what about it excites or challenges you? 

I’m working on short stories right now, trying to freshen my brain after writing several novels. I’m not sure it’s working – my stories end up with a novel feel. Ah, well. 

What does excite me about the stories is trying and learning new things. I challenge myself to improve with each new work. 

[Editor's note: Sean's impressive list of publishing credits and award nominations and wins demonstrates his strengths as a writer, as evidence in THE ROOT BRIDGES OF HAEMAE which I am so very pleased to provide readers within 3RD AND STARLIGHT. Sean's trio of SF ebooks is also available in our Reward offerings. His fiction is intelligent and engaging. "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination," Einstein said. Sean has both. Even if as a Kiwi he has to write in a counter Coiolis effect than us North Hemispherians. - Dr. Bob]


ROBOTICA: THE TRUE RELATIONSHIP OF ARTIFICIAL LIFE FORMS (with our thanks to editor-publisher Elizabethy Hirst). For those backers (thank you!) of the JOURNEYMAN’S SATCHEL ($40 Pledge) and THE FULL SPECTRAL ($100 pledge), this is automatically added to your Reward that includes all our offered ebooks – the total now being nine! [(Warning: some stories in this volume contain adult content].

ROBOTICA includes Dr. Bob’s story “Lirazel’s Heart”: Astolpho, the Master artificer of Rivenfell, bereft of both wife and daughter, transfers the love and loyalty of his automaton servant Lirazel to his grieving son-in-law. He learns, however, while he can create a heart, he cannot direct who it loves. 

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