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$8,025 pledged of $9,999 goal
$8,025 pledged of $9,999 goal

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    1. Skye Mitchell on May 16, 2012

      Ohhhh. So incredibly close! But what an experience for you, Les. It has been a pleasure to watch everything unfold and to see your mind constantly at work. Bless you! See you in a few days!

    2. Les Tirmenstein 2-time creator on May 16, 2012

      I know! I can get some made for a few thousand bucks, but not enough because in low volumes they're really expensive. And that wouldn't include the packaging.
      I want to make a few prototypes to test the design tweaks and then relaunch after I've taken lots of sample pictures. That means a 30-day setback, but it'll be worth it. Even though my time is up, I think I'll still have access to all the backers through the KS email system and I'll let you know when it's relaunched. Thanks for hanging in there!

    3. Bert McLendon on May 16, 2012

      so close! dangit! I want my flashpipe!

    4. Stefan on May 16, 2012

      Les, while it doesn't look like this going to go through, know that we will all support any relaunch.

      You've probably thought about this already, but you might want to contact some photography bloggers and send them samples. That way they can write reviews... You know, get some publicity going! Try this shortly before relaunch, so that reviews of proto-type FlashPipes co-incide with the newly re-launched Kickstarter project.

      Also, people, please share the link to this project on FaceBook and G+! Hell of a lot of photographers on G+ and I'm sure there will be some takers.

    5. Skye Mitchell on May 15, 2012

      Your enthusiasm is infectious, Les! I've thoroughly enjoyed all contact and updates. No one deserves a successful project more than you. This time or next time - it will happen. The photography world will hear and know of FlashPipe.

    6. Stan
      on May 14, 2012

      I am a new backer (#112). Good luck with the project.

    7. Missing avatar

      Hal Denton on May 13, 2012

      I raised my pledge simply to help get you to launch. If you don't make it be sure to contact me to back you next time .


    8. Les Tirmenstein 2-time creator on May 12, 2012

      Thank you, Sir! I haven't ruled out a last minute reprieve, but i'll let you know when I relaunch.
      Going to make a few small design changes. I've been experimenting the last few days. Sightly shorter seems to work better. Disburses the light better with even just 1" difference in length. Also going to eliminate the velcro dot at the top and make the Convertible so it tucks closed like a gift box. Interesting how little tweaks can make a big difference. Thanks for your support, Luke!

    9. Idyllic Clothing on May 12, 2012

      I will definitely back again!

    10. Skye Mitchell on May 11, 2012

      I will definitely be back too, Les. However, it's not over 'til it's over. A lot can happen in five days. Keep spreading the word everyone!

    11. Missing avatar

      Georg Buschbeck on May 10, 2012

      I'll also support you again! Great Idea!

    12. Missing avatar

      Shayne Hopkins on May 7, 2012

      I like the ideas for the changes, and I will back you if you go again. I love the idea of this item, it is what I have been looking for without knowing what it was!