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Stranded on a wild planet, a space cowboy is trying to strike it big. Too many questions; not enough bullets. Are you in?
Stranded on a wild planet, a space cowboy is trying to strike it big. Too many questions; not enough bullets. Are you in?
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Posted by Alersteam (Creator)

Dear space cowboys, we’re here to bring you the latest update! So much work went to this update (and so much more work is left to be done!), like the crash reporter that should help squash those nasty crashes, and brand new hand-painted terrains, new camera, new quest, varied talking animations, and further decrease in loading times and performance boost.

We’re hoping that you’re gonna enjoy this update, and when you do, maybe even leave us a Steam review with your feedback, telling us what you liked, and what you would like to see improved in the future updates. Please, don't forget to tick 'Allow Comments' box to let us answer your feedback. Thank you.

A storyboard draft scene
A storyboard draft scene


We also updated OUR ROADMAP, and you can find something new there (you can easily track changes with Menu button on the right) as well as take a sneak peek to some screenshots from our draft storyboard for Exoplanet intro cinematic.

You can learn more about our roadmap HERE.


Since some people still can experience random crashes, we decided to add a crash reporter which can help us to track and solve your problems even faster. It allows you to send us the report with the information that will help us analyze and fix the crash.

Contact us in easy way
Contact us in easy way

It shows up when the game has crashed. And it is up to you to choose whether you wish to send the report. It is also allow you to preview exactly what files go into the report—you can easily delete the ones you don't want to send.

It allows you to enter your email and/or a short description of your last actions before the crash. Entirely optional but recommended. We might contact you to tell you that the crash is fixed or if we might need some additional info.

Let's add some red color to this landscape
Let's add some red color to this landscape



  • All terrain was repainted from scratch using multiple textures
  • Improved design of Outcast Camp, added many new buildings, new Big Hat cave in a high mountain
Reworked Outcast Camp
Reworked Outcast Camp


  • Revamped the camera so it should no longer feel wonky and should feel super smooth
  • Added a slight camera shake effect when firing weapons (togglable in game options)
  • Fixed camera getting inside character models in some cases
  • Fixed camera micro stuttering
Light Scalphunter's armor
Light Scalphunter's armor


  • Added hit effects for some mobs that didn’t have them
  • Turned off Jack’s head tracking in some corner cases that resulted in weird neck angles (shooting, aiming, hitting, using items, sleeping, resting)
  • Prevented most cases of dialog participants playing identical talking animations one right after the other
  • Added new outfits for abori Scalphunters
There's nothing there yet, Jack
There's nothing there yet, Jack


  • Jack can now fall from ladders when he is heavily damaged (more than 10% of his health in one shot) or if he is weak due to being low on health (has less than 20% health)
  • Jack should no longer fall from ladders without reason
  • Adjusted ladder starting and finishing positions to be more precise
  • Poisonous alien cactus bat now must be crafted from a cactus head and a stick (or firewood)
  • Added a tutorial hint for crafting the alien cactus bat
  • Automatic reload (togglable in game options) now triggers on firing last ammo cartridge and on equipping a weapon with an empty magazine
  • Automatic reload sequence can be interrupted
  • Fixed not being able to shoot immediately after automatic reload ended
  • Rewrote the resting and waiting time skipping system
  • All guns automatically unload ammo from their magazines on pick up
  • Only equipped guns visible on Jack’s model are allowed to keep ammo in the magazines
  • Removing guns from visual slots on Jack’s model unloads ammo from the magazine into inventory
  • Holstering weapons equipped from the inventory or the hotbar assigns them to the corresponding visual slots (and keeps ammo in the magazines)
Carry The Stone has a quest for you
Carry The Stone has a quest for you


  • Added a new NPC Carry The Stone with a brand new quest “Scan It”
  • You can now also talk with Carry The Stone about “K’Tharsis is a harsh mistress” quest
  • The “Family relic” quest has a suitable ending now
  • Zak’s whistle should no longer just disappear from Jack’s inventory on quest finish
  • Fixed arphant Molly’s focusing issue and tweaked her dialog to reflect Jack’s knowledge about her
Jack using his scanner upgrade near a travel marker
Jack using his scanner upgrade near a travel marker


  • Animations during dialog with NPCs are no longer chosen at random—all dialogs were treated with custom gestures animations that reflect what is being said
  • Ported all missing talking animations from humans to aborigines


  • Added footsteps for many NPCs
  • Added injector use sound effect
  • Notifications no longer play all associated audio clips at the same time
  • Added some new sounds to the soundscape of jungle on the far side of Windscream Canyon
  • Fixed an issue causing sounds of swimming to disappear
Another travel marker discovered
Another travel marker discovered


  • Added a type-out effect for dialog texts, with speed configurable in game options
  • Dialog auto advance is now also a game option which is off by default
  • Dialog layout was tweaked with neater aligning
  • Dialog text window width depends on display aspect ratio to make reading more comfortable
  • Fixed moving on-screen labels lagging slightly behind their objects\characters
  • Ambient subtitles shift position during dialog sequence to avoid drawing one over the other
  • Fixed some cases of read dialog branches not being highlighted as such
  • Fixed overlapping notifications
  • Tweaked notifications margins
  • Added a new ammo icon for energy-based weapons
  • Various fixes for the immersive UI system
  • Fixed keys stuck on multiple actions when trying to remap a key
  • All non-wearable items should now stack in the inventory
  • Smoother UI widgets fading and transitions
Chief Big Hat for some reason lacks his hat. Instead, he has a big antigravium rock.
Chief Big Hat for some reason lacks his hat. Instead, he has a big antigravium rock.


  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when loading a saved game from main menu
  • Fixed some cases where the game could freeze without crashing
  • Fixed crashing on hovering status effects with mouse cursor
  • Fixed some cases of disappearing status effects
  • Fixed stuck sounds and sounds that were playing outside of their maximum range
Multiple textures makes terrain look more realistic
Multiple textures makes terrain look more realistic


  • If there's no sound after game's loading, try to alt-tab to Windows and then go back to the game.
  • If you're stuck / hero doesn't move, F5 (quick save) and F9 (quick load) can help you in such matters.
  • If you have a weak PC or a laptop (especially the ones with Intel integrated graphics), we highly recommend to launch Exoplanet from its folder, not via Steam.
  • Keep in mind that integrated graphic cards are not supported despite the fact we do our best to make it possible. At the moment, there's a chance you can run the game but your performance probably won't be good enough to enjoy Exoplanet.
  • If you have BitDefender antivirus and can't launch the game, please, unblock Exoplanet's .exe.
I just hate when someone's wearing the same hat as me.
I just hate when someone's wearing the same hat as me.

 If you have any other problem, please let us know via our Discord channel. You can also report about bugs on technical support forum or send us your log to with description of the problem and your PC specs.

You can find your .log file here: Documents\Alersteam\Exoplanet First Contact\system.log

As usual, we recommend to start a new game.

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