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Stranded on a wild planet, a space cowboy is trying to strike it big. Too many questions; not enough bullets. Are you in?
Stranded on a wild planet, a space cowboy is trying to strike it big. Too many questions; not enough bullets. Are you in?
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What does a Chapter entail?

Posted by Alersteam (Creator)

Before we go into the Chapter, we wanted to thank each and everyone of you who has already showed their support, and to those who have posted their feedback! From all of us at Alersteam: Thank you!

During the first days of Exoplanet’s Kickstarter campaign we received a lot of questions. One of the most important is “what is a Chapter in your vision of the game?” Many people think a Chapter is an Episode, a relatively small part of the game, that could be released as a DLC for instance. But we strongly define it as different thing! 

We want to focus that a Chapter is a complete game with a full storyline and quests. The player won’t feel like he only saw the first TV series episode, but he took part in a complete adventure like one movie of The Lord of The Rings. Our decision of 10+ hrs of gameplay is our minimal delivery, and this covers the main story only. There will be sidequests and exploration activities, that will allow you to get to know K’Tharsis in detail and to discover new options for the main quest. Side quests will lead to non linear gameplay, and as a result increase replayability of the game. One more important callout is that every quest is unique and hand crafted. You will have unique experiences, not the same one when different NPCs ask you to make similar activities. Consider it like higher quality gameplay, not quantity. So it’s really 10+hrs, + sidequests + exploration + replayability. 

But this is not all what we have in store. In our plan we have several major stretch goals, that add to the game additional activities that will increase gameplay hours twice or more and add new experiences. The stretch goals will be revealed in following updates. 

We are starting with Chapters, as we understand our current limitations. We are not a big studio and we don’t have a big group behind us. So we decided to be honest and use a word that we can handle. I strongly believe many gamers understand that $45,000 is not enough to make a game for >80 hours of quality gameplay. That’s why we decided to go with several large and logically separated Chapters, and move some ideas to stretch goals. If we have enough funding, we can implement more gameplay and content in this Chapter as we already have ideas and desires to implement more features and content for the Exoplanet’s world.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Archangel on

      Good update. I hope it satisfies some of the people I seen complain about Chapters in some of the forums.

    2. Davide Rubiconto on

      and now let's move on to get some coverage. This game deserves it.

    3. M. A.

      I really hope this project makes it. I see so much potential in this :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Martin Gebske on

      Awesome start, guys! To infinity and beyond!