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An independent documentary celebrating the 60-year history of the King of the Monsters, Godzilla.
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Apparently time flies when you're editing an independent documentary about Godzilla

Posted by Kyle Yount (Creator)

Konnichiwa, backers - Kyle here with a long-overdue update on the documentary!

First and foremost, all of the physical backer rewards have been sent out to every backer who provided their mailing address. If you didn't (there were really only a few) and still want your backer rewards, I need you to fill out the survey for your backing level. Please check your email for those links. Because I was asked by some individuals who missed the campaign about obtaining some of the perks, in the coming months I will be cataloging exactly what I have left over and figuring out what to do with it all. I may sell items at conventions like G-Fest or Rose City Comic Con later this year. I may use items for giveaways on the Kaijucast. At this point, I'm just not sure the best course of action. I really hope that you like the exclusive items that were created for the campaign. As many of you know, getting the rewards shipped was like a massive weight off of my shoulders. And as soon as it the last package was mailed out, I was able to turn my attention to the real reason I started the campaign... the documentary.

Admittedly, our progress has been pretty slow this year. Finding the time to go work with Martin has been a bit of a struggle due to our work schedules, but we are committed to finishing this film. As of our most recent edit session, we have the a new timeline and task list for the project - and we have a new deadline, too (see below)! 

I was chatting with our composer, Michael McCormack, about the project and he's been cranking away in his studio on some music. I'm including a link below to a demo called Ping that will most likely be part of the soundtrack. In addition to electronic pieces, there will also be orchestral Akira Ifukube-inspired original pieces as well and Michael hopes to release a soundtrack should there be sufficient interest.

What are the next steps to complete the film? After reviewing the status of the project, Martin and I still have quite a bit of editing to do, but I wanted to share a few of the details that are involved with the post production. No question, the biggest milestone will be having a rough cut created. We are going to be analyzing the cut - everything from the timing of the subtitles to the pacing of the edit, if something we shot just doesn't work, it won't be part of the final edit. This means that once we have something to sit down and watch, we are going to watch the entire thing from start to finish, noting where the finished version should be tightened up. Once we have our rough cut finished, the film moves into the next stages. The script and voice-over that was completed shortly after returning from Japan last year is going to need to be edited, tweaked and re-recorded. If I can swing the expense, we have a recording studio in mind for re-doing the voice over. The film will be sent to the composer who will lay down the score. Once we get that back from Michael, we'll put the whole thing together and prep the finished digital version for Youtube, the downloads and the premiere at G-Fest XXII.

That's right, we're debuting the film at the annual Godzilla convention in Chicago and I couldn't be more excited about it! This is a festival put on by kaiju fanatics for kaiju fanatics and last year's convention was where I started to spread the word about the campaign and what I wanted to do. This year, Hail To The King: 60 Years of Destruction will be part of G-Fest's film festival which gives independent filmmakers the opportunity to show off their work. At last year's festival, two filmmakers from Japan actually came to Chicago to be part of this. After the film, there will be a brief Q&A so if you are planning a trip to G-Fest this year, I hope you can make it to the screening and show your support!

Sorry for the delay and the long-winded update, but I am very excited to see this documentary through to the end and hope you all enjoy the finished film!

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    1. Daniel DiManna on

      This is such awesome news! I'll definitely be there to enjoy this film's debut, and in the perfect place to debut it as well! Good luck on the home stretch of editing! We are all behind you!

    2. Rhetta Yount on

      Awesome, Kyle! To debut the documentary at G-fest XXII is a great idea!

    3. Scott Boswell on

      It's better it get done right than rushed and ruined. Good work and good luck getting it finished on time!