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He's an adorable teddy bear detective in a noir mystery world, in this all-ages comic from Alex Zalben & Josh Kenfield!
He's an adorable teddy bear detective in a noir mystery world, in this all-ages comic from Alex Zalben & Josh Kenfield!
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    1. Missing avatar

      echuaco on

      I haven't receive the pdf yet (backer of the $4 pledge)
      Is there any news/updates about this?

    2. Missing avatar

      Gouv on

      I haven't received anything yet so I'm just checking in to make sure that I didn't miss anything! Thanks! Can't wait to read them!

    3. Alex Zalben Creator on

      So glad you like it Bill! Yay!

    4. Bill Norris on

      received my comic, sticker and button in the mail yesterday!!!!! thanks its awesome!!!

    5. Master Kellel on

      What address do you have for me? Cause I moved.

    6. Alex Zalben Creator on

      We don't know yet! We just finished "Terrible Llamas," so issue #3 is a little while off. I think the best way is to stay tuned to, or subscribe to the RSS; I'll update the blog there whenever anything is available. Thank you!

    7. Bill Norris on

      wondering how hard it would be to get a physical copy of the book #3.... thanks for any info.

    8. Alex Zalben Creator on

      Good meeting you too, and so glad you liked it!

    9. Fred Chamberlain on

      Alex, it was great meeting you at NYCC! Thanks for the reprint. It was a fun read and I am looking forward to seeing the newest to come out!! Hope you had a great con.

    10. Alex Zalben Creator on

      @juryman00: Yes! But the catch is, you won't get the limited edition comic anymore (cause that's limited edition). Write me privately if you have any more questions about that.

      @TheLurker: Awesome! LOVE Molly Danger, and welcome! Thanks so much for your support.

    11. The Lurker formally known as Mrs. S.D.

      Sent here by Molly Danger.

    12. juryman00 on

      I have the $50 pledge, can I just add 15 to my pledge to get the shirt and voice message

    13. Anne Belov on

      Aw could I resist! a bear detective... almost as cute as...pandas! Hope you can drop by my project, which ends a few hours before yours. We bears have to stick together.

    14. Alex Zalben Creator on

      Yay! Thanks Kimmy, we wove you wight back.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kimberly Gatewood on

      We wuv dis pwoject! Good wuck awex!

    16. Alex Zalben Creator on

      Gotcha, and thanks so much for the kind words - and pledging! I'll do a think and see if I can come up with some more fun ways of making that level a little more attractive. You rock!

    17. Fred Chamberlain on

      Thanks for the reply Alex. I pledged to get a hard copy of the new book and would really like to see the original as well, but $50 for two issues of a book that I don't know much about is out of my comfort zone. Glad to see that people are pledging. It does look like it will be fun!

    18. Alex Zalben Creator on

      Hi Fred, that's a fair point! I mean, you guys are of course more than welcome to pledge the retailer level if you want, it's really just about getting the book in people's hands however we can. And the thought process behind having the level priced that way was to make it affordable for someone buying in bulk to be able to sell the copies at their store at a reasonable level.

      But maybe we can make the $50 level a little more attractive? If we reach $1000 in total pledges, I'm going to unlock a new level of rewards that should make it a little more even, but if anyone has any thoughts, I'm more than open to ideas!

    19. Fred Chamberlain on

      I am looking forward to this project, though was a bit surprised and disappointed to see a $50 pledge would get me a copy of both Detective Honeybear comics, while a $100 retailer pledge would net them 10 copies of both books.