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A cube based sandbox game where the players choose what features to be added or removed next! You fund it so you control it!
A cube based sandbox game where the players choose what features to be added or removed next! You fund it so you control it!
52 backers pledged $635 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


website update

Hello KickStarter Backers. Just wanted to stop by and let you know about an update to my WebSite that explains what my game plan is right now and how development is going.

Also to once again say thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support. I can't say it enough.

Sincerely, Eric Blackburn 

No update this monday

Hey everyone! I've been trying to update the OUYA version weekly since release, usually I do it on Monday. Because of family stuff it's going to be a bit later, sorry about that.

Anyway keep an eye out as I hope to get it out during the week!

More updates and fun stuff!

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Another update for OUYA Cubed will be coming to the OUYA later today (monday!)

With fixes to controls, ability to adjust render distance, and a few other bug fixes and stuff.

Also been working on the website! The members only area will be ready soon and I'll send out more information about it soon!

Also I made a twitter (finally) where I'll post updates about this game and any future projects I'll have. If you could follow that'd be awesome so others can know about the project!

Also the PC version will be sent out soon, sorry I got caught up! Oh and I know we didn't reach the Mac stretch goal but I figured I'd port it there anyway as a thank you to how awesome you guys are!

Bug fix update to OUYA


So I got a little excited so some problems escaped my notice. I submitted a new version of the game for review which will handle the following things.

Frame rate is going to increase dramtically

Menu buttons fixed

Turning speed increased 

Sorry for any inconvenience hopefully a fixed version will make things better, and please keep sending feed back as it's super helpful in alpha!

OUYA accepted it!


The long wait is over, the first OUYA build has been accepted and is just waiting for me to press the button to publish it. Tell your friends, shout it from the roof tops, because I sure am! 

Current features are...

3 different types of maps, rolling plains, towering mountains, and sandy dunes. You can teleport to the different maps through the use of magical cubes.

Redid some of the texutres

Basic inventory system

A basic counter that I use to check quality that I just realized I forgot to remove. Well darn. As long as it's around 10 the game will be running fine. If it drops to below 5 ever and starts to lag let me know. 

Saving still isn't active (sorry)

As for the rest? Give it a shot and you'll see the features for yourself!