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Come be a part of Hope’s new album! Pledge and receive cool rewards! Read more

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Come be a part of Hope’s new album! Pledge and receive cool rewards!

About this project

Hello Everyone! Thanks for visiting my Kickstarter Page! 

I’m LaTanja Hope Gary and I’ve been singing for over 30 years.  The Hope Project is the making of my first professional album, from start to marketing. It will encompass all of my original recording as well as new material. My voice is a raw power of channeled emotions through song, giving the listener a one of a kind experience. My unique soulful sound embodies my fascinating style of music.

This project will allow me a chance to fulfill a life long dream, displaying my range of talents through a spectrum of genres. I love mixing pop, funk, jazz, country and R&B. My dream was put on hold when I got married and was repeatedly hit by a bus.......the childbearing bus! :) It hit me, over and over again.  When the smoke cleared, it left me with three beautiful children who I cherish, and that was 22 years ago. :)

My Goal

My goal is to raise $35K, for background vocalists, for my musicians, for several weeks of studio time, for pre- and post-production of the album and documentary, for festivals and contest fees, for travel cost to promote the new album and marketing, plus rewards for supporters.  Anything over the amount requested will go towards my music video.  Once funded, for the first time in 16 years my focus and full attention will be to The Hope Project.  All funds will go toward the making of the album, documentary, and music video for this project.

My Experience

This dream began at the age of five, when I entertained for my mom and dad at their house parties. That's were I learned to hone my skill. At the age of nine I performed at a Christmas event where I received my first standing ovation.  I was hooked!  As I grew older I realized this ability to channel my emotions through song could make people happy, or sad.  It was empowering!

A career, three kids and a husband were very demanding, leaving little time to fully pursue my dream. About ten years ago I became friends with the great Leroy Hudson who produced three songs I wrote, but I was too busy to pursue releasing them. Over the years I lost all the masters to all my original finished songs. I will completely reconstruct them with updated sounds in the studio.

Off and on I worked with several bands, individuals and groups, having done lead and background vocals in Chicago, Indiana, Florida and Georgia.  I've also worked with the talented comedian Sommore who not only is a colleague, but a friend.

I was able to keep up my chops, by being the choir director of my church for 16 years. In 2004, I scored a one-year gig singing Pop, R&B, Jazz and Blues at Underground Atlanta.

Giving Back

In the past sixteen years my husband and I have written dozens of songs, in between co-founding our non-profit, Stone Mountain Community Center in Stone Mountain, GA, which later became Fort Lauderdale Community Center, when we relocated to Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Sixteen years ago my husband and I became producers at the Public Access Television Station.  We used those skills to teach our own children television, film, and media production. They had so much fun learning, we made it a program to teach at-risk children at our community center.

The Opportunity

Kickstarter has provided this awesome opportunity so remarkable people like you can support impressive projects like mine, but there's one catch!  If I don't reach my lofty goal of $35K, I don't receive ANY of the money pledged.  So I need your help.

The Rewards

To show my great appreciation, I have put together some really cool rewards for all my supporters!  And for my Top Supporters, an exclusive documentary entitled “The Hope Project: A 30 Year Journey”. It will chronicle my experiences, including sixteen years of footage, plus the creation of the album to the completion of the project.  It will end with me performing at the open-air concert, the summer of 2012 at Bayside Market Place downtown Miami, FL.  *Special Treat: My son, William Gary III who is also on Kickstarter with his project will be opening for me at the concert!

Everyone is invited to the concert, but to my "Top Supporters", "My Dream Makers"; they will receive a 3-day 2-night stay at one of the beautiful 4 star hotels near Bayside to attend my outdoor concert, weather permitting.  At the concert, they will be recognized plus, they can bring up to 3 friends, making this a one of a kind experience! The concert will be posted on YouTube as well as my website! 

My supporters will experience this journey with me, go through my ups and downs, know what it took for me to finish this project, meet my family who are such characters, and see what goes on behind the scenes.

It’s time to turn the page in my life people, and I want you with me!

My Sound:

To find out more about my music visit, my YouTube page and my website at  You can follow me on Twitter @LaTanjaHope or friend me on Facebook.

Also, checkout the great work we do in our community at and see how you can get involved.

I plan to be in Atlanta for "The Voice" Auditions March 17th 2012!  I would love to know that your supporting me!


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    Honorable mention on my website:)

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    Download a brand new song one week before the album release, honorable mention on my website, plus twitter and facebook shout-outs.

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    Personal twitter/facebook mention and honorable mention on my website. *Digital album one week before release date.

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    You get Reward 3, plus Limited Edition Poster of me, signed by me:)

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    You get Reward 3, plus Limited Edition “I GAVE HOPE” T-Shirt.
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    Your get Reward 5, plus signed CD by me:)

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    You get Reward 4, plus a signed CD by me, a personalized T-shirt with “(Your Name) GAVE HOPE”, with matching baseball cap.

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    $500 reward

    1 backer Limited (69 left of 70)

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    You get Reward 7, plus you get to join me in the studio for a 2 hour session via Oovoo or Skype on webcam. And there’s more, get an additional 30 minutes to talking to me and give me suggestion on songs.

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    $750 reward

    0 backers Limited (40 left of 40)

    Reward: 9
    You get Reward 7, plus a signed copy of my exclusive DVD documentary of my experience in “The Hope Project: A 30 Year Journey” due to release 12-21-12. Your name in liner notes of the CD as my "Top Supporters". And a 30 minute Q&A Oovoo or Skype with me.

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    You get Reward 9, plus, join me in Miami, FL and I'll recognized you at “The Hope Project” open-air concert of 2012. It'll be shown on YouTube and my website. The concert will be held at Bayside Market Place, downtown Miami, FL. (weather permitting), and videotaped as the finale for the documentary. You’ll receive a 3 day, 2 night stay in a 4 star hotel in downtown Miami, FL! Plus, you can bring up to 3 people! I’ll also list you on my CD as one of my Executive Producers.

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    $5,000 reward

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    Reward: 11
    My "Dream Makers” will receive Reward 10.
    PLUS: Airfare for ONE-Paid Round Trip Ticket! (All guests and anyone outside the USA must pay their own airfare). A “Dream Maker” T-Shirt will also be given to wear to the concert and you’ll be listed as Executive Producers on my DVD documentary.

    *(weather permitting)

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