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Turn your iPad, Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 into a hardcover book.
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1,463 backers pledged $76,097 to help bring this project to life.

Now available for Nexus 7!

The Kickstarter community has spoken!  Based on extremely popular demand, we have decided to add Nexus 7 to our roster of supported devices (this was, by far, the #1 request from you).

With your Kickstarter support, you can be among the first to receive your Nexus 7 jacket in October before it's available to the general public.   

Down the road, we are still evaluating other devices to support if we are successful with this campaign.  Thanks, as always, for your input and support and please help us to spread the word.  

- Todd and Jeff 

PS -- We removed some of the higher reward levels due to lack of popularity.  If there are other higher tiers you'd be interested in seeing, please let us know!