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A Psalm album, in honor of Judah Soles, 1994-2014.
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We are almost ready!

Posted by Jamie Soles (Creator)

Hello, at last, my Kickstarters!

I am pleased to inform you that the CD Highways to Zion is completed musically, and graphically, and is going to be sent to the manufacturers in a couple days. I expect it will be three weeks or so until I have the finished product in my hands, at which time I can begin to get it into your hands!

Thank you so much for your patience!

I intend to start sending out downloads to those of you who ordered such a thing, before the actual CD comes out. I think that includes almost all of you, but I shall have to check. I may set up a dropbox account to which I can link you, since they are too big to send by email. I shall keep y'all posted.

Highways to Zion has turned into a double album, since there was too much material for a single CD. I am sure that you will like it, though. I find that most of my fans are not tied too doggedly to the cultural desire for 3 minute songs, which is good, but even you progressive rockers will have your hands full with Psalm 78 (The Ephraimites). 

The world has provided us, in the year and a half since this project began, with an abundance of reasons to sing these songs. Psalms can sound strange in the ears of affluent westerners who, like me, have never known war. But put yourself in the shoes of your brothers in Syria or Iraq just now, and you will be able to sing them with gusto and conviction. They are the songs of those persecuted for Jesus sake.

Many of these songs will be singable by a congregation, and sheet music is being prepared for the songs as the album is being finally manufactured. I hope to make it available for download from my website before too long.

Highways To Zion cover
Highways To Zion cover
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    1. Richard on

      Great news Jamie! I love the Psalms, and your music, and I'm eagerly anticipating the Highways to Zion album. May God continue to give you strength on your pilgrimage (Ps 84:5-7).

    2. George van Popta on

      So looking forward to it, Jamie! Thanks for the update.