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Maybe you don’t have a password problem.

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About this project

Maybe what you really need is a way to protect data that you don’t want anyone else to see, whether it’s your kids, your friends, the government or a hacker. 

1st Thing...

Completely protect the data you have chosen to protect

2nd Thing...

Use your iris to protect this data, not a password

3rd Thing...

Encrypt the data so that the only ‘key’ to open it is your iris

And Finally...

Give developers tools to create new and exciting uses of this technology

Which reminds us to show you this video:


How does MyeLock Work?

MyeLock creates a vault, a special folder on your computer or on your personal cloud storage site. You move the files and folders you want protected into that folder. MyeLock encrypts the entire vault and throws away the key, so that it can only be reopened with your iris. It's that simple.

We want YOU to have control...using YOUR biometrics to protect YOUR information. 

MyeLock History

Our initial objective for MyeLock was an inexpensive iris camera that could be used for logon to a computer or onto websites. In contrast with fingerprint devices, an iris camera requires no contact with the sensor. A single iris contains far more useable data than a single finger, or even two fingers. Realizing this, we expanded our thinking: use the iris itself for encrypting and thus protecting information on the computer and online.

The team, with backgrounds in biometrics science, optics, hardware and software engineering, built a brassboard prototype using a specialized sensor. The first prototype was affectionately called "The Can," and a number of iterations followed, as shown below.

From right to left: The Can (2011), The Saucer (2012), The Boxcam (2012), The PocketIris (2013)
From right to left: The Can (2011), The Saucer (2012), The Boxcam (2012), The PocketIris (2013)

The original prototypes worked well, but the circular design made proper camera orientation very challenging. Using the latest rectangular prototype is easy thanks in large part to an onboard accelerometer, like in most smartphones. We also improved light output and sensor accuracy, added LED visual aids, modernized USB connectivity, and reduced power consumption. MyeLock has been certified as eye-safe by an independent laboratory.

Moving forward, the key challenge is making the MyeLock camera affordable, in the same range as high quality fingerprint readers, without sacrificing the accuracy and reliability needed for robust ID. The prototype hardware we now have working in our lab is a giant step in that direction. With additional funding, we will be able to optimize the design for reliability, affordability, mass production, and performance. 

Why Kickstarter?

Our focus has been building specialty cameras. We have a record of success in design and customization of iris recognition cameras for many clients. For this product, we will use contract manufacturers to produce the product.

Kickstarter will help us accelerate the commercialization of MyeLock, and find the optimal design for contract manufacturing. Our in-house manufacturing expertise gives us significant flexibility, and with Kickstarter funding, we will be able to make design changes needed to ensure high quality production. We will also build in greater flexibility and scalability to match with the demand we see for MyeLock as we approach our product launch. The level of interest we receive from Kickstarter will certainly provide us a leading indicator of that demand.

MyeLock Prototype

The design of the latest MyeLock prototype, shown below, involved Human Factors engineering, and some considerations for affordable manufacturing. 

At present, we have drivers for the MyeLock prototype that allows it to interface with a simple, PC-based enrollment and recognition application. We have also developed the initial version of our MyeLock Vault app.

Exploded View of MyeLock Camera Prototype with "Classic" Enclosure
Exploded View of MyeLock Camera Prototype with "Classic" Enclosure

The MyeLock prototype has an aluminum enclosure, weighs just a few ounces, and fits easily in your pocket, briefcase, or pocket book. You can take the MyeLock camera with you and use it with multiple computers, but you must be physically present to use it -- a key feature of this technology!

On the software side, we have already developed two applications.  A procedure from the first application, MyeLock Enrollment & Recognition, is shown below:

The MyeLock Vault Application

The MyeLock Vault application will be simple and easy to use. A first-time enrollment creates a vault that can be used to store files and folders. When you have chosen the files to put in the vault, you will close it using your iris and all the files will be encrypted using your iris as the key.

You will be able to create multiple vaults, and other users will be able to use the same camera device to create their own vaults.So the whole family could have their own folders that could only be seen by them.

Much of MyeLock’s innovation is in the secure encryption key; it only works when you are physically present.  Every time you wish to open your vault, you will use MyeLock to recapture your iris “key.”

Learn more about MyeLock and our story by visiting us at

MyeLock Project Objectives

  • A key objective of this project is to integrate these two applications: MyeLock Enrollment and Recognition with MyeLock Vault. Once combined, the MyeLock device itself will be used to create the secure vault, lock the vault, and open the vault, as needed by a user.  Multiple users will be able to create their own file vaults using a single device, and a single user will be able to create multiple vaults.

    Other objectives of this project include:

    • Refine the MyeLock Vault user interface
    • Thoroughly test the functionality of the MyeLock camera for enrollment and recognition, with a large group of beta testers
    • Develop a Software Development Kit (SDK) for MyeLock. MyeLock is a platform for a revolution of easy-to-use tools and apps that will enable an age without passwords!
    • Conduct a final set of design "trades" to optimize for mass production
    • Select primary and backup sources for MyeLock production
    • Perform all necessary reviews, with cooperation from partners, suppliers, and contractors
    • Determine the best channel to the consumer and corporate marketplace, and enlist partners as needed to ensure delivery and support of MyeLock product
    • Produce, package and deliver the first MyeLocks to our Developer's KitPrivate Eye and EnterprEyes backers in time for the holidays.

In its initial release, MyeLock will allow you to secure files on your computer, thumb drive, or on the cloud (such as Microsoft's SkyDrive), using only your iris. But in the future, we believe there will be many other uses for MyeLock, including, but not limited to:

  • New file search access protection methods
  • Computer logon
  • Time & Attendance
  • A more secure way to exchange information, such as emails
  • Greater authentication for online transactions
  • Enabling web-based services that may be considered too risky today using simple passwords and PINs
  • Verification for online social interaction such as dating and gaming websites
  • A myriad of services that require your presence -- MyeLock only works when you are present -- a key feature!

You can help us discover new ways to use MyeLock

Search the web on "biometrics" and we have no doubt you will find many articles about what you will be able to do in the future.  For MyeLock, the future is NOW. With your help, we will bring MyeLock to production, make it affordable, and begin to explore possibilities beyond our first application in information privacy.

MyeLock Partners

Our partners are vital to our success and the success of this project. With project funding, we will expand this list to include channel partners that will enable us to deliver the MyeLock products to customers worldwide. Our current list of partners includes:

  • Armore: brand of premium information protection products
  • Biometrica: biometric solutions OEM 
  • Colligo Soft, LLC: software development services
  • Corvus ID: biometric solutions integrator
  • Inception Product Design, LLC: hardware design and low rate manufacturing
  • MTEQ: rapid prototyping and electronics production
  • Nervewire: branding and marketing
  • Smart Sensors, Ltd: software solutions provider

Production Plan & Timeline

Kickstarter funding will greatly accelerate our efforts to bring MyeLock to market. Our timeline for making this happen:

  • Receive Kickstarter funding: October 2013 -- THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  • Finalize hardware design -- October 2013
  • Finalize & beta test first software app -- November 2013
  • Produce "early bird" devices -- November 2013
  • Ship "early bird" MyeLock kits -- early December 2013
  • Deliver balance of MyeLock kits to Kickstarter backers -- February/March 2014

Kickstarter backers will be the first to benefit from MyeLock's unique identity protection capabilities!

Behind every consumer product is production plan with a lot of attention to detail. We have included a summary of these details below, so you can get a sense of the effort that is going into making MyeLock a reality.

MyeLock Plan to Production
MyeLock Plan to Production

Your ability to use your eyes as the key to keeping your information and identity safe is right around the corner.  Help us get there with your generous contribution.  You also have the opportunity to be one of the first users of this unique technology that, up until now, has been available to only government and industry.

Risks and challenges

Kickstarter funding will help us through several key phases:

Transition from prototype to production: we have the MyeLock prototypes, and the most critical components that make iris recognition work. We have identified the engineering resources needed to complete the design of the production-ready product. With Kickstarter funding, we will be able to activate this team to optimize the design for reliability, production rate, and cost.

Testing -- electronics products require thorough testing and certification. Kickstarter funding will help us achieve this, to ensure safe and reliable MyeLock consumer products.

Compatibility -- at first delivery, MyeLock will work with Windows (XP, 7, and 8). Mac OSX and Linux compatibility is planned for the near future. Kickstarter funding will support third party testing as well as completion efforts by our engineering staff, to ensue broad platform compatibility.

MyeLock Software -- we hope to achieve the look and feel that computer users will feel comfortable with. As an objective, we will make MyeLock compatible with existing cloud services, such as Google Drive, iCloud, and SkyDrive. MyeLock has experienced software developers ready to expand on the existing application to make this useful and attractive to a wide consumer and corporate user base.

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