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"Go Car-Free" presents 7 reasons to start biking and solutions to 5 pesky but common biking problems.
"Go Car-Free" presents 7 reasons to start biking and solutions to 5 pesky but common biking problems.
44 backers pledged $1,600 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Rewards are mailed!

Rewards have been mailed for most backers!

For those of you who are awaiting not only Go Car-Free, but an additional zine, you can expect your reward sometime in January! I need to spend some more time riding around on buses and trains in Portland to write and illustrate Public Transitopia. 

Over the next week or so I'll be to contacting bookstores about our zine. The bookstore at the Minnesota Center of Book Arts is already selling it! We'll also be selling copies at The Make House on Alberta St. in Portland and be donating the proceeds to the Community Cycling Center. So for all of you Portlanders doing your holiday shopping, stop on by!

Once again, thank-you all so much for your contributions and for making this project possible. 


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And the Saga Continues

Hey all!!

Thank-you for your undying patience! Things have been a little backlogged over here. I'm starting my second year of college and I'm just trying to get all my little ducklings in a row – but neverfear! The zine is soon to be on its way to print and then it'll be all envelopes and stamp licking from there. 

Sit tight!

Ursus malayanus

We Made It!


We did it! Thank-you all so much for your support. This has been a wonderful experience. 

I'll be sending you each surveys to gather up your mailing addresses so I can send you those wonderful rewards. Unfortunately, Amazon holds the funds for two weeks – so we'll be a little behind schedule. 

Thank-you again. We could have never done this without the generosity of friends, family and the community on the interwebs. 

Ride on, 

Ursus malayanus (aka Anika)

We Made It!

Hey all! 

It looks like we made our goal with a week to spare! 

The zine will go to print later this month (as Amazon holds the funds for about two weeks) and you should all begin receive your rewards within the next few months. 

Check back in a week when our project is complete so we can gather mailing addresses and get this party started! 

Thank-you all so much, 

Ursus (aka Anika) 

Letterpress Printing Party


Last night we had printing party at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and made 240 prints! Woah! 

The whole process took about four hours (counting snack breaks and a few visitors). 

Here's a simplified blow by blow of how we did it. 

1) We mixed our inks to get the perfect green.

2) We inked up the press.

3) We cut our polymer plates apart.

4) We aligned one of the plates on the press using the fine art of 'eyeing it'.

5) We did a few test prints to get it just right.

6) We pulled our beautiful prints on our stunningly beautiful paper.

I'll stop gabbing, because I know what you really want to see is pictures of all this. 

Thank-you for the support! We're almost there!

Tell your friends. :)

-Ursus malayanus (aka Anika)

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