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I have been waiting to put this record into stores for too long all I need is the funding to turn it into something real.

 I am at a point in my life where I can go in any direction. I love making music and always will love it and do it. Kick starter provides a unique opportunity for individuals to help determine what will end up on music store shelves. If you value the musical endeavors I have been able to forward and you want to be able to take a version home to keep forever in the form of a trusty long play record you can care for and enjoy for as long as you like this is your opportunity. I have records in my collection that are much older than I am. This will be legacy material.

 Buying the physical form of a digital product is...well...ridiculous, but buying an album is a return to having something real in your collection. Make music real again. Go see live music, buy albums, support the reproduction of albums, support an artist who wants to convince the world they should do all of these things. Make it more possible for me to sustain myself in these efforts, and bring great music, recorded as performances, to the public.

 You can aid in determining my future and as such the future of how everyone I perform in front of thinks of music.

 This is Everything Better All the Time.

 I'm not a Luddite. I'll put a download code in the sleeve, but purchasing physical forms of the digital media you are going to rip to your lap top and sync to a portable device is for the birds.

 I'll see you at the show.

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I feel better equipped to complete this nearly completed project than at any other time in my life in that the people I love most are centered, successful, interesting, well adjusted, folk who are as interested in my success as I am, so the risk is only of not achieving the financial goal is the only one I can see in this endeavor.


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