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Please help us continue to provide the highest quality of dance training in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Brighton Ballet, the world renowned school of Russian-American Ballet, suffered significant damage and needs urgent help after the Hurricane Sandy disaster. For more than 25 years Brighton Ballet served thousands of students from South Brooklyn and other neighborhoods of New York City. Brighton Ballet students successfully performed at Carnegie Hall and Brooklyn Borough Hall, Gracie Mansion and the United Nations, many Brooklyn parks, Brooklyn College, Kingsborough Community College and many public schools all over the city.

The numerous achievements by Brighton Ballet students and teachers were recognized by Mayor and City Council, City Comptroller, New York State Assembly, Brooklyn Borough President. The New York Times, the Daily News, the Bay News, the BBC, andĀ many Russian language newspapers and magazines published glorious stories and profiles praising the tremendous success of Brighton Ballet for the last 25 years and its significant contributions to the great fabric of New York City.

We are proud to give free annual scholarships to many of our talented students from low-income Brooklyn families. We are especially thankful to our home, the Kingsborough Community College - for its hospitality and welcoming atmosphere.

But the events of the last two weeks had a significant and unexpected effect on our ability to operate in a stable financial environment. As a result of Hurricane Sandy, Brighton Ballet lost its treasured collection of costumes made by our gifted staff for the last several years. These costumes were completely destroyed by the strong winds and flooding. We also lost thousands of dollars in revenue when Kingsborough Community College located at Manhattan Beach was closed for almost two weeks due to the damage from Sandy. On top of that, many families were devastated by the Hurricane and were unable either to bring their children for dancing classes or lost their ability to pay for their attendance.

The total estimated loss of revenues for Brighton Ballet had already exceeded $50,000 and keeps growing. And that is why we are asking for your help and assistance. Brighton Ballet needs to continue its operation and to recover from theĀ painful wounds of Sandy. But we cannot do it without your helping hand.
Any donation would be truly appreciated and will go a long way toward covering the costs of replacing the destroyed costumes and operational expenses. We strongly believe in the ability of Brighton Ballet community built over the last 25 years to come together in the time of need. We are non-for-profit 501 (c)3 organization. Every contribution is tax-deductible.

Please, donate now and donate generously. With your help we will rebuilt the best tradition of Brighton Ballet.


Irina Roizin

Executive Director, Brighton Ballet Theater

Here are some examples of the damage to our costumes.
Here are some examples of the damage to our costumes.

We thank you in advance for any help with the restoration of our costumes. For information on Nutcracker tickets please follow this link:

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The greatest obstacle to our project is simply time. We are in urgent need of donations to ensure that we can restore the damaged costumes and complete the work necessary to continue to fulfill our mission of bringing the highest quality training and performance experience to our students. All money from this project will go directly towards the restoration of our costumes and sets, helping us to serve our community through art. Thank you so much for your support and please come see our hard work pay off on stage.


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