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Language Learning: Mobile Apps

Mobile apps that support language learning between Spanish and English.

Language Learning: Mobile Apps

Mobile apps that support language learning between Spanish and English.

pledged of $2,000pledged of $2,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, June 16 2018 8:34 PM UTC +00:00

What is a prototype?

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Hello everyone!

My name is Teneala Spencer. As of May 2018, I graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi where I double majored in Applied Computer Science and Spanish. 

Currently, I am working on starting my own mobile development company, WordLin, that focuses on creating technology that facilitates language learning between Spanish and English. I would like, in the future, for the apps to be extended to other languages as well.

I have designed and completed an app called TransVerb that translates slang between Spanish and English. This is groundbreaking technology and the first of its kind! 

I believe TransVerb advances the field of artificial intelligence as well as machine translation by targeting a part of speech that is often looked over by other translation apps. Think about it! There are no other apps that can do what TransVerb does. Think about how it will connect people who are learning either Spanish or English as a second language. A majority of the time as people, we speak informally in our native tongue. Having a tool like TransVerb that is readily available to users so that they can learn how to connect with people in their second language in an informal setting is a huge technological advancement!

I am also in the process of creating a mobile gaming app called ConjuGame that allows users to learn how to conjugate verbs while playing a game. Having an interactive design with colors and schemes will allow the user to more easily identify verb conjugations and memorize them. This can work for both high school and college students and as well as someone who is learning Spanish or English on their own. Its addictive nature will have users studying without the pressure of studying!

I thank you all so much for any support you can provide! I am really looking forward to starting this new career path!

Cost Breakdown:

  • App deployment - Google Play and Apple's App Store require a developer account that the programmer has to pay for. Google Play charges $25 and Apple $99
  • Merchandise - I have designed t-shirts for TransVerb, and would like to purchase around 60 t-shirts. That is roughly $10 a shirt so the estimate is about $600.
TransVerb T-shirt Design and Estimate
TransVerb T-shirt Design and Estimate
  • Marketing and Promotion - While TransVerb already has a debut commercial, I would like to publish another commercial for both TransVerb and Conjugame once both have been published on both respective play stores. The cost of production is $150.
  • Intentional Play Summit - Tech Conference - I would love to have the chance to attend a tech conference to network with professional developers and leaders in the tech industry. The world needs to see what language learning apps like TransVerb and ConjuGame can do. A lot of folks think that technology divides us. I want to show them how it can bring us together! The cost of going to this conference, including airfare, hotel stay, and registration is $1200 for 4 days

Risks and challenges

Possible risks are delays in production because of school or work interfering. I have had issues with this before, but because I have finished my undergraduate coursework for computer science and recently graduated, my only two classes left this summer are Spanish courses which have never presented themselves as difficult or time consuming for me.

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