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Update #2

We Did It (and the Right-Wing Attacked Us!)


Hi Folks -

Thank you!

The 77 of you have together achieved the goal of this Kickstarter campaign: $5,000 to help cover tour costs. Having been to 10 cities so far, I can tell you this is an exciting way to see the country, connect with local liberals, support Drinking Liberally chapters and promote the ideas in the book. I'll send you more info about where I'll be headed -- and hope to see many of you on the road.

Today, coincidentally, is also the day of our biggest media hit yet: a piece in the conservative Weekly Standard mocking the book. If the right-wing media considers the book important enough to become a frontpage story, we're in good shape!

Check in out:

It's a piece of mockery of course, but actually sort of fun -- he tries to follow my 538 Ways...and you know what, he even attended a DL chapter and enjoyed it!

So thank you for making this happen! More updates soon -- about your rewards, the tour, the book and more.

- justin

Update #1

The First Book Event is Tonight


Hi Folks -

Thank you for all your support in the effort to fund the national tour of "538 Ways to Live, Work and Play Like a Liberal."

My first event is tonight in New York City, and if you're around, I hope you'll come by for a short program, some free drinks and a chance to get your copy. (Though I'm only supposed to give you copies after I've fully funded the drive, I'll take the risk and give you your copy tonight if you're there.)

The event is at The Tank - 354 West 45th between 8th and 9th.

As of today, we're over 60% of the way there: more than $3,100. I want to note that I'll be adding Yakima, Washington, to the tour route as we had our first backer at the $750 level which allows him to request the tour come to his city. Yakima, here I come.

Thank you all for the faith in this project and the good wishes. Look forward to seeing you all across the country and sending you more updates.

- justin

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    A "Proud Liberal" tee shirt (union-made, sweatshop free) and autographed copy of the book.

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    A "Caffeinate Like a Liberal" travel coffee thermos (super sustainable, of course) and autographed copy of the book

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    A "Shopping Liberally" tote bag (recycled material) and autographed copy of the book

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    I'll include your town on the tour (in the lower 48 states) and consult with you on planning my visit

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    I'll recruit a Laughing Liberally comedian or two to join me in bringing a comedy show / book event to your town. (Number of comedians depends on travel expenses)

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