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Drinking Liberally co-founder Justin Krebs will tour the country with "538 Ways to Live, Work & Play Like a Liberal." Can you donate funds or miles? Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 12, 2010.

Drinking Liberally co-founder Justin Krebs will tour the country with "538 Ways to Live, Work & Play Like a Liberal." Can you donate funds or miles?

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This summer, I'm touring the country with my new book, "538 Ways to Live, Work & Play Like a Liberal." It's a collection of little ideas for incorporating progressive values in your everyday life and an argument for a big idea: that being "liberal" means that you believe we're better off when we live for one another than when we live simply for ourselves.

Whether you can help with financial support, frequent flier miles or other in-kind help, I'd love your assistance making this trip as expansive as possible.

I plan to travel the country to engage folks in discussions of what it means to be liberal and hear local ideas for "living liberally." Fortunately, the perfect network exists to host this tour: the web of Drinking Liberally happy hours that bring progressives together to share a pint and share a few ideas in all 50 states.

For those of you who don't know, Drinking Liberally is a network of progressive social clubs that make it easy for you to mix your political and social lives. We started DL seven years ago in New York City, but it's expanded to more conservative areas where liberals use it as a place to organize, reaffirm their political identities and know they are not alone.

Now Living Liberally -- the larger umbrella -- produces Laughing Liberally comedy shows, Eating Liberally meals, Screening Liberally films and Reading Liberally book tours...and for the first time, I'm the one going on tour.

My goal is to visit 50 cities between now and the mid-term elections but this is where I need your help. While I can keep costs low by staying with local liberals, there will still be some costs:

- travel expenses. I'll use public transit when I can, a car for the longer roadtrips and planes when I have to. Any way you look at it, the costs add up.

- lodging. While most nights, I'll ask the local Liberal Drinkers to inflate an aerobed for me, not everyone will be able to accommodate. There will also be some legs of the trip, when I'll need an overnight rest-stop along a particularly long stretch of road.

- books. I want to be able to give copies to people who host me and promotional copies to local bloggers, community radio hosts, journalists and partners. I can buy the books from my publisher at a reduced rate, but they aren't free -- and if I'm handing out a few hundred freebies, it will add up.

- communications. It would be great to invest in mobile broadband to be able to share the experience while on the road.

I plan on starting this tour, June 27th, in California which is before this fundraising timeframe expires. I'll be fronting the costs for the first two weeks, and am trying to raise money that will kick-in by mid-July to help me through the late summer and fall tour dates.

While $5k is my immediate goal, the more I raise, the more places I can visit -- and in advance of the elections, it would be great to remind folks all over the "liberal" is a good thing.

If you can can help with other support -- miles, lodging, other in-kind donations -- let me know. I'd love your partnership in this.


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    I'll recruit a Laughing Liberally comedian or two to join me in bringing a comedy show / book event to your town. (Number of comedians depends on travel expenses)

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