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Champions of ZED is a comprehensive re-edit of the original fantasy roleplaying game.
Champions of ZED is a comprehensive re-edit of the original fantasy roleplaying game.
259 backers pledged $8,077 to help bring this project to life.

Cover Art Sneak Peak

With only a day and a half left to go I thought I would treat everyone with an "in production" look at some of our cover art.

This evocative piece by Jonathan Scott was created exclusively for Champions of ZED and truly captures the feel of the bold adventuring champion of the old school style.  This piece will be on the cover, but will it be the front cover or the back?  Filip Stojak has expressed an interest in trying his hand on a cover piece too so it will be interesting to see what he may have in mind and which piece will work best on the front and back covers.  Feel free to let me know what you think.




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    1. Missing avatar

      Axel Boucher on

      I wouldnt use it as a cover illo... sorry for the straight comment but its better to as much as honest at this stage.

    2. Daniel Hugh Boggs Creator on

      Oh not to worry on the lettering Mark. That was just thrown on to prevent unauthorized copying of Jonathans work. I believe Filip has something quite special in mind also, so I don't think you will be disappointed with the cover in the end. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Brandon Holmes on

      It's a cool picture but shouldn't be the cover...

    4. Eddie on

      I like it in a nostalgic sort of way -- it very much reminds me of the old-school artwork in the early RPGs.

    5. Filip Stojak on

      No worry fellas, I will do my best to deliver something you find worthy of your gaming table.

    6. Alejandro Stratta on

      I do not like either. Not very evocative. :/

    7. Mark Delsing

      Ditto. It's very monotone and feels somewhat amateurish. I'd like to see what Filip can come up with.

      I would find an artist to handle the titling as well. The current lettering is pretty small and fades into the cover.

      Not trying to be discouraging here, but I'd rather given honest feedback than not.

    8. Magentawolf on

      To be honest... not entirely a fan of it.