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The Urban Tarot Deck is an illustration series that is nearly 10 years in the making. It is about magic, truth and the city.
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A moment in space and time

Posted by Robin Scott (Creator)

Greetings tarot folk,

It's been a while since you've heard from me and The Urban Tarot. A very happy holiday season to all, I hope you all have had shelter and love surrounding you on this chilly winter solstice. 

I have a couple of exciting announcements to share with you, as well as some more serious and somber thoughts to follow.

The Next Edition

I'm very happy to be able to announce that there will be a brand new edition of The Urban Tarot coming in 2017, to be published through U.S. Games Systems. I've just recently signed an agreement with them, and I'm delighted to be working with a company that has such great track record. If you haven't heard of U.S. Games, pick up the nearest tarot deck you have at hand--chances are pretty good it bears their logo on the box.

The arrangement I've made is a bit unusual for the publisher; I'm told they rarely work with artists who do their own product designs and layout. So I gather I'll be the first to work with them directly on designing the deck at every stage. I'll be creating the new card and border designs, the box, and the guidebook to be included with the set. We're still in early discussions on what the details will be, but I wanted to let you know that I've been listening to a number of the very legitimate criticisms people have had about the first edition decks, and I'll be doing my best to respond to them. The new edition will feature larger cards, with less prominent borders, and as implied above, it will include a version of the guidebook packaged with the deck. And speaking of the guidebooks...

Guidebooks are back in stock!

The guidebooks I created as a companion to the deck have been so popular that I completely sold out of the first printing a few months ago, much faster than I expected. And so I had to put a hold on sales on my shop. Since then, I've been inundated with folk asking me when I'll have them available again. Well, I am happy to announce that yesterday morning, 500 beautiful new copies arrived at my front door. If you have been waiting to get your copy, now's your chance to order one while they last.


It's now been just about a year since I started shipping out copies of the Urban Tarot Deck, finally making good on a promise I had made to many of you back in 2012. It's been an amazing experience sending my work out all over the planet, and it continues to be indescribably fulfilling to hear from people about the positive impact it's had on their lives. But it's also been a difficult job, working mostly on my own, keeping up with ordering and fulfilling, shipping out every package by hand. I'm aiming to slowly wind down that task in the new year, and by sometime mid-year I'll start pointing people interested in the deck to either order it from U.S. Games, or to download it from The Fool's Dog. I currently have just under 200 copies left of the first edition decks. Once those are all gone, I'm planning to shut down my own shop entirely.

The Towers and the Aeon

I know I'm not alone in feeling that these last couple of months have been particularly stressful, painful and frightening. Two cards have come up for me repeatedly in readings that I've done, and I've begun to feel that they are emblematic of the times.

The Towers speak of real crisis, of disaster, of things falling apart. Those structures which we have relied on are collapsing, on fire. Many of us who are most vulnerable may be hurt. Not all of us will survive.

The Aeon speaks of our responsibility to history. This moment in time is important, what we do here and now matters. The Aeon asks us to act today, and in these days to come, as if our grandparents and our grandchildren were all watching. We ought to make them proud of what we do with the time we've been given.

On the morning of November 9, I did a reading for myself with the simple question of "How do we move forward from here?" The answer I got was best encapsulated by a single card, The Two of Cups, Love. We remember that we are all of us, all of us beautiful naked apes inhabiting this tiny blue marble, on this amazing journey together. We find a way to reach out to each other, and to see the humanity in those who are different from us, even in those who hate us. Our lives, our families, are all divided by hatred and anger and the wide gulfs of differing ideologies. From this point forward, we can either become ever more divided, or we can find ways to pull together. I choose to believe in the latter. 

There is a lot of work to do out there. I urge you all to seek your own way forward, to do what you can to help us all move towards somewhere better. I hope that you find safety and community wherever you are in the new year.

With love and gratitude for all of you,



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    1. Paula M Walsh on

      So proud of you, your work, dedication and truth you are truly gifted. Obviously, You are a BEST surrounded by loved ones and Support. Wise words regarding where we all go from here . Best wishes for the new year and the promises It hollds for you and yours. . Paula