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Ivy and the Wicker Suitcase is a fully illustrated Ear Movie-Musical. Featuring Daniel Johnston, Bill Callahan, James Hand, K. McCarty.
Created by

Brian Beattie

173 backers pledged $16,423 to help bring this project to life.


Hello All

 As our Kickstarter races towards the finish line, I'd like to use this update to thanks all of the wonderful musicians who have been involved in the project so far-

As an Omnicient Serenader, and a host of Angels- Amy Annelle

On drums and percussion- Jon Greene, Dony Wynn, and Scott Marcus.

On electric guitar- Matt Kinsey, Craig Ross and Gary Chester (the BIG BOSS'S GUITAR).

On pedal steel- Gary Newcomb.

On concert harp- Elaine Barber.

The Middle Eastern Orchestra- Roberto Riggio, Violin.

Cello- Brian Standefer.

The Teen String Force- Mason Lynaugh (Cello), Cecelia Handy (Cello) Sam Lynaugh, (Violin), Carina Santos (Violin) Clara Gainer (Viola).

Game Call Cone Device, sonic nonsense- Gerald Pisk

Mockingbird whistles, Brass- Matt the Electrician.

Horsie Neighs- Echo the Horse.

And of course, as the singing flowers, the gaggle of cherubs and Beatrice (Ivy's friend)- Ramona Beattie.

And of course, THE WHOLE LOT OF YOU!! This Kickstarter experience has been so heartening. Creation can be a little lonely, and the encouragement of this experience has seemed like pure love. THANKS!!

 We've got a couple of days left. If you can think of anyone who would be interested in this beast we're creating, Please let them know.

 We're going Camping.

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