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A full-length animated movie adaptation of John Piper's poem featuring the artwork of Chris Koelle and narration by John Piper.

UPDATE: Add $15 to any reward for each additional DVD!

We've had several requests from backers to "pre-order" multiple DVDs. So now, just add $15 to your chosen reward for each additional JŌB DVD. In other words, in addition to your current pledge, just add an extra $15 for 1 extra DVD, $30 for 2 extra copies, etc.

Keep spreading the word about the project on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, email, etc! There is no limit to the number of pledges we can receive and rewards for our backers. So THANK YOU for continuing to share the JŌB project! You're helping to give this project wings to soar!

The Story

Job lost everything: his wealth, his health, and his ten children. All swept away in one satanic storm. Reduced to a heap of flesh, ashes, and tears—rebuked by friends and jeered by strangers—righteous Job wrestled over the purpose and presence of God in the midst of unbearable pain.

Originally published by Desiring God Ministries in 2008 as a 128-page hardcover book, JŌB retold the biblical story of Job through the beautiful, compassionate poetry of John Piper and the stunning illustrations of Chris Koelle.

Having gone out of print shortly after its release, the story of JŌB is now being reintroduced to the world through a new adaptation of moving artwork, music, and poetry: JŌB is an independently produced full-length motion graphics animated movie.

Through John Piper's own gripping narration of the poem, music composed by J. Aaron Greene, and the original illustrations of Chris Koelle enhanced and animated by Danny McNight, we are invited to revel in God's sovereign and surprisingly joyful purposes in allowing exquisite suffering in the lives of his saints. This story of human suffering and the sovereignty of God is artfully brought to new life as a deeply moving resource especially for those experiencing great suffering and loss.

What We Need

The creation of this movie adaptation is 100% self-funded. We personally produced a small edition of 40 DVDs with handmade packaging and sold out within a few hours.

To complete this project we need funding to actually distribute the movie, i.e. DVDs, DVD packaging, DVD duplicator, shipping expenses, iTunes Store distribution, etc.

How You Can Help

Your backing this project, at any financial level, will be the fuel it needs to get JŌB into the hands, homes, churches, and lives of those who need it most.

Please support this project by:

  • Backing it financially in exchange for some great rewards like digital movie downloads, handmade DVDs, signed art prints, and even original JŌB drawings by Chris Koelle!
  • And of course, help spread the word through Twitter, Facebook and any other social media avenue you may use.

Thank you so much for your support!


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    Personal email thanking you for your support, a digital download of the full movie, and high-resolution JŌB artwork desktop wallpaper images

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    All of the above + DVD copy of the JŌB movie in handmade, hand-stamped packaging (Arigato Paks from the wonderful Stumptown Printers)

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    All of the above + 5x7" art print of the JŌB movie poster (signed by Chris Koelle), and your name will be listed in Special Thanks section of the movie credits!

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    All of the above + 12x18" art print of JŌB movie poster signed by Chris Koelle

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    All of the above + 17x22" JŌB art print (signed by Chris Koelle) and an unreleased never-before-seen 3-minute pilot animation movie (digital download)

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    All of the above + TWO original Chris Koelle charcoal/ink drawings from the JŌB project (unframed, signed by the artist, each sized approximately 11x17")

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    All of the above + your name listed as the Associate Producer in the movie credits AND a private screening with the JŌB movie producers (and up to 5 of your friends) in Greenville, SC

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