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97% Owned is a new documentary that reveals how money is at the root of our current social and economic crisis.
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What is 97% Owned

Who creates money and where it ends up can completely transform a society, yet little is know about how and who is responsible for its creation.

97% owned is a documentary that presents serious research and verifiable evidence on the true nature of credit creation and its implications for the economic, social and financial system. 

Based on the book 'Where does money come from' the film delves deep into the inner workings of the dominant western monetary system uncovering and revealing previously hidden information and facts drawing attention to the social implications on a local and global level.

To read more go to the official website:

Who's in it

The film featured a whole host of experts including:

  • Ben Dyson - Founder of Positive Money 
  • Josh Ryan-Collins & James Meadway - The New Economics Foundation
  • Paul Moore - HBOS Whistle Blower
  • Ann Pettifor - Author 'The Coming First World Debt Crisis'
  • Simon Dixon - Founder of Bank to the Future
  • & Many more

Help us to produce the DVD

We are asking for you help to crowd source the produce of the DVD's for distribution and sale. For pledges over £9 we will send you a finished copy, professional authored, of the full 2hr 10 minute film.   

We have no way to gauge demand for this film so Crowdfunding is a great way to generate interest and give those that wish to contribute without purchasing a way to show support for these types of films. 

Who are you

Mike Horwath is one of the founding members of the Queuepolitely collective. Queuepolitely is a Independent, non-partisan platform for the creation, distribution and documentation of alternative political and socio-economic entertainment in a graphic novel influenced style. You can find our more about Queuepolitely by visiting

Risks and challenges

For some time now we have had lots of requests for 97% Owned to be made available on DVD but we were unable to do so. We were concerned that it would not be economically viable and we would not be able to promote the DVD to a wide enough audience.

The main challenges we faced in this project was a platform through which to distribute the DVD and gauging what demand we would create. Fans of the film would need a way to obtain the DVD and we needed a way to gauge the demand. Create too many DVD's and we risked making a financial loss, if there was too much demand how would we scale to meet the requirements?

As a small platform for content creation Queuepolitely has been self funded and makes no profit on the films. Kickstarter gives us a great opportunity to try and take one of our concept films and take it up a notch by creating a DVD for which we will know how many copies to produce before investing in the manufacturing.

If we are very successful we would use a production company that could manage the whole process from authoring to shipping so we can ensure we can scale up and fulfil the requests.

To help with promotion of the film we have teamed up with the Occupy Movement and Positive Money who will promote the DVD via web, twitter and e-mail. So we hope we can generate enough interest for the funding requirements to be met.

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