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Hell on earth. A ridiculous romp of death and debauchery.
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Hello everyone! And welcome! We've spent over two years developing this game (off and on), and this Kickstarter marks the start of the final stage of development with the creation of the first 5 story modules and polishing of the rules.

Key Features:

A high fantasy in-depth adventure for gamers and non-gamers alike. For 1-8+ players, best with 2-6. Playtime: Customizable - Standard game is 60-120 minutes otherwise.

50+ unique Instances to explore, each with its own story and game dynamics. A real adventure in a box! Your adventure will include, but not be limited to: Angry Yetis, Fire Breathing Spider Kites (see Jorogumo, the Yokai from Japanese mythology), and a whole plethora of horribly gruesome ways to die.

The new/first campaign adds a "choose your adventure" element to the game, with 5 main interweaving, collapsible, stories, 12 rescuable/recruitable heroes, 10 pets, and a whole lot more. Disaster has struck every part of Canaan. Fight your way to 1 of 13 different endings, and decide the fate of the world.

Our goal with this Kickstarter is to start gathering enough support to print in bulk, and then possibly find a publisher. So if you're interested in the game (and it's sold out, which will probably happen pretty fast), donate at least a dollar to get all the story campaigns (for pretty much free) and help get this project going. We'll keep you up to date through this project, and once we get at least 100 people, we'll launch our final campaign and send you a discounted link to the Kickstarter.

Also, to anyone who backs this campaign and wants a game but they were already sold out, we have several games set aside for reviewers. Once we find out how many we need, we'll send out an email. The last few games leftover will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to those who backed the creation of the story campaign..

I am grateful to all our Kickstarter backers, so I will always make sure our Kickstarters include lots of special extras, at the best prices possible.

This one will include the 5 main story campaigns + a bonus one, a new corruption system to sell bits of your soul for rewards, demonic artifacts to augment your weapons, and more!

If you want a sneak peek of the introduction of the 5 explorable lands you can go here:

For a backstory on the game:

For a hilarious story from my childhood, that inspired me to make this game:

You will also get beta testing access to the next wave of modules, which will include "Hell Mode", "Pvp Mode / Play as a Zombie or Demon if you die", "Advanced Weaponry", and "Level 2 Monsters".

Takes less than 5 minutes to set up and learn.

Unlimited re-play value! The starting Keeps will change your opening play style, the random Instances really mix up the middle, and the Demon Lord changes the end goal, story, and win conditions. A high fantasy adventure that will keep you coming back for more. (And now, story campaigns!)

Also including some of the most horribly interesting traditional demons from history! There’s even one that comes in riding a crocodile carrying a hawk! (historically accurate) Sadly, the crocodile does not have laser beams on its head... Yet. Stay tuned for the next expansion! Agares 2.0

Semi-competitive or Cooperative. Can be played semi-competitively (Kind of like Gimli and Legolas during the Battle for Helms Deep) or full-on cooperatively... where if your teammate is not doing well... you should probably help them or you’re all going to die.

It's customizable. You can make it harder or easier, longer or shorter, and expand it as you see fit and even change up the rules to give the game a different feel. So stay tuned for lots of great extras. I'm even currently working on a way to extend your campaign, so after you beat back the forces of hell and save the world... you can push through the gate into the fiery underworld and bring the fight to them! (This Kickstarter is to develop the first set of story modules, which are described alllll the way at the bottom after the game description. There is also a sneak peek of the setups for the 5 stories.) 

And so much more!! But people hate reading and tell me I talk too much... :(

Base Game includes:
50 unique Instances. Each has their own dynamic and story. (Successfully navigating 3 will allow you to summon the Demon Lord... and there are 50! Replay Value out the wazoo.)
9 unique Demon Lords. Each Demon Lord has its own fight dynamic and completely changes the end of the game both in play and in story.
30 Monsters. Three of each of the 10 unique Monsters, each with their own special abilities that can combo for deadly effect.
50 unique Quests. Complete amazing-ish feats as well as your typical Heroic s.c.u.t. Work for coin!

 30 Weapons. Ten unique. All awesome.
8 specialty Dice. Six combat dice, a weather cube and a chance cube. More tokens than you can count! Unless you can count to 270ish... (Because there are about that many: 60 $1 resources, 60 $5 resources, 80 monster stones, 30 life/commander tokens, 40 mercenaries.)
8 specialized Keeps. Each with their own abilities and play style (aggressive, defensive, tricky, tactical, economic, magical, etc etc).
Rule booklet, Special Extras booklet, 8 cheat sheets/reminder cards, and more adventure than you could shake your magical stick at!

 Special Note:
The Kickstarter Base Game Includes significantly more than the standard retail version will. Originally there were only 35 Quests/Instances/Monsters, 3 Demon Lords, and 6 Keeps. Be sure not to miss out on all of these special extras and Kickstarter exclusives!

The co-op expansion: Demons: Oblivion - Malagar’s Wrath
         Co-op expansion includes more of everything you love, with a twist! (Requires the base game.)
15 Weapons (5 unique new designs)
15 Monsters (5 unique new dangerous abilities that combo with each other and with the base game)
9 especially dangerous co-op “raid” Instances
3 co-op Wars/major Battles
25 particularly difficult Quests with special powerful rewards
2 new powerful Keeps
Rule Booklet, co-op Special Extras book, and more adventure than you could shake at least two magical sticks at... while spending quality time saving the world with friends and loved ones.

Pets and Heroes Expansion: Comes with 10 + 1 new playable Heroes and 10 adorable battle Pets! + all-new Monsters and Weapons.

Each Hero and Pet has their own unique game dynamics that combo with one another. Customize your kingdom and play strategy even further with our new Pets and Heroes!

(This is also where the meat of the story campaigns will come from, following the Heroes and Pets through their adventures in 5 different lands.)

Now introducing The Whimsy Pack!

Would you like an unreasonable amount of unreasonable things? Of course, you do! Add a little levity to your death and destruction, with this amazing new expansion.

The pack will possibly include:
                    A new Demon Lord! DJ Old Scratch
                    Butch Spleen Stomper - The Suspiciously Buff Unicorn
                    Poof - The Effeminate Dragon
                    Peevish McKnob - The Sheisty Leprechaun
                    Chappy - The Spanked Monkey
                    Pontias Vanderdoosh - The Powerfully Bad Wizard - Vendor to the stars and pun-master. (All of this got moved to the story campaign after this one... so if you want to see the whimsy pack story arc come to life, back this Kickstarter, and I'll send you this 6th story module for free, when it's done.)

...and possibly even a unicorn-moose-beaver... Beware! The Mighty Unimooseaver! (Our backers also voted on Spider Bunnies, a Were-giraffe, and Baba Yaga's Outhouse. The "mimic" that literally eats your ass. (cards included))

Do you like to get free, rare, special extras when you buy stuff?
          Well, we'll be adding things constantly throughout the rest of our campaign that you can't get anywhere else! Just for you! Yay! There are 10+ exclusive Treasure Monsters, extra Heroes and Pets, and a few other odds and ends.

Basically it's our mascot goblin tooling around in a bunch of different ways...

...and then people we met at cons and stuff while developing the game. Here you can see Kira - The artist for the game, standing with two wonderful people we met at dragon con. Scott and Sherri of Surreal SFX. They're in the game, too.

It's an ever-evolving game... and as we adventure... our adventures will be continuously added to it.

Our wonderful editor is also a Treasure Monster... for she's a rare treasure, and also a beast of an editor :D

^ She's from Australia, so she has a Tasmanian devil as her familiar, of course.

Anyway this game's going to be amazing when we finish it, and we're going to finish it this year, so feel free to give us a dollar at any point :D. 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.


For those who want to know all about everything before you buy or play (or just want some more info for fun), here's a quick summary of everything!!!!!!!!!! 

My inspiration for this game: Dark Souls, Magic: The Gathering, Vampire: The Masquerade, and Yahtzee.  

I wanted to make an adventure game that was everything I ever wanted to play, with tons of replay value. Something that appealed to my love for strategy, while at the same time being fun for my wife (someone who doesn't like politics, scary stuff, or getting crushed in strategy games).

So I set out to create the perfect contradiction. An in-depth "heavy" game that would be a wildly elaborate adventure for seasoned gamers, while still being easy to set up and learn, and fun for couples (even after someone lost). Strategic and customizable, the game works on a modular system that allows the game to constantly evolve. It has 10+ kingdoms, each with its own special ability, magic, weapons, and play styles. You then build weapons into your kingdom, explore Instances, and then summon the Demon Lord to try to win the game.

There are 9+ Demon Lords, each other their own classically-styled end game, specifically tailored to the major sin represented by that demon. For instance, Belphegor - One of the seven princes of hell, tends to corrupt and tempt people through laziness, so his end game is all about waiting and biding your time. Each turn, and for every player who dies trying, his fight gets easier (vs. Damballa the voodoo demon, whose end game involves performing a voodoo ritual based on the weather). There is also one extra "just destroy the Demon Gate before all hell breaks loose" scenario (Kickstarter special extra). 

In addition to all this, there are 50 incredible Instances, each with its own unique Treasures, and they will kill you in some of the most brutal ways imaginable if you mess up. The Monsters also work on a modular system (shuffled into a pile, and spawned into the Instances as necessary). The Monsters each have their own abilities as well, and they combo. So what you're left with is a game that is completely different every time you play it. Each player will do about 3 Instances per game, and there are 50.

You have the main game + the co-op expansion + the whimsy pack (ridiculous Monsters and Weapons) + the Pets and Heroes: Each expansion has its own unique Monsters/Weapons/stuff. So that's 25 unique Weapons in total that combo, and work into one of the more fun/interactive combat systems around (+ all the unique Weapons and Treasures from the 50 Instances).

If you want a sneak peek of the introduction of the 5 explorable lands you can go here:

For a backstory on the game:

For a hilarious story from my childhood, that inspired me to make this game:

Demons - a closer look at the game:

Each of the 10+ kingdoms plays like your favorite "archetypes" from every fantasy game. Rogue, Thief, Mage, Barbarian, Knight, Blacksmith, Merchant, etc etc etc. 6 in the base game, +2 Kickstarter exclusives, +2 in the co-op expansion and much more to come. Stay tuned. 

Instances are at the heart of the game. There are 50+ unique Instances in 5 styles, each with its own special rewards and challenges.

Bounty Instances (special 1 of Monsters in a special rules fight).

 Bounty Instances don't have a rare treasure but are worth a great deal of resources and monster stones. This is one of the whimsy pack instances, so... notice the language. Defeating these "foul" demonic creatures would be no "paltry" task. They're birds. *badump-tis. You're welcome. 

Thank you so much to everyone who's made this project possible!

It's only a dollar to get all 5 stories before they go on sale, coupons to our next Kickstarter, beta testing access, and free stuff in the future as it's developed.

Yours truly, - Aaron&Kira

Risks and challenges

Sitting down and going through everything and polishing and testing it always takes longer than you think... but we're pretty much done at this point.

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