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By River James Kumalae
$67.00 pledged of $5,000 goal


Before u read there will be #Spoilers in it so read at ur own risk. Alright thous who stayed welcome to silent hill resurrections. Our main character a cultist by the name of Austin Gillespie that's right Alessa's father!! After many years within the nightmare world the order finally had enough. They send the one person that can get close to Alessa & kill her off for good, Austin. Once begun he walks though his past & into the nightmare world we all know & fear. Levels include The hospital where she was born, her elementary school, her favorite sea side amusement park & the church/mining tunnels. There will also be an Easter egg for every silent hill game as well as collectables for each. The game itself will fell like the older games but with some new twists like a sanity energy & health bar, a MP3 so u can pick the background music once u find the songs in game, a locket that will let u trafurse to the nightmare world at will, & multiple endings. All this to lead up to a final fight with ur daughter will u kill her or be the father she needed all along aka (secret level/bad ending)

Risks and challenges

This is my first project & idk what I might face but I do know games r my life I'll be making this game & many more after

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