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The first smart product that tracks sleep and enhances it by regulating head temperature: sleep faster, deeper and wake up naturally.
The first smart product that tracks sleep and enhances it by regulating head temperature: sleep faster, deeper and wake up naturally.
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January update - Moona

Posted by Moona (Creator)

Hi everyone,

We wish all of you a great year!

We have a packed update this month. Here’s what’s in store:

  • CES Recap
  • 2018 Review / 2019 Preview
  • Hardware updates
  • Packaging and User Manual
  • Christmas sleep kit follow up

CES 2019 (blog post)

We started the year with a bang. As you already know, we were selected to exhibit Moona on a stand at the CES earlier this month. CES is nothing less than the biggest technology show of the year and the place where we introduced the concept of Moona two years ago.

There are so many things to say about this week that we made it a whole blog post on our site. Check it out to see what were our objectives and what we learned. 

Check out our week recap - CES 2019
Check out our week recap - CES 2019

We were very happy to meet with two of you, Vincent and Myke. Read our week recap to see Myke’s reaction after trying Moona in the bed we had set up.

2018 Review / 2019 Preview (two blog posts)

2018 was equally unforgettable, challenging and rewarding. 2019 promises to be even more so.

Moona team
Moona team

We took some time to look back at what we achieved in 2018 and tell you what to expect in 2019.

The year ahead will be the most exciting yet with the shipping of Moona still on track for this Spring.

Hardware updates

  • We reached a huge milestone last month: we launched the plastic mold making!!

We are now waiting on the first injected plastic parts of Moona, made with the same molds and tooling as the future production units. Getting the first injected pieces after launching the mold takes around 45 days. 

We need to make sure that our product will match your expectations in terms of cosmetics and environment. To do so, we will produce small quantities and will test them extensively. We will drop them from a certain height, check if they are waterproof, etc. We will then know if Moona is ready for larger production. 

We also need to make sure that Moona’s appearance is durable. We are trying to find out how to improve the fabrication process

David (back in China) and Dhylane will visit the factory next week to check on the status of the molds. 

  • We also recently launched the making of our custom silicon parts

Amongst them, the device buttons, parts around the tube connectors and the pump bracket.  

Example of two custom silicon parts on the connector (not the final color)
Example of two custom silicon parts on the connector (not the final color)

The pump bracket is still being tweaked after we found out that the current one does not hold the pump well enough after a few weeks of use. We found this out after test-dropping a prototype. We have already launched the prototyping of an improvement and we will get the sample in 3 days. 

Packaging and User Manual

A good box needs to: 

  • be strong (delivering services tend to not treat packages kindly)
  • protect the product 
  • look good.

We are working with a partner (Packitoo) to design the packaging. 

Drafts of packaging design
Drafts of packaging design

They also help us choose the foam filling to protect the product. 

We are working on the packaging of Moona
We are working on the packaging of Moona

The user manual is an important step to make sure Moona is easy to install and use. We are writing two versions: English and French. 

If you are interested in reading it in advance and giving us your feedback, please comment below and we will get back to you.

We will also have a section in the app with how-tos and videos for the setup and the management of Moona. 

Sleep Kit for Christmas

A few of you have informed us that you didn’t receive the sleep kit we sent you for Christmas. We started investigating and we found out that the shipping had been delayed for a few of them.

Please also check that you have completed the survey we sent you on the 15th of November. This is where we asked for your contact details. 

About 70 of you still haven’t completed the survey. Please do or we will not be able to send you your reward.

To complete or change your address, please log in to Kickstarter, go to our page, click on “View Pledge” and then go to tab “Survey”.

We sent a kit to everyone who completed their address before the 31st of November.

If you did so and still haven’t received your kit, please contact us at


Have a good day, 

The Moona Team


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    1. Moona Creator on

      Hi Crystal,

      Thanks for your message!
      We're sorry about the delay, we experienced delays with our selected shipping provider.

      Shipping was supposed to be 2-3 weeks and it ended up being 2 months.

      They are hard to reach but we are still trying to get an explanation and possibly some money back.

    2. Crystal Tanner on

      Well i filled out the survey back in Nov. would have been nice to get the Christmas gift. I FINALLY just received my sleep mask. Kid-of retarded the note inside saying merry Christmas when its now Feb, but o well. thank you

    3. Moona Creator on

      Thanks for the heads up Matthew!
      We are going to investigate further and get back to you.

      Josh, we are sorry to hear that but we are confident you will end up loving your Moona. This is a pretty fair concern, shared by a lot of our testers. We are happy to say this hasn't been an issue.

    4. Josh Hamman on

      This is one that I really wish I could cancel. Over a year late, and I really now have very low expectations for it. The first time I loop my arm under my pillow and it pulls the whole thing off, it will probably get thrown away :(

    5. Matthew Guillemette on

      My survey shows that I filled it out Nov 15th, but I don't think I received anything here. Can you tell me what is in the shipment so that I can check?