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$108,873 pledged of $50,000 goal
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By Moona
$108,873 pledged of $50,000 goal
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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      yulius halim 2 days ago

      @David awesome! Of course I'll support you guys creating such an awesome project. Let me know, when the mattress version comes out. I imagine that would be great, especially if the backers this time gets a bigger discount ;)

    2. David Stoikovitch Collaborator 4 days ago

      @yulius thanks for your support and your question. Moona can cool well below ambient temperature - we have indeed tested it up to 9 degrees celsius below ambient. However this will not be the recommended temperature setting at any point in the night, as this much difference will keep you out of the thermo-neutrality zone (the range at which you feel comfortable and can sleep).
      The humidity sensor is used for 2 main reasons:
      - Give you information about your sleeping environment (there is a recommended temperature/humidity couple range for optimal sleep conditions)
      - Assess how the temperature difference will be felt by the user: the more humid the room is, the more likely you will feel the temperature differences, especially on the cold side of the range, because the heat conductivity of your skin will be higher
      Please let us know if you have any other question!

    3. Missing avatar

      yulius halim 4 days ago

      "Moona temperature range is 22°C-36°C. We have tested in warm similar set ups and the unit reaches the lower end of the range even in these conditions "

      So, it has the ability to cool about 9 degrees celsius below the ambient?
      You mentioned Moona measured humidity as well, is it because humidity will in anyway affect Moona's cooling ability? If so, what kind of humidity levels are optimal for cooling?

    4. Moona Creator 5 days ago

      @Steven thanks for your question! We have a maximum noise level of 25dB which is about a whisper. We have tested the device full nights with beta testers and they were satisfied with the low noise. We are in the process of optimizing the transition from an idle state to cooling so that it's super smooth when the fan goes to full power, using a progressive rotation speed. We will make further extensive testing and optimizations with our manufacturing partner because this is one of the critical aspects of user experience.

    5. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee 6 days ago

      hi Moona team, what's the noise profile and level especially when it's working at max power to reduce temperature of the pad

    6. Moona Creator 6 days ago

      @Alan yes, the pad will be replaceable : there will be a connector on the tube between the pad and the bedside device. Also, note that the cotton cover will be removable and washable.

    7. Alan Magner 6 days ago

      Will the pad be replaceable?

    8. Moona Creator 7 days ago

      @yulius Thank you for your questions
      1) The estimated operating voltage is AC 90~240V
      2) Under normal use the operating wattage is 80 watts, at peak it uses up to 160 watts. The peak power consumption typically isn't reached more than a few minutes every night
      3) Moona temperature range is 22°C-36°C. We have tested in warm similar set ups and the unit reaches the lower end of the range even in these conditions
      4) We do not track the skin temperature directly, we track the temperature of the pad (and how it is affected by the sleeper) as well as sleep quality (through movement), room temperature and humidity and light intensity levels in the room. For a specific pad temperature, depending on sleeping position, hair and a few other parameters, the temperature of the skin will be affected sightly differently. When setting up the product for the first time, those are informations we ask from the user. The first 10 days of using the product, in the app, Moona also asks for your feedback in order to learn what's best for you.

    9. Missing avatar

      yulius halim 7 days ago

      Hello, I have 4 questions for now:
      1) What is the operating voltage range?
      2) What is the operating wattage?
      3) How many degrees celsius below ambient temperature can Moona get to? My room during the hotter days can go over 31 degrees celsius.
      4) Can we see the current skin temperature on the display, and how much it changes as Moona cools it down?

    10. Moona Creator on September 15

      @Nicolas : Thanks a lot for your support and for testing Moona. You gave us very interesting feedback, especially on the user experience, and we took them into account as you can see. We can't wait to ship you your product :) !

    11. Nicolas Dabbaghian on September 15

      I like this product, I slept with it once and it was really awesome, it's a good sensation. Cant wait for mine now !

    12. David Stoikovitch Collaborator on September 14

      @Malachi de AElfweald no problem, questions from backers give us a chance to explain in more detail why we’re building this product, so thanks again for commenting! Any regular pillow might be fresh at the beginning, but as soon as your head rests on it, the heat that dissipates through your skin gets, for the most part, trapped in your pillow. This is what leads you to toss and turn or flip your pillow in the first place. It disrupts your sleep to the point where you are aware that the temperature is not right for you. With Moona, you will not need to toss and turn because you won't get that disruption that gets you out of your restorative sleep and impacts your sleep quality!

    13. Malachi de AElfweald
      on September 14

      @David Stoikovitch Thank you for the response. Wouldn't another normal pillow sitting on the bed at room temperature feel cooler than the Moona since the Moona is above ambient? IE as we toss and turn, why wouldn't we naturally grab the colder pillow?

    14. David Stoikovitch Collaborator on September 13

      @Malachi de AElfweald Thanks for your comment, great question! When you lie down on your pillow, although it is initially at room temperature, it quickly gets warmer because of the heat exchange with your head. Even if your room temperature is around 63ºF, the temperature of your pillow will go way over that with any regular pillow, and the heat exchange will stop happening over time. Because of the direct contact with your skin, the range is taken in reference to skin temperature, not room temperature. So a range of 71-91ºF is wide enough to cover every situation.

    15. Malachi de AElfweald
      on September 13

      I noticed that the minimal temperature is 71*F. That is quite a bit warmer than ambient in my house at night (usually around 63*F). Is there a reason the lowest setting is so high?

    16. Moona Creator on September 13

      @Autonomous Smart Office : Thank you ! yes indeed, flipping the covers or pillow means that you woke up. And you are not spending that time in deep sleep. Our sleep is made of different stages and we need time before reaching deep phase stages, which are restorative phases of sleep. When you keep waking up throughout the night, you don't get as much deep sleep. That is how being at the right temperature can make a huge difference on your sleep quality.

      @Bard Bliss Although we do not detect the hot flash before they come (yet), the cooling effect will help a lot. We are expecting to gather a great amount of data on hot flashes and integrate our learnings in our algorithm in the future.

      @Anthony Q1: We have selected the materials to be as robust and waterproof as possible, reducing the possible points of weakness in our product and guaranteeing a low risk of leak. The pad is made of a thin layer enabling water circulation nested into memory foam.
      We have selected the materials to be as robust and waterproof as possible, reducing the possible points of weakness in our product and guaranteeing a low risk of leak.
      In the very unlikely situation where there would be a leak, the system would shut down and there will be no electrical hazard.

      Q2: Yes, you can definitely set up a constant temperature throughout the night. In the app, you can set up the temperature profile to whatever you like. And there are also buttons on the bedside device to change the temperature.

    17. Bert
      on September 13

      So long and thanks for all the fish.

    18. Bert
      on September 13

      Then it's 20% VAT on the top of what I should pay for your product. Meaning buying from a French company would not help me, even if I am based in France. Merci mais non.

    19. Anthony Chan on September 13

      Question 2: Can I set a constant temperature? For example, if I want my pillow to be chilled throughout the night

    20. Anthony Chan on September 13

      How do you guys prevent water leaks in your design?

    21. Missing avatar

      Barb Bliss
      on September 13

      @monna, what about the hot flash issue.

    22. Moona Creator on September 13

      Thank you both for your questions.
      @Barb Bliss:
      1) You will get the best experience if you use the device with a smartphone, connected to the internet. It is very easy to use and the product doesn't need to be connected to the app at night in order to be functional. If you choose to use the product without the app, it will have a more limited user experience and functionality, as you won't be able to track your sleep data and progress and it won't learn over time what's best for you.
      2) Indeed our product is great for people around the menopause and with hot flashes. Several of our testers regularly experienced hot flashes and the product was of great help to them. When you experience hot flashes, you will move a lot (and wake up), our product can detect those movements. Knowing that you frequently wake up at certain times during the night, the temperature profile will be adapted at those times. The cooling sensation of the pillow is really calming and helps go through the hot flashes.

      @Brett : This is because the product will likely not come from France. Those are shipping costs from Hong Kong. We will be updating all of our backers regularly during and after the campaign on our production plan and the choices regarding our manufacturing and fulfilment partners. The results of the campaign will dictate the direction we choose.
      As mentioned in our FAQ, VAT is not included in the prices.

      Please let us know if you have further questions !

    23. Autonomous Smart Office
      on September 13

      Wow so innovative! Usually my solution to temperature regulation is to flip the covers off my feet, but by that point my sleep's already been interrupted.

    24. Missing avatar

      Barb Bliss
      on September 13

      1) I don't have a smart phone. Not planning on getting one until I retire in a few years. Is that a deal breaker?

      2) I have bad sleep problems. Most are tied to menopause. Can this product detect a hot flash is coming on, and start cooling (and then stop cooling once I regulate back to "normal")? If it can do that, then this is money well spent. If it can't then it's a waste of money for me.

    25. Bert
      on September 13

      I am based in France, does your price include French VAT? .Also, 39€ to deliver something from France to France seems to be a bit steep, how did you come out with this amount? Pour ce montant, c'est livré par une troupe théâtrale avec un petit spectacle festif en sus ? :-D thanks in advance for your answers.

    26. Missing avatar

      Quentin Brackers de Hugo on September 13

      Amazing product, have been testing it for 2 months now, life changing, amazing how the cool temperature can help fall asleep faster during hot times!!