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Bitty is back for his sophomore year at Samwell University and you can help bring his story to print! It's Check Please: Year Two!
Bitty is back for his sophomore year at Samwell University and you can help bring his story to print! It's Check Please: Year Two!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jackie on

      I have not gotten a tracking number or books in the mail, just the digital copies through the website and I'm not sure what to do :(

    2. Missing avatar

      Ella Peabody on

      Got my books today in Florida! They look great.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lisa on

      I got the email w tracking number on Friday and while it didn't give a site, it said it was sent by DHL globalmail, so I found this site: which worked for my number (but it didn't give an update until this afternoon). If you're within the US it may be different?

    4. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth on

      Thanks for the update. If we don't have our tracking number yet is there a certain time frame we should wait before letting you know?

    5. Dene' Anna Ladner on

      Ok I came to comment about not receiving a tracking number yet but I guess it's because I got both books. Hopefully I get my email soon :)

    6. Missing avatar

      AaLeeyah Housey on

      Hi! I received my tracking number but what website do I go to actually track my package?

    7. Ngozi 3-time creator on

      @Nicole Franzen - there's only item listed on the two books because we had Amplifier make bundles of them together to save on shipping costs. So the detail of your shipment will read Y2-SOFT/HARDSET and include both books.

      Everyone else has messaged directly at this point so we're good. Again - if you want the fastest response please message me via the campaign. Comments get lost very easily.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicole Franzen on

      Hi! I just received my tracking number but in the email it only specifies that it is shipping Year 2. Are Year 2 and Year 1 shipping separately or is that a mistake? Thank you!!

    9. Emma on

      Got my email! Tracking is working and I am SO excited to see the books. :D Thank you for all your hard work!! The printset previews are looking awesome too.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nicolette Ecoff on

      I never got to take the survey because it never showed up. What do I do???

    11. Missing avatar

      stephanie on

      Thank you for the quick response! It's greatly appreciated. :)

    12. Ngozi 3-time creator on

      Hey everyone, so after digging in it is like I thought at first glance - some of the rewards that include both copies of the books are still being shipped. Amplifier is making the bundles and shipping them as they go, if you haven't seen tracking emailed to you yet don't worry, keep an eye out over the next few days!

    13. Ngozi 3-time creator on

      - Oops, hit enter on that too quickly.
      - Re: Digitally downloading books. We'll provide you with a link and you'll be able to download files as many times as you please.
      - The pie mini is definitely still happening! I already have the graphics drawn for it!!

    14. Ngozi 3-time creator on

      - Hey, guys! We're looking into the tracking number issue right now. It seems like not all packages have actually shipped! (For example, if you're getting BOTH the hard/soft covers)

    15. Missing avatar

      Katherine Marshall on

      Also here with the shipping question -- I filled out the survey pretty early, but I definitely haven't received one. Should those be populating inboxes shortly?

    16. Missing avatar

      stephanie on

      Hey Ngozi! I'm pretty sure I filled out the survey the day it was released but I haven't received a shipping notification or tracking code. Should I be receiving one?

    17. Max on

      I haven't received my email about shipping or a tracking code, and I filled it out by the cutoff date. I was wondering if something happened??

    18. Missing avatar

      Jercy David on

      how do we download digital books? will there be a link via a kickstarter update or will it be emailed to us...? anyway THIS UPDATE BREATHED LIFE INTO ME BLESS UP �

    19. Jill on

      Thanks for the update as always, that dog looks pleased as punch to be a Check Please book model! Jess' print is too cool, I love props too :) And I love the background pics from the "Celly 101" R & H Explain Stuff in the background, it always cracks me up. Can't wait to get my book and I'm envisioning everyone getting their jerseys when the Cup finals start in June, maybe? If not, they'll keep! Hope ECCC was fun!

    20. Dolley Charlotte on

      A dumb question, but are the pie minis PDFs and prints still happening? All the other stretch goals are listed under the 'second shipment' infographic, but not that.

    21. Missing avatar

      Emily Tatro on

      You mentioned a tracking code. Should we have received a shipping notification? I had filled out the survey by the cut-off but haven't heard anything