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Bitty is back for his sophomore year at Samwell University and you can help bring his story to print! It's Check Please: Year Two!
Bitty is back for his sophomore year at Samwell University and you can help bring his story to print! It's Check Please: Year Two!
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      Jackie on

      I'm definitely planning on buying both books to add to my library's collection. After I have my own copies to love and to cherish, of course. :D Damn, N. you rock!

    2. Elizabeth Mungle

      I'm actually really curious as how to you plan on donating to the libraries? As I know most author donations usually end up not actually in the library, because it can be complicated to asses the books, add them to the system, find shelf space, ect.

    3. Brittany Roy on

      Wow, almost at 225k! Does that mean we've reached another stretch goal? :D

    4. Balsamatomic

      As the daughter of a librarian, and a future librarian (as soon as I finish my master's thesis), I am so extremely glad that you made donating books a stretch goal. And I'm even happier that we've reached it!

    5. Sara Mitchell on

      Thank you for addressing the questions about t-shirts and add-ons! I'm bummed that it sounds like I won't be able to get the stickers or the patch, because I don't want physical copies of the books (I try to keep my personal library slim and rely on e-books and borrowing) and there are no tiers with the printset (and therefore stretch goodies) but no physical books. But I am looking forward to the online store so I can FINALLY get a shirt in my size!

    6. Missing avatar

      Leona Maron on

      Came here to say I think the library donation is an AMAZING idea -- seems I'm by far not the only one :D I love it!

    7. Missing avatar

      Linda Campbell on

      I love the library stretch goal as well. I'm upgrading my Year One to a hardcover with this kickstarter so I'll donate my softcover to my local library. Great idea!

    8. tracy fusaro on

      cool stretch goals, love the library one! also, an always-open merch store would be A++++, my kingdom for a Zimmermann Falcs shirsey!

    9. Arielle on

      Thank you for this latest update! Oh man, that library stretch goal is fantastic!

      (Probably should have read the FAQ rather than skimming xD)

    10. Marcus Phan on

      Oh wow we are already super close to the last stretch goal and it's only the second day. I love our community <3 (Hail Ngozi our ruler)

    11. Missing avatar

      Shayna on

      Wow! Congratulations again on the amazing response. I am so excited to be part of this. Those are some amazing looking stretch goals. Thank you so much for including donations to libraries as one of them. Similar to another poster, I am a young adult librarian, and I have a healthy following of both teens and young adults who are quite fond of the comic. Would you please consider our library as one of your donations, or do you already have libraries in mind? THANK YOU again so much for your support of libraries and giving us readers such a fabulous world in which we get to read! Thank you!

    12. Jill on

      Thanks for the update! It makes complete sense to keep it as simple and streamlined as possible so thanks for explain that. Love the library donation too! I feel patches are going to happen! We can do it!

    13. Laughing Cat

      Oh my gosh, I think the donation to libraries is my favorite stretch goal! I'm so excited for this! Thank you so much for making it a stretch goal!

    14. Missing avatar

      Jercy David on

      i'm so excited to hear that an online store is being set up! i'd love to get my hands on the zines and possibly get some to a zine library~! congrats again on the success, N :D

    15. Rebecca Whalen on

      I'm so excited to see the donations to libraries! I work at my local library in summers, and I've thought before about how great it would be to get a copy of Check, Please! into circulation. What a great idea!