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Jewel-like tokens for use with board games or anything else. A classy upgrade from plastic chips, wood cubes, glass beads, & such.
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Posted by Dave Howell (Creator)

Wow. In my update of June 12, I said that I thought that would have been the last update, but the pile of little odds and ends was bigger than I expected, so it would be the next to last instead. I certainly didn't expect it to take this long to take care of what was left! Just goes to show. 

However, this is, in fact, the Last Update I will be posting. Every single backer in my database has received from me either a shipment of PennyGems or, in a few remaining cases, email messages from me begging for some key bit of information required in order to send them whatever's waiting to go out to them. If there's anybody left who has neither of these, please let me know!

So, what happens next? Well, as always, anything that hasn't already happened is Subject To Change Without Notice, but I think there's a very good chance sometime in the second week of July I'll be launching another Kickstarter project: "PennyGems II: A Pale Imitation" This will be the inaugural launch of the Auxiliary Set, aka "Pastel PennyGems". In the end, as I expected, it just wasn't possible to make all eight colors lighter versions of the existing set. I mean, what does it even mean to talk about pastel white, eh? On the other hand, a fair number of games have gray or brown tokens, so the Auxiliary Set has gray (paired with white), pastel versions of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, and brown (paired with black). 

PennyGems II will be simpler and shorter. I expect it will be open for just two weeks, and have fewer reward levels. Expect to see rewards along the lines of "2 sheets," "4 sheets," "8 sheets", and then backers will be able to choose how many of which kind they'd like, so somebody selecting "8 sheets" could get two sheets of Auxiliary Gems and six sheets of Primary Gems (the original jeweltone version that y'all have).  

Note: because the Primary Set is also for sale from my web store, and is slightly more expensive there than it was through the Kickstarter project, during this next project, orders that arrive via the web store will be filled first. The Auxiliary Set will not go on sale on the web store until all Kickstarter orders are filled, but somebody ordering the Primary Set will get that order filled right away.  This shouldn't have too much effect on the rate at which Kickstarter orders are filled, but I didn't want anybody surprised by that policy. 

Those of you who said "Yes, put me on your mailing list" to the survey will get an email message just before PennyGems II goes live, so you'll have a chance to be at the front of the line for fulfillment if you like. Those of you who said "no" might be thankful that you'll once again have an Improbable-Objects-free email inbox. If not, just keep an eye on Kickstarter, or the web site. 

There are now about 75,000 more PennyGems out in the world than there were two months ago. I gotta admit, I think that's pretty darn cool. So, thank you. Thanks for backing my project, thanks for your comments and feedback, for your enthusiasm and encouragement, and for your patience. It's been fun; let's do it again some time. 

—Dave Howell, Art. Eng.



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    1. Kristen on

      Thank you! :-)

    2. Dave Howell 6-time creator on

      I'm shooting the video either today or tomorrow, and doing stills at the same time. If I'm all efficient and 'with it,' I might have everything uploaded tomorrow, but more likely not until Wed or Thurs, and then there's an unknown amount of time for the Kickstarter people to approve it before it goes live, so launch should be sometime between this coming Wednesday, and Saturday.

      It will end no earlier than the 26th of July.

    3. Kristen on

      Starting Wednesday of next week (July11) I'll be camping for a week and will be out of Internet contact. Given that PennyGems II will be a short run, I mostly want to make sure that I won't miss out on the Kickstarter run! Do you have a sense of when you'll be kicking it off? Thanks.

    4. Kristen on

      Don't know where the "b" came from ... The final line above should read "the actual colors..."

    5. Kristen on

      Could we maybe have a preview picture of the pastel PennyGems? (Because we don't want to wait even one week to see thebactual,colors you decided on!)

    6. Missing avatar

      babywiththepower on

      Will it be possible to get Grey and Brown PennyGems by themselves? I'd love to have a full set I could use for Catan, but I don't really need pastels.