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Jewel-like tokens for use with board games or anything else. A classy upgrade from plastic chips, wood cubes, glass beads, & such.
Jewel-like tokens for use with board games or anything else. A classy upgrade from plastic chips, wood cubes, glass beads, & such.
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Post-penultimate Preview Proxy

Curses! My spy network is supposed to be working for me, not against me! I forgot to tell Julia not to share details about one of the things I showed her, and then Aaron goes and puts a big blinking arrow on the wall next to her photograph, and the next thing you know, cats are exiting bags at high velocities.

So, anyway, yes, it's true. Over a month ago, while the Kickstarter campaign was still running, Mike Monical asked about PennyGems for 18xx-class railroad games. Except that pennies are too big. Yea, and dimes aren't really all that much smaller. Although #10 washers cost a lot more than a penny each, they are about 12mm in diameter, so Mike and I are testing out cute little mini-Gems to see if they'll be the major upgrade from cardboard chits that we're anticipating. 

We're hoping to have a few sets ready for the Portland Oregon West Coast 18xx
Game Convention later this month. He'll certainly have some prototypes. If we're lucky, he'll have a couple of complete sets for people to play with, and if we're really lucky, he might even have some sets for sale. However, many details still need to be worked out, so I definitely can't tell you when they'll go on sale, or how much they'll cost, or nothin' else, yet. For at least the rest of this month, further news about this product will be coming from Mike, not me. 


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    1. William on June 17, 2012

      I got my order yesterday, they look fantastic! Now to stop at bank and get some rolls of pennies. Hopefully they will have rolls of new pennies.

    2. Dave Howell 6-time creator on June 15, 2012

      @William: Well, *I*'m not planning on buying washers in bulk. And then shipping them hither and thither. At least, not if I can help it. Bleh. But maybe I'll have to.

    3. William on June 15, 2012

      Dave: Well it might be worth looking into getting it cheaper from another source then, such as ebay :) Also, if your local store is local, might be worth checking at a national chain hardware store (or vice versa).

    4. Missing avatar

      Stella on June 15, 2012

      @Dave: 8mm or 10mm wooden cubes in various colours, that often come with Euro-style board games. Also bought by the bagfull by people who make print and play games.

    5. Dave Howell 6-time creator on June 14, 2012

      @Tim: What is a "Euro Cube?"

    6. Dave Howell 6-time creator on June 14, 2012

      @William: My local hardware store has washers for about $0.10 without all that much regard to size, oddly.

    7. JP Sugarbroad
      on June 14, 2012

      Ooo, minigems. At this rate, I'm going to get RSI from all the gem assembly!

    8. Missing avatar

      Tim Quinn on June 14, 2012

      Are these the replacement for Euro Cube that we all have been hoping for?

    9. William on June 14, 2012

      Shouldn't be THAT much more than a penny each. For instance, Ebay has an auction for 1000 of the #10 washers for about $20 shipped (2 cents per washer).
      Your local hardware store should be able to get them in large bulk packs if needed (they may or may not be cheaper than ebay)

    10. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro
      on June 14, 2012

      I deleted the photos. You can delete this update, and we can all pretend that nobody knows what they're talking about. JUMBO GEMS!! Oh yeah!!

    11. William on June 14, 2012

      "Image does not exist."

      Now I want to see it, lol

    12. Missing avatar

      Stella on June 14, 2012

      *blinks* Holy unrepeatable. Just how much value can you actually add to your copy of 1830?

      ...Assuming you're not replacing the paper money with real money, of course...

      Of course, what's more interesting to me are the pastel designs underneath. I like what you've done with the symbol side.