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Jewel-like tokens for use with board games or anything else. A classy upgrade from plastic chips, wood cubes, glass beads, & such.
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Dave Howell

411 backers pledged $25,183 to help bring this project to life.

International Outbound

Percentage of Orders Shipped:79%

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........ (each step = 10 backers)

Percentage of Sheets Shipped:77%

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........ (each step = 50 sheets)

This batch was mostly Color of Magic orders, with a lot of them international shipments. I know that USPS has made filling out the customs forms astonishingly streamlined: it's still a pain in the [anonymous body part]. I sent packages to Finland, Denmark, and Norway, as well as Australia, Russia, and Japan. Fun!

420 sheets to go. Printing more tomorrow....


    1. Creator Stephen Orr on June 8, 2012

      Me two double rainbow is what imam waiting for... Guess I've learned to back early or face the wait! Still shouldn't be long now....

    2. Creator Rusty Q. Shackleford on June 8, 2012

      80 more backers or so... Ever so much closer to getting my pennygems... Still haven't received the coveted e-mail, but no doubt my Double Rainbow will be here soon (Good thing is I'm only a couple major cities south of you, so should be fast shipping once I do get the email)