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Jewel-like tokens for use with board games or anything else. A classy upgrade from plastic chips, wood cubes, glass beads, & such.
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Ever closer...

Posted by Dave Howell (Creator)

Those of you not keeping an eagle-eye on the Comments section might want to check out Julia Z.'s excellent blog report about the afternoon she spent helping me make PennyGems. It's at

Today the postman picks up the last orders that were filled with Gems that were finished last Monday. The Gems that we domed that day are waiting for me at PlastiCreations. I'm heading over in a few minutes to get them and print even more label sheets for doming this coming Sunday or Monday. Still, the batch Julia helped me with was the largest batch I'd processed to date, and it really helped move the dial forward.

Percentage of Orders Shipped: 72% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........... (each step = 10 backers)

Percentage of Sheets Shipped: 65% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............ (each step = 50 sheets)

My database tells me I have 649 more sheets to go, and then I'll have filled all my Kickstarter orders. (I've sent out 95,504 labels of the 147,488 needed to finish.) I'd hoped to get them all done by the end of May, but I'd say it's looking more like mid-June. To be fair, my optimistic projections before I launched my project assumed ~ $22,000 in backing, so I'm not feeling too guilty yet. {smile}

But no more time for chit-chat, I have to run off and make more!


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    1. Steef de Jong on

      The advantage of having to work between "regular" jobs means you won't work your self to ... .
      But I imagine you keeping yourself busy.

    2. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      Just a few more thumbs, and the blog post will be on the front page of the BGG Hot Blogs list, where Dave will get a LOT more visibility (and I will have a smile on my face). Consider thumbing it if you haven't had a look yet. Thanks

    3. Rusty Q. Shackleford on

      I really wish I hadn't waited so long to back this. I really want to use these things for MTG tokens, but it looks like it'll be at least another week until that goal is realized :(

    4. William

      Thanks for the updates! Yeah, I don't have a problem with having to wait a bit, its completely understandable.

    5. mothrascales on

      I can't wait for mine to complete and ship! Dome, Dome until you can't Dome any more! :)