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pledged of $12,500pledged of $12,500 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, July 27 2018 12:07 AM UTC +00:00


I was struck with the idea for this game last year when I had originally planned to try and make it a PC game.  I had had the idea for a Chess-like fantasy game for some time, but I figured in this age of computers it would have to be video.  But since I am not a game programmer, I would have to find someone to make it for me.  Then it hit me, "Why not make it a board game?"  That I could do.  And it really wasn't that difficult either.  The board and pieces came to me quickly and, with a little trial and error, the rules soon followed.  Then I took it to the board gaming community and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.  Everyplace I took it, people loved playing it.  I hope you will to.

Rule the Realm - board and pieces
Rule the Realm - board and pieces

 The Setting:

Emperor Tovan is dead. Now you must challenge your rivals in order to become his successor. Can you mobilize your army and eliminate them or assemble your court in time to declare yourself the new emperor...and RULE THE REALM?

The Pieces:

King - The head honcho. Protect him well for he is weak. Lose your king and you lose the game.

Queen - Behind every great king, there's a powerful queen.  With a few promotions, the queen can become your most powerful weapon as she is able to move both straight and diagonally.

Wizard - The spell casters of your kingdom.  Wizards have the ability to charm monsters and add them to your army. Slightly weaker than the queen in that they can only move diagonally.

Knight - The king's warriors.  Knights can become mounted, doubling their speed.  They can move straight only.

Archer - Ranged units.  They attack by firing one adjacent square.  Bowmen can be promoted to rangers.

Ranger - Rangers have a number of abilities making them highly versatile.  They can move both straight and diagonal, and can attack forest squares.

Siege weapon - Slow but powerful units.  Like bowmen, they can fire, twice as far, but straight only.

Foot soldier - The weakest units, moving only one square; yet one of the most important pieces in your army.  Roughly equivalent to pawns, foot soldiers can be promoted to advanced units should you lose one.

Each army starts with a king, queen, two standing knights, two wizards, two archers, two siege weapons and six foot soldiers.  The standing knights can be upgraded to mounted knights, the archers can be upgraded to rangers, the wizards can be promoted up to four times making them increasingly powerful with each promotion and the queen can become a sorceress, promoted in the same way as the wizard.  Wizards move diagonally only, while the queen/sorceress can move both straight and diagonally, making her the most powerful piece in your army when fully promoted.

Risks and challenges

I don't foresee many risks to contributing. I have a company lined up ready to print. I am moving the release date back to about November. As this is my first attempt at making a game, I was unaware of the time commitment required to complete it. Sorry about that. Any pledge amount is welcome, a pledge of $35 or more will get you a copy of the game. The project has required more work than I expected, but so far I have managed to overcome the obstacles.

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