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Free to play, "Dashkin" is a high-speed game based on the award-winning Brackenwood series of Flash movies by Adam Phillips.
483 backers pledged $27,333 to help bring this project to life.

A Massive Success

Posted by Sean McGee (Creator)

Our sincere thanks!

Thanks to you, we did it. Over the past 33 days we've been overwhelmed by the incredible show of support and confidence in our game. We are very excited to finish this project and make it the best it can be, spurred on by the knowledge that you're as excited for the finished product as we are.

Of course we're hard at work on the actual game, but the KickStarter campaign has been almost a full-time job in itself and now we have the matter of backer rewards to sort out.

Every backer will soon receive a survey with which you can provide us your information. That's coming VERY SOON, but for now, here's a bit of useful info:

  • Digital Rewards -
    These will be sent out very soon, with the exception of the music which, as the game is still being worked on, will not be ready until the game is close to completion. If you pledged for digital rewards, you'll use the survey (when it comes) to provide us with an email address to which we can send your download links or attachments. IMPORTANT: Beware typos. If you misspell your email address, you probably won't get the links to your rewards.. even worse someone else could get them!

  • Physical Rewards -
    If you pledged for physical rewards, you'll use the survey (when it comes) to provide us with a street address for us to send your packages. Some rewards are ready and others are still being printed, gathered, packaged, etc. If you pledged in a high bracket, we will try to cut down on shipping costs by consolidating your rewards into as few packages as possible. However, if that causes any unreasonable delays, we'll try to send what's available sooner, so you're not waiting around for just one or two final pieces.


If you pledged for a Dashkin beta testing code, stay tuned. The game is close to completion and you'll get the first look when it's ready to play. We'll need your feedback on the gameplay experience, so expect an email that contains some login info and/or a beta code.

BCA FX Course

The estimated delivery date for the course is the first week of September (just a couple of weeks away now). Around this time, Adam will send out an email to the BCA FX backers with more information. The site is undergoing some maintenance right now, in preparation for the course, so don't panic if you see BiteyCastle offline.

Staying in touch

We've seen other campaigns that end and the creators go quiet. Don't worry about that happening here. You shouldn't need to email us for updates because we will endeavour to update you regularly on the progress of rewards and the game. If you're wondering about the status of something in particular, check the Updates tab or the project FAQ and chances are you'll find your answer.

If you haven't already, why not also Like us on Facebook for regular game updates, like screenshots, videos and more?

Whatever the case, don't hesitate to drop a question into the comments at any time. We're here because of you, after all!

Thanks again, we'll talk to you soo--**spontaneous head combustion**

  Sean McGee - Diseased Productions

  Adam Phillips - BiteyCastle


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