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Free to play, "Dashkin" is a high-speed game based on the award-winning Brackenwood series of Flash movies by Adam Phillips.
483 backers pledged $27,333 to help bring this project to life.

Want to learn 2D Effects Animation?

Posted by Sean McGee (Creator)

Just a week to go now and we're still working hard on preparing all the rewards.. it's a big job, thanks to all the amazing support so far. A huge welcome to all the new backers who've pledged since the last update!

For a final push over the line, the newest backer reward is 2 months access to BiteyCastle Academy's upcoming 2D FX Animation course, which consists of weekly articles, videos and demonstrations to teach you the dark art of hand-drawn special effects (FX) animation. Here's a video that's part explanation and part demonstration!

When it comes to learning FX animation, you won't get this value anywhere else. Do you know anyone who's interested in learning FX or animation in general? If so, convince, encourage and recommend.. even force them (physically, if necessary) to check out this new reward! 

It is said that FX is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to get into animation, as it teaches concepts of timing, weight and physics like no other method. FX animators make excellent character animation students because they understand the physical world at a very deep level.

Once more, thank you for helping us out with Dashkin and spreading the word with your tweets, shares and +1s. 

Not long to go now!


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    1. Dave Hall on

      I'm in for the $39. I look forward to the game and the FX classes. I already have your Flash classes and I've been using (with your approval : ) the free stuff for my class at Butte Community College. Thanks for that.

      Talk to you later,

    2. Missing avatar

      Clarissa Helps on

      Well, that persuaded me. I bumped my reward up. Good luck with this!

    3. Axel on

      @Will Hall
      It says the reward is stand-alone, so I imagine not. But you can adjust your pledge until the campaign ends, so you can still change your reward to the animation course (you don't need to adjust the dollar amount if it's higher)

    4. Mick Lauer on

      This is hugely generous. The backing gifts have all been wonderful, but this really takes the cake. 2 months is absolutely wonderful...

      ... but if, uh ... y'know ... *cough* ... if things continue to go well and you decide to offer an annual membership for folks pledging ... say ... $300? lol/jk

      Can't wait for "class" :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Will Hall on

      AWESOME! we get this if we have already pledged over $39?