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The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg
The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg
4,368 backers pledged $600,199 to help bring this project to life.

SURPRISE! Chibi Siege of the Citadel by Ninja Division!

Posted by Cabinet & Modiphius (Creator)

Attention Doomtroopers! Some incredible news has just been announced!

Modiphius Entertainment, Cabinet Entertainment and Ninja Division Publishing, LLC announce today the addition of a Ninja Division chibi-style squad of miniatures for Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel. With a Kickstarter already successfully funded at more than 250% of its goal with 23 days to go, the new chibi miniatures join a slew of bonus unlocks for the highly anticipated 2nd edition of the beloved 1990s board game.

All backers of the Kickstarter at the DoomTrooper and Dark Legion pledge-levels will receive the chibi Edward Murdoch miniature for free! 

Two additional Add-On packs of miniatures will include Valerie Duval, Mitch Hunter, Tatsu, Attila III, Dark Legion Legionnaire, Dark Legion Necromutant and Dark Legion Nepharite. Further, the chibi heroes and monsters have been given complete rules for playing them in Ninja Division’s Super Dungeon Explore.

“The legacy of the original Siege of the Citadel is held with some reverence by me and my team,” says John Cadice, owner and creative director at Ninja Division. “We all loved digging through the plastic miniatures and battling our way through Necromutants with our DoomTroopers. Ninja Division is excited to be working with Cabinet and Modiphius to throw our special spin on those classic designs and draw attention to this awesome new edition.” 

“Teams Cabinet and Modiphius are big fans of Ninja Division’s great products and games and we knew right away their chibis would make an amazing squad for Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel,” says Fred Malmberg, president and CEO of Cabinet Entertainment. “We hope this is a first of many collaborations to come.”

Here's the Add On packs, the first gets you the heroes Valerie, Mitch, Tatsu and Attila (yes we know it's Murdoch in the picture he's just there till we can reveal the rest of the heroes this week!). The heroes set is a $25 Add On. 

The Dark Legion set of the Nepharite, Necromutant and Legionnaire are a $20 Add On. 

You can also grab a bag'o Necromutants & Legionnairess - 4 of each for $30 as an Add On.

Thanks to everyone who's supported the Kickstarter so far we've got so many exciting things still to unveil!

Chris, Modiphius


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    1. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      I just realized it's not easy to PM another backer. If you leave a message here, I will try to figure out how to arrange the trade. I don't know if C/M will be willing to facilitate or not, so unless they say otherwise, I wouldn't try to message me through them.

      My goal here, by the way, is not to hoarde chibi -- it's to make sure that my fellow backers are happy with the project. If you really don't like this one thing, you can put that cash toward another add-on (though the payment will work out as me paying you back, not paying you up front). Sorta helping you turn that frown upside down.

      I'm keeping my offer at $10, even though the add-on price for this figure is now officially set at $6... however, the shipping has to come out of the $10.

    2. Matt Drake

      Oh yeah! That is another good point. Where are the spawn points? You have to have something for these guys to come out. And there should be creeps or you're going to have necromutants wandering around, working up to bringing out the ezhoghoul, and in the meantime the board is crawling with angry squirrels.

    3. Charcoal Wolfman on

      So I did not know about Siege of the Citadel until Ninja Division posted something about it. I am now one of the predicted fans of SDE who is backing this project with money it would not have had if it did not include SDE yeah...hopefully everyone has stopped complaining about the free thing that helps them get free things they want, and would potentially not have been able to get before, yeah?
      @Adam I am kind of wondering that as well. Could just be a real tiny warband or something. I mean, there is a formula to the spawn points, but it should be able to be tinkered with some.

    4. Adam Canning

      Which monster types are the Nepherite, Legionnaire and Necromutant in SDE? Because I'd have expected the Necromutant and probably the Legionnaire to be 8 bit and need a Spawn Point.
      If the Nepherite is a Boss or Miniboss he won't need one but shouldn't there also be a Symmetry portal or something for the lesser Monsters to spawn from?
      Or are they Creeps?

    5. Matt Drake

      Multiple choice quiz. Which of these is a normal response for decent people:

      Modiphius: Here is a free thing that you don't have to pay for in any way because it's being funded completely outside this thing you're funding now and you didn't have to do anything for it at all.

      1: Please make us pay for this free thing.
      2: I hate this free thing and no longer want all the other stuff that is not this free thing but that I wanted before I knew I was getting this free thing.
      3: Give me and everyone else here a different free thing because I don't like this free thing and I don't much care if anyone else does want this free thing because I don't like this free thing.
      4: Thank you for the free thing.

      If you picked an answer other than #4, then I pity the poor fool who draws you in the office Secret Santa pool.

    6. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      All: everyone who doesn't want their chibi:

      The first 10 backers who private message me, I will buy your free chibi for $10. That's $10 you wouldn't have gotten at all, and then you don't have to worry about getting a bonus reward you don't value.

      (If you want to try for the theoretical $14 value, you'll have to try to find that by selling it on eBay or something; I'm offering a guaranteed $10, payable when the item is delivered to you, so that then you can send it to me ... or if you can get Chris to divert it to me, that's cool too.)

      (We will have to figure out about shipping)

    7. Missing avatar


      @Cabinet So where is the money for the molds coming from if not this KickStarter?

    8. Foreshadow

      I have zero interest in Super Dungeon Explore or Chibi. Can we just have this as an add on. Not as an 'included'. I will never ever use it, nor paint it, and if possible might trade it away. I'd rather have a choice. This OR some other little thing. Japanimation be gone. I poof thee away. I'd like a Cardinal Coin, or a D20 with a warzone symbol on it, like that of the Cartel which really these doomtroopers are part of ie a group of mixed corporation forces. That or, the Cardinal but that is brotherhood and Cartel is the most generalized. Anything. How about a code for 5% off an order with Modiphius online store. Those who select it, get a code emailed to them.

    9. Dylan on

      @John SDE is actually a really fun game. It's one of the other Kickstarters I've backed, the Forgotten King one, but I had the original SDE before that. It plays like a SNES dungeon crawler type game except for board game style. It's somewhat similar to siege in that you play a hero that has abilities and clear out dungeon tiles and theres bosses and there's a person who plays the bad guys vs the people who play the heroes.

      Yesssss more support for the Steiner chibi.

    10. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      I had never heard of Super Dungeon Explore before this thread. I had seen the Chibi as collectible style of figures before, but I didn't know there was a game. Looks sort of like a fantasy-anime game that's in the same style as Siege, Dungeon, and a few other hybrid RPG/combat-crawl/Boardgames.

      Will there be Siege/MC rules for SDE? Because, there's a non-zero chance I'm going to pick up SDE as a result of this stretch goal... and if I do, I'll probably pick up all of the Siege Chibi.

    11. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      Max Steiner would be an awesome Chibi. (and I'm not even a chibi fan, really) But that skull helmet, on this style of figure, would be awesome!

      Like I just said, I'm not a Chibi fan. But, I don't have a problem with a stretch goal for them, either. I wont be cutting my pledge in any way, and there's a good chance I'll be adding some of the "extra tiles" or "extra sets of figures" to my pledge at some point. Like with the RPG KS, this KS makes me want more, not less.

    12. Dylan on

      I cannot believe people are "this close to dropping their pledge" over a single FREE mini. So entitled. We have definitely seen a boost today and yesterday from this announcement and I personally love both Mutant Chronicles and SDE, along with a few others. If it's not for you, that's fine, but don't complain about it. You're erroneously assuming that if there was no chibi, we would get something else when that's not true.

      C&M - It looks like a lot of people want a Max Steiner Chibi, is that possible?

    13. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      Michael McBride:

      Edward Murdock:,%20Avatar%20e%20Video/Immagini%20Mutant%20Chronicles/Bonner/kr-murdoch.jpg

      Pain jobs can take you in either direction (same basic armor type, same weapon; just a matter of Blood Beret vs Golden Lion). But the pose is definitely based on the iconic McBride image, and not the iconic Murdock image.

    14. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      Just to be pedantic and get clarity:

      Are we getting a free Murdock ... or a free McBride?

      Your words say Edward Murdock, but your picture shows a figure that seems to be based on Michael McBride.

    15. Cabinet & Modiphius Creator on

      @Spyros thanks a lot!

    16. Spyros Chondrogiannis on

      Just informed the SPM/ND forum thread "Siege of the Citadel Chibi Miniatures for SDE" about the Chibi Backer pledge.

    17. Cabinet & Modiphius Creator on

      @Karrack - we're unveiling more chibi through this week! They are only available in the sets.

      @Dev - it's a free bonus, we're not wasting Siege of the Citadel money here it's a complete bonus NOT unlocked by Stretch Goal money. It should bring you more free stuff because Ninja Division fans will come in and pay for stuff which unlocks more goals for you. Even better sell it after the Kickstarter and make around $14 back1

      @Spyros we just created a Chibi Backer pledge which is $6 and gets the Edward Murdock figure and access to the Add ons

    18. Karrack on

      Please can you show us the other chibbi (later I suppose)
      Does Ninja thinking about a chibbi Steiner ?
      By them single and not by on a full set?

      Thanks for your answer.

    19. QuoteStar

      They aren't the free things they want, is the problem. I admit that chibi characters aren't everyone's favourite, but if you're gonna drop your pledge over it...

    20. Matt Drake

      Just so I'm clear, because I seem to be missing something.

      So people are upset because the game they're backing - which is complete and getting bigger every time we hit a stretch goal - added a free thing that someone else developed? Like, you're upset enough about this free thing that you don't want all the other stuff any more? So it's like, 'damn you, Modiphius, don't give us free things!'?

      Still just clarifying - you would have been happier if they had announced nothing at all? Instead of the free thing, you get no thing, and that would have been better? Or are people just demanding a different free thing, like it's OK to actually tell Modiphius what free things they have to give you?

      Or you want them to keep the free thing - the thing you're not actually paying for, which is why it's a free thing - and give you money instead? Because it seems to me that since the cost of the free thing, the amount you are paying for the free thing, is nothing, so if they keep the free thing and do not give you the free thing, they would actually need to refund zero dollars, since you are not paying for the free thing.

      I really don't understand. I just don't get 'I hate free things.'

    21. Missing avatar


      I second the request for a cheaper Dark Legion pledge that doesn't shoehorn in stuff for other games that most backers won't need.

    22. Missing avatar


      Wow, wasting tooling money on this - instead of using it to fund Siege of the Citadel content.

      Are we funding Siege of the Citadel or Super Dungeon Explore here?

      I'm this close to dropping my pledge frankly.

    23. MrDL on

      Wow, people really hating on the Chibi. Just use it as a First Player Marker.

    24. Grizzly Lizard on

      Backed for the Chibis, and only staying for the Chibis.

      The nostalgia trip is also nice.

    25. Loig

      Ho nate, yes and no. :) they could have included another ezoghoul istead of the chibi, or another tile or dice or whatever gameplay item. Instead we get a "collector's item". But anyhow. Let's get back to the campaign and attract more backers so that we unlock more non-chibi content :)

    26. Nate Madara on

      Seriously, what is with the negativity? Don't use them, sell them, throw them out, whatever if you don't want them.

      This is awesome news that they partnered with Ninja Division to do something special for the kickstarter reboot. Aren't the Dark Legion pledges worth over $200 now? Everything that gets unlocked now and included with the pledges is like icing on the cake now.

    27. Dylan on

      Very excited about this! Awesome! Would absolutely love a mask-on Chibi Steiner, too, though! That would be amazing.

      Still, it's funny, SDE is one of the other Kickstarters I've backed along with this one so this worked out well.

    28. Spyros Chondrogiannis on

      Hi! If you pledge $1 and add just the 3 chibi optional buys, is it posible to get the Edward Murdoch figure as an optional buy too?

    29. Cabinet & Modiphius Creator on

      @Feralzen - it's not exclusive but currently no plans to sell in to retail. They may just be online from our store only.

      @Loig - if only that was simple :-)

    30. Loig

      Fine, can I lower my pledge bu 14$ and you keep the chibi? :)

    31. Feralzen on

      OK sorry for the assumption. Glad to hear that they're such fans of SotC.

      Hadn't read correctly, so the Chibit is exclusive to the KS and part of DT & DL pledges.

    32. Chris Birch, Modiphius Collaborator on

      @feralzen no they arent our distributor just massive fans of siege'

      @loig remember you are getting the Murdoch figure as a free bonus no stretch goals are paying for it plus you can sell them for about $14 a piece after

      @kevin they are quite a big saving on their normal prices just check online stores you will find individual heroes for $13.99 so we know you can resell these as a bonus if you don't want them :-)

    33. Feralzen on

      Guessing that Ninja Division is the distributor for Modiphius in the Northen America? Seems like it since this seems like : " I help you, you help me" situation...

    34. Feralzen on

      Well that certainly came from the blind side.
      brrrr... Chibits... -__-

    35. kevin freksen

      Very expensive add on if u want them all.

      But since that ninja game has gotten bad reviews and the fact that the theme of the figures dont fit. Its an easy no from here

    36. Karrack on

      Chibbi Steiner ?
      Buy one Bauhauser for fun on my Desk at work why not. But not 4 minis I will never use elsewhere?
      A way to buy just a single minis?
      But it's true you surprise us.

    37. Loig

      Chibis? Wtf?! This is what our SG "money" is being wasted/spent on? C'mon... Make this a paid addon for chibi-lovers but please spare the rest of us...

    38. Diego Serrate Pinilla on

      Same here , not really care for this "kids" style minis....but I guess it's another good thing for you.

    39. Gauthier D.

      Same here, absolutely not interested in this

    40. R2ShihTzu

      Always happy for more content, this really does nothing for me. Not a big fan of the "Chibi" style; it was the main reason I've skipped out on games like Super Dungeon Explorer and Arcadia Quest.

    41. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Welp, I did NOT expect this. Well played, Modiphius. Well played.
      *Trying very hard not to start laughing out loud in my workplace*

    42. Cabinet & Modiphius Creator on

      @Standa - we're definitely planning RPG rules for the heroes - they actually have a big campaign coming in the RPG line and we'll see if we can speed that up :-)

    43. Standa Adamek on

      Could we get proper resin miniatures, please? I firmly believe that many of us here would like to use such miniatures in Warzone and within MC's RPG as well.. btw could we get also RPG rules for all heroes? It would be nice to have option to play this game with RPG rule set... I would also welcome an additional expansion than this dust collector thing..

    44. TigerNineThree

      Lol. Nice spin. Love it. Haterz gonna hate. :D

    45. Xabier Alakhai Escudero on

      I you do Chibi Alakhai you have my money too.

    46. IdConstantine

      And I was considering selling my Super Dungeon Explore sets....

    47. Matt Drake

      I have to admit being on the fence here. I mean, Super Dungeon Explore is one of my absolute favorite games, and while I know a lot of people hate those big-headed minis, I'm a big fan. More stuff for SDE is awesome. I have everything ever put out there for Super Dungeon, except for the $300 resin dragon because I don't need a mini I'm scared to put on the table.

      But SDE is a fantasy game. It's got swords and kobolds and dragons and stuff. Sure, a couple characters have bombs or rifles, but they're old-school muskets, not assault rifles and rocket launchers. If these guys were really fighting SDE monsters, they would clean them up like a spilled glass of milk. And if the stats mean that these guys aren't blowing through SDE monsters like wet paper, then they've been all nerfed and don't fit the theme at all. The only monsters it would make sense to fight would be the mutants, and then why putting SDE rules in at all? Just play Mutant Chronicles!

      Mutant Chronicles and Super Dungeon Explore are two great tastes, but I don't think they'll taste great together.

    48. euansmith

      I'm really happy to see these chibi minis show up. I'll be getting the three sets and hoping that they bring out all the heroes to match. Chibi Yojimbo? Yes please!

    49. Xabier Alakhai Escudero on

      I want chibirazides!!! :(
      Not kidding, Razides can be cute too...