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The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg
The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg
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UNLOCKED: Brotherhood Add On & Designer's Pack 1 Add On & Contents!

Posted by Cabinet & Modiphius (Creator)

Hi everyone, over night we unlocked the $165k goal which releases the Brotherhood Expansion as a $50 Add On (see below for more info on what it will contain). Remember Dark Legion pledges get it for free, but if you're at the Doomtrooper pledge you can just add $50 to your pledge total to include this.  

Designer's Pack no.1

We've also unlocked the Designer's Pack no.1 as a $20 Add On. Alongside the two 3 part missions by Eric Lang and Kevin Wilson which we're now producing in print booklet, we're also letting them devise their own double-sided tile and 5 devious cards each adding two double-sided tiles and 10 cards across the various card decks as part of this Add On. Remember Dark Legion pledges get this for free!

As we've unlocked the Brotherhood we're now giving some more to the Doomtrooper pledges with the next revealed goal which will unlock 5 more Equipment cards. The next goal after this will be for Dark Legion Pledges so get ready!

 Please watch out at 5pm UK time today for some really cool news!

In the name of the Cardinal!

With the unlocking of the Brotherhood Expansion we can start to reveal more of what you can expect inside this amazing addition to the Siege of the Citadel line. There is sculpting work going on at the moment so we'll be revealing the figures over the next couple of weeks but for now this is what you can expect - including another 19 miniatures! 

  • The Brotherhood faction is added to the game including a 6th player board (and rules to expand the game to 6 players) with Nikodemus & Crenshaw as your heroes. 
  • 2 x coloured bases and matching begs for the Player Board
  • Set of Character Cards, Brotherhood Faction Power and Rank Cards
  • 1 x Nepharite Valpurgius to lead the Dark Legion forces
  • 1 x Praetorian Behemoth to smash the heroes!
  • 1 x Harbinger of the Void to deliver punishing attacks at range
  • 2 x Brass Apocalypts
  • 2 x Curators who will assist in the corruption of the heroes!
  • 4 x Callistonian Intruders 
  • 6 x Algeroth Malignants
  • To this we're adding another 2 sheets of counters including new traps, portals and defences for the Cathedral and assorted markers
  • 4 x Double-sided Tiles (that's 8 locations - with more to be unlocked) 
  • Extra Cards for the existing decks - Equipment, Secondary Missions, Force Cards, Event Card, Doomtrooper Card  (how many TBC). 
  • New card decks to be revealed (based on requirements for the various new rules - to be revealed soon) 
  • 1 x Rulebook introducing new rules for the Dark Symmetry, the power of the Brotherhood Arts and the Legion's Dark Gifts, adding a 6th player and more. 
  • 1 x Mission Book giving you another 10 part campaign following the events around an embattled Brotherhood Cathedral which is overrun during a counter-attack and must then be retaken. 

And more! Yes we plan to pack this box full with more minis, more tiles and cards still to make it great value! Here's the content graphic that's slowly going to get filled out over the next couple of weeks as the sculpts are added in, along with other components. 

Watch out for more Brotherhood expansion updates, until then stay tuned for our big news at 5pm UK time today...


Chris, Modiphius

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    1. Missing avatar


      Fine, fine, fine, here's another $50, you hard working, relentless game creating bastards!

    2. Missing avatar

      John "johnkzin" Rudd

      Awesome to see Crenshaw!

    3. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      Semai's Callistonian Intruders and Demnogonis's Curators? Hmm, looks like the forces of other Apostles are being introduced faster than I thought...

      Also, awesome to see Valpy invited to the party!

    4. Cabinet & Modiphius Creator on

      @Matt it is something we're considering :-)

    5. Matt Drake

      Any chance you might add plastic tokens as an add-on? I'm in the Dark Legion pledge bracket, so I would of course be delighted if they were simply a stretch goal, but I would raise my pledge for good plastic counters.

    6. Shadow Walker on

      Maybe rather generic Malignants then Algeroth's? He is represented enough. Give a chance to Muawijhe!

    7. Ashraam

      Wow, now that is an expansion!

    8. Francis Tommaso

      Nice. Looks like a great expansion to the game.

    9. Shadow Walker on

      Awesome! Btw it is Valpurgius not Valpurgis ;)

    10. Michael Williams on

      Looks good, can't wait to see the Behemoth.