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The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg with Eric M Lang & Kevin Wilson
The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg with Eric M Lang & Kevin Wilson
The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg with Eric M Lang & Kevin Wilson
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    1. Nate Madara about 16 hours ago

      Hey, does anyone know if the reinforcement characters had a specified class or no?

    2. Baronfig
      2 days ago

      @Rickard, the FAQ can answer some of your questions.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rikard Josefsson 2 days ago

      1. Will there be multiple poses for the dark legion warriors or are we stuck with 12 identical legionnaires for example? 2. How well will these match with warzone resurrection models? 3. Will this game be compatible with the old version, if we for old Times sake want to use old boards or models or dice?

    4. Shop Smart "S" Mart
      7 days ago

      Thanks. I saw it on Amazon for 16.99 including shipping. Thought there must be issues...

    5. Fierce Tiger on September 13

      @Shop Smart "S" Mart. I'm not a Richard Borg "fan", but I do own Abbadon. Played it once. I thought there were some movement and line of sight problems in the rules. But nothing major that a few house rules couldn't fix.

    6. Beli´ar on September 12

      My bad, I had misread. End of coming week so this one. Missed the word coming. Oops =)

      Just ignore my ramblings =)

    7. Beli´ar on September 12

      Yes, in which they promised a more detailed update at the end of the week.

      Like everyone im excited to hear more about coop rules and everything =)

    8. Shop Smart "S" Mart
      on September 11

      There was an update on the 3rd

    9. Beli´ar on September 11

      So, what happened with the update we where promised would be out at the end of last week?

      Hope to hear more soon =)

    10. Frazer Barnard
      on September 9

      When will the postage charges be known so we can pay them?

    11. Missing avatar

      Drew on September 9

      And I love SotC, but I am also anxious to hear about the bundle.

      I really want to add the ezoghoul to my pledge.

    12. Missing avatar

      Drew on September 9

      Nakano, the original plan was for any extra chibis to be sold from the modiphius store, and when they run out, that will be it.

      At that time, they will probably bundle them however is most convenient.

      Also, I would not expect it to be priced like SPM's other warband boxes, since these will be all tesin minis.

    13. growls on September 9

      Nakano what ever gave you that idea . SDE can't even get their own minis produced these days.

    14. Nakano on September 9

      I assume the details of the chibi bundle won't be revealed this week either. Anyway is there a goal to release the warband at retail too at regular price after Siege of Citadels delivery?

    15. Steve Hanson Collaborator on September 6

      Airfix Battles is a World War 2 war game, that is easy but very good. It's an addon that is not usable with Siege of the Citadel.

      Likewise, the dice are for Mutant Chronicles only and not compatible with Siege of the Citadel

    16. Jack Tenrec on September 6

      Hello. Please, anyone can help me about some doubts?

      1. What is the "Airfix Battles with Force Deck" that appears at the end of "Add Ons" section in the Pledge Manager? And, is it included in the "Dark Legion Pledge" or in the "Siege of the Citadel Boardgame Add Ons Bundle"? (Because nothing is specified in the add-on description.)

      2. The 6 Combat Dice and the 1 Hit Location Die (at the end of "RPG & Thunderbirds" section in the PM), can to be used with the "RPG Campaign & Dark Legion Stats" (at the end of "Print / PDF" section in the PM)? Or only can be used with the "Mutant Chronicles Roleplaying Game"?

      Thank you very much in advance!

    17. Shop Smart "S" Mart
      on September 5

      @all. Any Richard Borg fans here own a copy of Abaddon?

    18. Steve Hanson Collaborator on September 5

      Martin, contact and tell him what you need to do. He'll get you squared away.

    19. Nakano on September 4

      @Arnaud It's been up for months. If you don't start soon, you're going to be late. Link:

    20. Missing avatar

      Arnaud E on September 4

      Is the PM already UP? And where can i find a link? Hope i'm not too late...

    21. Nakano on September 4

      @Silver Chibis from this campaign has also be meant to be used with Super Dungeon Explore solely. Wait for the bundle details to decide what to do. I haven't yet locked my order as wanting more details from several aspects (chibi bundle, co-op rules and possible shipping costs).

    22. Silver Bowen on September 3

      To get the all the Chibis do I have to add Chibi Heroes, Chibi Dark Legion, and Chibi Dark Legion II?

    23. Silver Bowen on September 3

      From Update #86 - Ninja Division who have confirmed they're working out the chibi bundle as a Super Dungeon Explore Warband

      What does this mean, exactly? Are the chibis now a crossover, usable with Super Dungeon Explore also?

    24. Marijn Bierhof on September 3

      I just went into Pledgemanager to see if I could unlock my Doomtrooper bundle and change it to a Dark Legion bundle...but it says the Doomtrooper bundle is locked. So this can't be changed anymore?

    25. Baronfig
      on September 3

      @Martin: They said that December was unlikely in the previous update. January or February of next year is when they're looking at now.

    26. Missing avatar

      Martin Pacheco Villegas on September 3

      Ok. Will this game be deliver this year (at least the core)?

    27. Missing avatar

      Rikard Josefsson on August 31

      Almost a month Since last update

    28. tat2artst on August 29

      hope they figure it out soon. I've got $90 down on 2 spawn sets and all the heroes. still wish they'd do them in plastic instead of resin but whatever.

    29. Mark Bruce
      on August 29

      @ Robert Barkhald. Drivethrurpg and it's brethren always have issues with larger bulk downloads. I would suggest doing them in smaller chunks. It's a pain, but not as much as having downloads fail.

    30. Nakano on August 29

      @Holy Not really; waiting concrete news too.

    31. Holy Inquisitor on August 28

      Just wondering as I did not follow the project for months now: is there any news about the chibi package that was in the development?

      I cannot seem to find much about it.


    32. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Barnhill on August 25

      I am so excited for this. Played the original so much as a kid it was a no brainer for this to be my first Kickerstarter Experience!

    33. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on August 25

      @Bran. I saw nothing for MC SotC at Gencon. Far to early for those kinds of details

    34. Bran on August 20

      Any news, gossip or pictures of game components from GenCon? Personally, I'd like to hear/see how or if which stretch goals will be combined into different expansions

    35. Bran on August 20

      Any news, gossip or pictures of game components from GenCon? Personally, I'd like to hear/see how or if which stretch goals will be combined into different expansions

    36. Robert Barkhald on August 19

      Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble downloading the big RPG bundle from Drivethrough RPG? I just get fails all the time and the download quality is really bad. I have a 100MB line with good quality so its not on my end, thats for sure.

      Today I also bought the Acthung! Cthulhu bundle from Modiphius. This time I got the pdf's as a download directly from Modiphius and it came down in under 2 minutes no problem.

    37. Shadow Walker on August 15

      @Jasper - there are no old warzone books pdfs. Do you mean MC3 rpg books? If yes, email and he will sort it for you.

    38. Jasper Barreveld on August 14

      Maybe a bit of an odd question, but if you also ordred PDFs of the old warzone books, any word on when we can download those?

    39. Jackson X on August 14

      Pleeeease don't rush through this phase just for the sake of pleasing your eager backers ;) Get it right and thoroughly tested. Constructive delays are always worth it.

    40. Chris Birch, Modiphius Collaborator on August 10

      Hi guys we'll be keeping the pledge manager open as long as possible - that will literally be until the moment the factory starts printing so we have until about end of September, maybe October - even then we'll update pledge manager with the actual quantities ordered and leave it open. I think we'll be doing the shipping payment period in October as we get final weights.

    41. a.redman on August 10

      Has there been in info on the chibi bundle yet

    42. Missing avatar

      crispin vasquez on August 7

      @modiphius, will you guys be making a tatsumoto at all?

    43. Missing avatar

      Charles on August 5

      thanks for the update, take your time, make it great.

      Any info about the closing date of the pledge manager ?

    44. Missing avatar

      Mauro Ortolani on August 5

      If Richard Borg says he has notes to incorporate... we can justify any delay. He's right. He knows! Nice update, Chris. Crystal clear. Keep up the good work guys, this is going to be awesome.

    45. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on August 4

      Thank you for the update, and let me be the first say that delays on new IP is completely acceptable. In fact I encourage companies to be loose with timelines when it involves product improvement. New IP is worth waiting for.

    46. Missing avatar

      Chris Alley
      on August 4

      Any word on the pledge manager deadline?

    47. Missing avatar

      Lee Wygant on August 4

      Thanks for the newest update!

      Take your time, get the rules correct, playtest, playtest, playtest, and when in doubt, let Richard decide when a rule is too fiddly!!

      I am very much looking forward to this version, and hoping beyond hope it is as simple, even more graphically appealing, and catches on like wildfire at the retail level. Keep up the good work guys.

    48. Missing avatar

      Paolo Varotto on August 4

      Thanks for the update, these cards are awesome.
      Given the delays, that I can accept for a great product, when are you going to close pledge manager? I'd like to see some more before deciding on adding the extra 100 USD pack :)
      Keep up the excellent work

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