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The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg with Eric M Lang & Kevin Wilson
The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg with Eric M Lang & Kevin Wilson
The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg with Eric M Lang & Kevin Wilson
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    1. The backer formerly known as Shop Smart
      13 minutes ago

      I honestly don't care if it takes until December. I doubt that's the case anyways, but if it were I would just play other board games in my collection and patiently wait. What matters to me is that it comes out great, and I'm sure that it will.

    2. The backer formerly known as Shop Smart
      about 2 hours ago

      No I was just excited about the rulebook preview that's coming. Believe me my expectations are extremely researved.

    3. Missing avatar

      Covenpines about 4 hours ago

      No excitement at all.
      We will get this game in December... if we are lucky.
      But that's normal with such a big project.
      We cannot expect production to run smoothly. It never does. There will be problems with manufacturing and shipping, as usual. So don't get your hopes up.

    4. Missing avatar

      Charles 5 days ago

      Thanks for the update to come and the kind of teasing about it. Can't wait to read it fully (and please don't forget to tell us how many cards there will be ^^).

      Sure hope things end as well as it can concerning those personal issues :(

    5. Chris Birch, Modiphius Collaborator 5 days ago

      hi there quick update on the card sizes they are all 88.9mm x 63.5mm aka "poker size".

    6. Chris Birch, Modiphius Collaborator 5 days ago

      Hi everyone sorry for the lack of update I'll be doing an update tomorrow, our line manager has been off since we got back for serious personal issues and is due back tomorrow so I don't want to spam you with two emails in 24 hours. Over the last two weeks the team have been completing the priority print files for production before Chinese New Year in time for Wednesday this week. This is the deadline for the box, and counter sheets which also include the Dark Legion reference cards and tile sets for the core box. We've had a very good project manager step in during this period to help guide the final development work on the core box and are waiting on the plastics tooling news. In tomorrow's update we'll give more info on the expected closing date of the Pledge Manager for shipping payments along with the sizing for the cards and total required in the core box. Thanks for the patience I really appreciate it.

      Tomorrow I'll also be sharing how the solo rules work, and we'll be also sharing the core box rules final draft so you can be commenting whilst it's in layout (it's deadline is actually mid Feb so we have time for this final stage).


    7. The backer formerly known as Shop Smart
      on January 12

      I'm surprised they didn't cross market it in an update

    8. Missing avatar

      Charles on January 12

      @mophidius: sorry to insist but could you give us a solid update about PM closing date AND exact number and size of cards ?

    9. Marijn Bierhof on January 12

      @Adam: me too, including the cost involved.

    10. DeLo on January 11

      Are we anticipating a March, April, May 2018 shipping date?

    11. Missing avatar

      Adam Brenton
      on January 10

      When are we expecting to pay shipping? I’d like a solid answer from someone at Modiphus please.

    12. Sebastian Muhs on January 10

      Are there any estimated dates about the chibi stuff?

    13. Gene D on January 8

      @Mark Horneff - No idea as to when, but not soon.
      I have asked when the Pledge Manager will be closing (as it is still completely open/active) so that I know if I will be able to add in any extras if I have the funds available.

    14. Mark Horneff
      on January 8

      When are we expecting this game ? I have completely lost track

    15. Missing avatar

      Humble Vampire Badger on January 8

      FAQ - What size are the cards?
      The cards are Poker size (2.5 x 3.5 inches) and also 'mini' (1 5/8" x 2 1/2" (or 41x63mm)

      Dunno about count per size.

    16. Johan "Schwanhof" on January 7

      @Charles I guess either medium (ticket to ride-sized) or standard (mtg-sized) from the pics. Don't know the meassurements by heart :).

      Size were probably mentioned in an update but I don't recall.

    17. Missing avatar

      Charles on January 7

      @Johan thanks but do we know which size will they be ? there are a lot of different size for card protectors

    18. Johan "Schwanhof" on January 7

      @John B 165 in core box and 40 from SGs. Then both Brotherhood and Luna says additional cards to each deck and new decks for additional rules. On top Apostels and characters like the Cardinal have power decks.

      My guess for everything I pledged for is about 400 cards and then I haven't taken the warzone conversion cards and scenario generator cards into account.

    19. Missing avatar

      John B on January 5

      So, has a noble person got a card count for the game?
      Sizes and number for the pledge levels would be much appreciated.
      Especially since the Paladin KS is open soon.

    20. Missing avatar

      Charles on January 5

      @creator: guys isn't it about time to have a big old update ? PM closing date ? fully cast miniatures ? printed tiles ? just so that we d'ont think john carter and fallout are getting all the love ;)

    21. Steve Hanson Collaborator on January 4

      Mark, please contact

    22. Mark Patrylak on January 3

      @creator: I have had something happen and need to change my shipping address. How can I do this, please.

    23. Missing avatar

      mitchell king on January 3

      Does anyone know the card sizes for this for sleeving?

    24. Ashraam
      on January 2

      Thank you, I'll give that a shot. :)

    25. Steve Hanson Collaborator on December 30

      Ashraam, please contact and he'll be able to get things rolling for you.

    26. William on December 29

      Have not been keeping up to date on this one, latest updates look real nice my excitement for this game has been renewed.

    27. Ashraam
      on December 29

      @James & @Seb
      Unfortunately I find myself in the same situation. I've never asked for a KS refund before, but a friend and I went in on this project together and a situation arose where he was in need of the money. I gave him the full amount then asked about a refund in October and approved the 10% fee. I've heard nary a word in response since then.

    28. Marijn Bierhof on December 29

      Canceled my Chronicle X pledge so I could up my Doomtrooper pledge to a Dark Legion pledge. Can't wait! #Warzone4ever

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas Gössel on December 26

      Merry Christmas! Nice work! Love it. Thanks a lot.

    30. Johan "Schwanhof" on December 26

      @Last Knight - I agree.

    31. Baronfig
      on December 25

      Definitely +1 for black walls

    32. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on December 25

      also +1 for the black walls instead of light gray.

    33. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on December 25

      @Ryan. a lot of the secondary mission cards in the old game required you to keep track of units killed and or type killed. the tokens are I assume to make that easier.

    34. Greyskull
      on December 25

      Definitely FFG should better choose the partners they are working with. Here they are nowhere.

    35. Missing avatar

      Ryan Whalen on December 25

      Sorry if I missed this mentioned before but I just noticed what appear to be counters with sillhoutes of the enemies? Is there an actual in game reason to have extras before what the pledge comes with for the models? For example are their variant enemies with different color schemes or can the game spawn more of an enemy than are in the box?

    36. Last Knight
      on December 25

      Thanks for this update. Merry x mas and a happy new year

      I still believe in this project even though some people like to loose theire nerves.

      Kickstarter isnt just for anybody.
      A lot of people thinking KS is kind of a ordering system with lots of free/extra stuff.
      Instead of supporting a team making somthing great happen they think they purchased somthing and want it right away to drop on theire doorsteps. I backed some projects years ago and still have no physical reward for it. But iam still confident everything turns out just great.

      Over all those years there are less than a handfull of projects on KS that turned out really really bad.

    37. Garry Harper, Modiphius Collaborator on December 25

      Seb. K - please also email. The below.

    38. Garry Harper, Modiphius Collaborator on December 25

      James, please email with your details. There maybe a small delay over the Christmas period but someone will get back to you.

    39. Missing avatar

      Seb K. on December 25

      @James: I'm waiting for an answer about my refund, too. It's at least two months ago, I asked for it..

    40. James Boyd
      on December 24

      I still have time to get a Christmas gift that this was supposed to be if you refund my money NOW like I’ve been asking for a while ...

    41. James Boyd
      on December 21

      I've asked nicely by direct contact, but no response as of lately. Please refund my money NOW. I understand you claim that you must keep 10% (although it isn't disclosed anywhere). I'm willing to pay that as a lesson learned. Please refund my money NOW.

    42. Missing avatar

      Marcel Abt on December 19

      I hope that the base shipping cost (shipping in one wave) will not explode and subsidize two wave shipping.
      All fingers crossed.

    43. Daniele on December 18

      Hello, I have added the 100$ board game addon bundle to the PM, shouldn't I receive a mail for confirmation?

    44. Grant Muir
      on December 17

      I wouldn't be at all surprised to see shipping costs more than double for split shipments unless Modiphus decide to subsidise it. Shipping estimates published at Campaign time are often hopelessly optimistic especially for KS with lots of stretch goals. 2 x Shipping & Logistics will not be cheap.

    45. Johan "Schwanhof" on December 16

      It's about $35 to send 5 pounds of goods inside the common market (EU) for me. It will be interesting to see where the shipping cost lands.

    46. Missing avatar

      Paolo Varotto on December 16

      It's nice to have some updates. I hope that shipping costs won't give bad news ;-)

    47. Missing avatar

      Shawn Malone on December 16

      Anyone got a link to where I can finalize my pledge?

    48. Shane Bradley
      on December 16

      Looking at the dark legion sheet shouldnt the turret be ranged and the trap melee

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