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The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg with Eric M Lang & Kevin Wilson
The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg with Eric M Lang & Kevin Wilson
The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg with Eric M Lang & Kevin Wilson
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    1. Missing avatar

      Dan Ellingsen
      just now

      I'd rather have 1 shipment :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Humble Vampire Badger Porter about 1 hour ago

      No chance of a teaser for the solo folks? :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Humble Vampire Badger Porter about 1 hour ago

      Thanks for the responses. Not too worried by timelines, just hope the solo has enough dev&test time/ is as good as can be!

    4. Chris Birch, Modiphius Collaborator about 3 hours ago

      @Humble solo is one of the last things in development at the moment. I'm pretty fussy about this and have wanted it to be as good as we can get it.

      @Johnnie thanks we'll check that out (chibi), the SOTC dark legion stats is included in the bundle :-)

      @Marcel - I'd rather not comment on the shipping pricing until we have more accurate numbers from the factory.

      @Humble - yes it's in layout at the moment - but we actually have until late December to complete it, the priority is the card decks so we're switching the layout designer over to getting those locked

    5. Silver Bowen about 7 hours ago

      Where the heck are the solo/coop rules?

    6. Missing avatar

      Johnnie about 9 hours ago

      @Chris Thanks for the update. I have locked my pledge, but I have a few questions/comments about the pledge manager.

      1. The Dark Legion Warband (Chibi) - there is still a typo in the description.

      2. SoTC Boardgame Add-on Bundle - the KS campaign page does not mentioned that the 96 page PDF of Mutant Chronicles RPG Campaign/SOTC Dark Legion Stats is in the bundle, but in the pledge manager it is included. Can you confirm which is true. Also, if it is not included in the Board game add-on bundle, is it included in the Mutant Chronicles All-in PDF bundle?

    7. Andrew Bonneau about 11 hours ago

      Yay for two wave shipping!

    8. David Cain about 11 hours ago

      Have we had any details of the co-op rules yet?
      Would love to read them through or at least get a feel for how it will work.

    9. Missing avatar

      Marcel Abt about 12 hours ago

      Thank you for the update. What do you guess: will the shipping estimates you gave on the campaign page be somewhere near the real ones? Or will the actual shipping exceed the estimates by far?

      Thank you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Humble Vampire Badger Porter about 13 hours ago

      Based on that schedule, the core rule book should be nearly ready, subject to proofing right? So, solo/coop rules should be nearly done (assuming its not been dropped) and ready for a peruse?

    11. Chris Birch, Modiphius Collaborator about 13 hours ago

      Hi guys quick update the team are working hard to meet the revised factory deadlines which is the final counter sheet and tiles before the end of the month (we're doing some updates to the grid on the tiles to make them more easy to use and the factory are currently 3d printing all the minis for approval before making the tools) and the rules during December (which don't need as long to print)

      Some quick questions:

      @Shadow Walker - we're planning to show off the revised models from the factory but yes will get some renders of the missing minis - we did a list of what we haven't shown off and it's actually quite a few! The Luna Box cover was shown off I believe but will reshare it in the next update this coming week. The Golgotha comics are being scanned next.

      @Nathaniel nice idea for an anti-hero - once we get the KS out of the way we'll start thinking of expansions beyond...

      Regarding shipping and expansions we have worked with the factory on timelines and with work still to be completed on the two main expansions we have decided on the following plan to focus on getting you the core game quicker.

      I've talked to the whole team at length about this and they're under a huge amount of pressure to complete a lot of different elements at the same time. Letting them focus on just the core game for the next few weeks ensures we get the very best work and quality for the foundation of this game without distraction and I believe this is the best way forward so we don't burn them out during the process and the game suffers for it.

      So here's the plan:

      - Core Box to be completed and shipped out of China before Chinese new year if possible (end of Jan) = core box shipment end of March. If we fail to get it out by end of Jan we have to wait a month for the ship so it would ship in early March from China and fulfilment would be late April.
      - As soon as the core box components are off to print the team then focuses all efforts on completing the expansions and stretch goals with a view to shipping from china around March/April and fulfilment in May/June

      - Backers will be able to choose one or two shipments - a shipment of the Core and separately the expansions or just one shipment when it's all ready. When we announce shipping pricing we'll try to give as accurate a possible timeline on a single shipment so you can make the most informed decision as to whether you are happy waiting for the whole package or would rather get your base game and get playing.

      We can't finalise the shipping prices until the expansions plastics have been finalised (then we can get the most accurate weights) so that's likely in January when we'll launch shipping payments

      We are working with FFG to distribute the retail version of the base game. Retailers do expect a game to come out not long after it's shipped to backers so we would have to allow FFG to do their production run and ship to retail on their timeline, however considering they would likely do their own box design and we have to send all the tooling to their factory it's likely this would be after we ship the expansions. We'll of course give you an update on this as well before you have to decide on whether you have 1 or 2 shipments.

      @Charles - many of the sculptors are the same but we are making the minis in china (in plastic) not the UK (resin). We are waiting on the 3d prints of the base game minis now and will show them off as soon as they come in. Next would be the sample production from the tooling.

      I'll repeat the main news from this in a full update.

    12. Missing avatar

      miguel angel martinez 2 days ago

      @Nathaniel Amen to that, also and I really hope Modiphius is watching/reading as I think your idea of a hero for the Dark Legion sounds great, and with a mini campaign it could really expand the storyline, with skirmishes all around the citadel preparing the final assault...can't wait!!!
      Will have to but I can't! :D

    13. Shadow Walker 2 days ago

      @Modiphius: When will we see:
      1. Models for Christos, Jake Kramer, Henrik Wolfe, McBride, Defiled Avatar, Castigator, Whitestar and Luna factions?
      2. New Luna box cover?
      3. Golgotha comics?

    14. Johan "Schwanhof" 3 days ago

      I really want to see an update on the situation soon. Too much speculation and rumors going around for my taste.

    15. Esteban
      3 days ago

      They are still working on design and development, It's almost imposible to finish production before the Chinese New Year =/

    16. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria 3 days ago

      On one hand I say lets get the KS out of the way before we worry about retail; but on the other hand (the one that is always grabbing at my wallet without permission :-) ) I am very intrigued.

      I think I would spend 10-15 on a single dark legion "Hero" if he came with the model, stat card, and a 3 part mini campaign. They could even get by with just augmenting existing rules, such as because the DL hero has an affinity with necomutants they attack with one extra die for both close and ranged combat combat for these 3 missions. Now they really only have to have the new figure in only one of the missions but you will feel his presence for the whole of the campaign. The key with such an expansion pack would be the story-line behind it i think .

    17. Missing avatar

      miguel angel martinez 4 days ago

      @Bran thanks @Bran but what i meant was the veiled stretch goal miniature that was visible (only the shadow) on the Dark Legion pledge next to brotherhood seeker Indigo, The shadow looks incredibly similar to alakhai plus a lot of the monters from the 2nd edition Mutant Chronicles RPG book, I could recognize some of the shapes, that is why I was wondering what that stretch goal might be (we are getting Alakhai now so that has been sorted) and if it was going to be somehow a retail product to purchase it later, like diferent nefarites or dark legion heroes maybe? I wondered if it has been revealed or if anyone knew what it is.

    18. Bran 4 days ago

      @miguel: you mean Update 84 on June 10

    19. Missing avatar

      miguel angel martinez 4 days ago

      One question everybody, I know it has been answered least I hope so, does anybody know what was the last stretch goal? The one that was not unveiled

    20. Missing avatar

      miguel angel martinez 5 days ago

      @Andreas Yep, it has been said that March is the month to hope for but as long as the year remains 2017 I am going to keep thinking about April, a lot of things can happen in so many months... that way if I do get a nice surprise early March (hopefully) I will be thrilled instead of dissapointed if it gets posponed until April.

    21. Johan "Schwanhof" 5 days ago

      @Andreas since August the new delivery estimate are March 2018.
      It has been in the updates.

    22. MarkT 5 days ago

      +1 for a single shipment

    23. Andreas Micheel 6 days ago

      So, October is through - any idea how Long it will take for the game to be delivered? Looking at the updates and the Status of the development, my guess is April next year? Not that I particularly mind, but I´d rather have an open conversation about what to expect now that the delivery date is not Held by the Producers.

    24. Rick on November 11

      SotC is nominated for the 20 Most Anticipated Games of 2018.

      You can second the nomination here:

      Also, feel free to leave a comment as to why you're excited about the game, and feel free to add any additional nominations to the list.

      The top 50 nominees make it through to the vote for the Top 20 in January 2018.

    25. Daniele on November 10

      I would prefer to have all in one wave, I hate when I can't play a game to it's full potential because I am missing stuff. This is why I am waiting to play Dark Souls the board game until I receive the second wave (god knows when).

    26. Missing avatar

      miguel angel martinez on November 10

      I agree with @Gamborg, shipping costs are the main issue here, and I deffinitely would love to have it all in just one huge package instead of wondering when will I get my whitestar cards or the brotherhood expansion, hopefully the two waves are just for chibi stuff and we get all the real MC first, just saying... Also if we had to vote dunno how many people would want to have the rest of the game in a second wave or wait for it all, just hope for the best, prepare for the worst!

    27. Gamborg on November 10

      I don't see the problem with allowing backers to pick between 1 or 2 waves individually, thats cool. Shipping costs vary immensely around the world and if it came down to a vote, I would definitely vote for a single wave of shipping.

    28. Andrew Bonneau on November 10

      I keep hearing about people saying 2 wave means you don't get a finished game but it has nothing to do with the base game. The second wave is for expansions and extras. The base game will be just as complete.

      The difference is with a two ways you get to play your game while waiting for expansions and most importantly they can sell to retailers. This means they will have income from the game to help ensure that the rest of the game can be finished and so they can make more games. It is a win win situation. The only real legitimate complaint is added shipping costs. If that's your issue then you can wait to receive everything on the second wave, that's your choice. But don't come up with BS like the game won't be done.

      @Nathaniel Gloomhaven arriving this month? Hahahaha that's a good one!

    29. Missing avatar

      Paolo Varotto on November 9

      I agree with Nathaniel, I prefer a single wave and waiting for a more refined game, with some updates on the progress of the game in order to show us backers the progress of this project
      My two cents

    30. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on November 9

      I love Mutant Chronicles but with Gloomhaven arriving this month I don't need to see SoTC for a good while. As long as its made to the best of its abilities (IE clear rules, nice models, GAMEPLAY!!!!) then it can just come in one BIG box when its ready. I am all for not rushing a product in development.
      If you do that you end up with a disaster like Dungeon Saga. That game came out quite fast and then they had to ship replacements to over 90% of the backers and as far as I know have never managed to complete all their promises.

    31. Missing avatar

      Andrew Lee on November 9

      +1 for two waves option

    32. Nicklas Akui Nordqvist on November 9

      Being able to choose between one or two shipments would be nice :) I'd personally choose two, even if it would cost a bit more. Not only because I'm impatient but getting the core game first to get familiar with it before the expansions feels nice :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Charles on November 8

      Would love to have the option to take it all in one shipping. Those KS delivering in several waves seem to me like a huge waste of money and ressources, generally speaking. Having the choice sounds good.

      On another topic, have we seen anything more than renders for the miniatures ? Would love to see actual products before finalizing the PM. Do we know if they are made by the same company as the star trak and the fallout's ?

    34. Johan "Schwanhof" on November 8

      @elchtod check the recent updates. Since we all have to pay shipping it won't be the nearest weeks.

    35. Missing avatar

      on November 8


      Not to my knowledge.
      I guess as soon as we get our shipping quotes they will announce a closing date..
      Or was it december? Sorry I can't remember ;)

    36. elchtod
      on November 8

      Hey fellow backers,

      since I don't know for sure, and there seems to be a bit of speculation and uncertainty - is there a final known date when the PM will close for good? In other words, is there a known deadline to finalize ones order in the PM?

      thanks a lot.

    37. Neil
      on November 8

      Any updates on shipping / delivery dates please

    38. Charlie Bijmans on November 8

      When will the game be shipped? Is there a estimated date yet? Looking forward to play it.

    39. Missing avatar

      on November 7

      Depends on the difference in shipping tbh.
      As far as I understood it is an option to get the pledge shipped in two waves like for 7th continent?

    40. Missing avatar

      miguel angel martinez on November 7

      @Johan Amen to that! I'm looking forward to the massive undertaking of sleeving countless cards and freaking out with all the minis! 1 Wave will rock!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jeff Smith on November 7

      2 waves works for me. I just want to get it to the table asap.

    42. Missing avatar

      Serge Caron on November 7

      One wave please. Less expensive, less work for everybody.

    43. Johan "Schwanhof" on November 7

      If the Brotherhood expansion comes in the first wave perhaps a split delivery. But at the same time I really look forward to a massive unpacking/sleeving evening feast so we'll see.
      What size are the boxes?

    44. Marijn Bierhof on November 7

      1 or 2 wave shipping depends on what is shipped in wave 1 and what it's going to cost. I have a relatively small pledge (Doomtrooper, walls, von Holle and Warzone conversion cards) so if all that is in wave 1 then cool. Otherwise I will probably wait and have everything sent in one wave. I'm not going to pay shipping for three add-ons if not necessary.

    45. Trunkmonkey on November 7

      Please no 2 wave shipping.

    46. Missing avatar

      Adam Brenton
      on November 7

      Just one wave shipping for me. Much simpler.

    47. Bran on November 6

      I understand that both options for shipping have their pros and cons. My preference would be for one wave of shipping if it meant more time to get things right and the components properly integrated with each other.

    48. Andrew Bonneau on November 6

      I would put money down for a 2 wave shipping in a heart beat! I love when it is offered! It is so much nicer to get the base game quickly and be able to play it while you wait for expansions.

      Here's hoping for that two wave shipping!

    49. Missing avatar

      Steve Irvine on November 6

      I think i'd prefer 1 shipment and know that i get it all, nothing missing with a later 2nd wave.
      Save on cost of shipping too.
      Just my thoughts

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