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The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg with Eric M Lang & Kevin Wilson
The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg
The miniatures boardgame set in the Mutant Chronicles Universe, designed by Richard Borg
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    1. Missing avatar

      Vamireon 1 day ago

      Thanks for the information. Great job on the game so far!

    2. Chris Birch, Modiphius Collaborator 1 day ago

      @Vamireon - yes you can just have one shipment with everything and that will be cheaper than having the core box now and everything else later. We'll let you know when it's payable.

    3. Missing avatar

      Vamireon 1 day ago

      Shipping question.
      Is it possible to get everything in the final wave for cheaper shipping? I am assume it is going to more costly than the original estimate with multiple waves.

      Also will we pay all our shipping now or just this wave?

      I ordered 2x of the 150 pledge (Me and a friend), so I knew shipping would already be high, but do not want to end up paying a ton extra with 2 waves.


    4. Marc Langworthy, Red Scar 3 days ago

      @Nathaniel keep sending them to also please - they all end up in my inbox :)

    5. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria 4 days ago

      Okay, before anyone says I am being insensitive. I am not saying you guys can't do the job, but rather you are all busy with mutiple time consuming projects and this would be a temp hire to focus on just this boardgame.

    6. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria 4 days ago

      Have you guys considered hiring a backer to run 40hr a week proofing on this game yet? It would have only been a 15hr a week job a year ago but you want to publish this year and you do not look ready.

    7. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria 4 days ago

      @Marc Langworthy: I will do so for the RPG crossover. But where do I continue to post the multiple errors that continue to be made in this boardgame? I mean you guys fix the some of upgraded talon talon combo, and mess up a bunch of the other ones in the process.

    8. Marc Langworthy, Red Scar 6 days ago

      @Nathaniel if I could ask you to send error reports for the RPG crossover via support please, rather than here. They all make their way directly to me now.

    9. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria 6 days ago

      Okay I realize that it was unprofessional of me to bait the troll so for that I am sorry. I will say no more on it.

      GAME ISSUES - equipment card deck
      1. time bomb listed as both cost 2 rank 1 and cost 1 rank 1
      2. manus combo listed as both cost 3 rank 4 and cost 4 rank 6
      3. still a possible inconsistency with the upgraded talon combo range vs other deathlockdrum combos.

      RPG CROSSOVER BOOK at a very quick overview
      pg 66 NET IS CLEAR the paragraph is not finished

    10. Marijn Bierhof on May 14 made some valid points on May 6 and now Nathaniel has things to say about his sex life?? Please, go somewhere else with this nonsense.
      I agree with Mario's assessment on the number of posts 'drowning out' good questions.
      It's good to add content to a Comments section...but posting 5+ posts in a row isn't helping. It's bordering on spam and it isn't reviving a Comments section. And honestly, why does a Comments section need to be revived?

    11. mario martinez on May 14

      Hey, Nathaniel, You walking bag of shit. You say I don't have a sex life, I'm not the one that says good-bye to everyone on here and has to post regularly to seem important and answer other people's questions who address them to Modiphius. Now who's the one that doesn't have a life, you little bitch

    12. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 14

      PS. snuck back on here to say that only now did I receive notice of the update. please keep that in mind when reading my comments. will try to review update ASAP.

    13. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 14

      the players really love the dice progression, and secondary mission cards, bar a few poorly worded ones. They also like/hate the challenge of a low econ game. players will cap out at 7 credits (except capitol) an so they cannot even 2 top item cards(cost4) at once. Also every single play tester (12 or 14 now) have loved the concept of a DL deck (see below). Have not yet actually implemented it though

    14. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 14

      related note: I have spent $20 at the print shop and have all new cards for play testing. I am running a group of people through the old 10 mission campaign right now allowing the DL to place 2 doors on the map. So far they really like it, so I do think its a workable product.
      Once the DT armor value, event timing, penalties (are their any?) for losing a DT in a mission, and ALOT of proof reading is done.
      It will indeed be a top notch game

    15. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 14

      @Charles: At this point the PM's last close date was long ago and I have no idea when it will actually be shut down. I will research this further for citation but this topic has been asked and unreliably answered a multitude of times.

    16. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 14

      @Rikard Josefsson: We will get it eventually try to remember this is a US, UK, China collaboration, and yes it seems the ball gets dropped more then is reasonable, at least they are still in contact. It would be much worse if they started missing months AGAIN.

    17. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 14

      @Anders Pedersen: current ETA from what I had last heard was core game 4th quarter 2018 expansions sometime after that. There was talk about getting it all done by Sept-Nov time frame, but after the numerous glaring errors pointed out by Shadow and myself I would not hold my breath

    18. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 14

      Okay, so now that we have confirmed that this comment section is more dead then mario's sex life I will be returning to my DAILY posts on rules, themes, and providing what help I can to the community. Starting with responses to all posts after Mario's as
      1 he does not care what I have to say
      2 I have no idea how to explain to him the math on two more board games off the same funds without sounding demeaning.

    19. Missing avatar

      Charles on May 14

      So, pledge manager closing next week ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Rikard Josefsson on May 14

      Another month, Another one of Chris deceitful sh1tposts. Dont thank me for my patience

      How does a factory even produce anything when they are on leave almost all year? Or is this a lie too? I forgive honest mistakes, but this is blatant lying on a weekly basis and ive had enough.

    21. Missing avatar

      Anders Pedersen on May 8

      Sorry, I may have missed some update, but what is the current ETA on this?

    22. Bran on May 6

      It’s just Bran

    23. Chris Birch, Modiphius Collaborator on May 6

      Hi all quick update over the holiday weekend here, the factory has been off on a holiday this week, so we're waiting on final print proofs back from them to approve - thanks again for all the last minute comments it's really helped. Once they're back this week we should have an update on the plastics and estimated ship date which will let us start the shipping part of Pledge Manager). There will start to be updates on the expansions too now they're priority again. So bear with us and we should have news later this week on shipment.

    24. mario martinez on May 6

      anyways my questions: as Chisolhm asked, do we know exactly when we will know about shipping? Will all the expansions be sent at the same time, or do they all need to go through testing to see if they are balanced? the boards seem perfect for the Doomtroopers as they are now, but if you add in Luna City Police and White Stars, along with the Brotherhood to the main boardgame, won't that over power Dark Legion? Did the Kickstarter with the late pledges get enough backing to have future MC Boardgames such as Blood Berets and Fury of the Clansmen?

    25. mario martinez on May 6

      Bran up until the page was taken over there were legitimate questions by the backers about the project and not the rules themselves, some of it were rules points but many of the rules questions and comments were made in the updates. There were some good questions that were drowned out by posters who kept going on and on and on about the rules. I've backed projects too, but never have I seen it taken to that extent.

    26. Rotting Goat Corpse
      on May 5

      Is bran short for brandon?

    27. Bran on May 5

      I have appreciated the efforts of certain individuals in trying to drum up some enthusiasm for this project and their work in helping with the edits. I have also seen similar types of discussions happen on other Kickstarter projects, so I don’t believe what is happening here to be all that different.

    28. mario martinez on May 5

      @Chisolhm, Nathanial D. Wolf is not a representative or works for Modiphius, so he doesn't know when shipping charges will be taken into account, Only Steve Hanson and Chris Birch could answer that question. We'll wait for their reply, if they can read and get to it....

    29. mario martinez on May 5

      @Nathanial D. Wolf. I ask questions on here that have been answered fairly quickly concerning the project, so do most backers here. But until you and a few other posters took over it, many of our questions have been drowned out. Why don't you do what Steven advised and stick to the forums so many of our questions are answered, instead of using this as your own personal thread!

    30. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 5

      @Chisolm: no shipping info as its months away from production.
      @mario martinez: So sorry for trying to revitalize a dead comment board. how about you help instead of criticize.
      @Steven Hanson: I have tried the Modiphius forums in the past but generally they are as dead as this comments section.

    31. Steve Hanson Collaborator on May 5

      Guys, if you want to discuss rules and such, a good place is the forums on the Modiphius website.

    32. Rotting Goat Corpse
      on May 5


    33. mario martinez on May 4

      @Chisolm your question, which is a good question, isn't going to get answered because three people are hogging up this entire thread. I'd Email Modiphius on here or drop them a message on their FB Messenger as I have

    34. Paolo Varotto on May 3

      For a single roll

    35. Paolo Varotto on May 3

      I'd make test the combat drugs to every Centurion, so Dl player won't lose all Centurions in the same round

    36. Paolo Varotto on May 3

      I'll stay a couple of hours until 1 Am GMT +1

    37. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 3

      got to go, be back in a few hours

    38. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 3

      Combat drugs...Cost 4...(all centurions in the mission will attack with +2 white dice close combat. before beginning activation roll one white die, if it is a hit then they die at end of activation.)

    39. Paolo Varotto on May 3

      Otherwise the user can go berserk or have a bonus

    40. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 3

      I like the idea of a symmetry card effecting all centurions because there are only 3 on the board at a time, so the effect can be cool without overwhelming the DT players.

    41. Paolo Varotto on May 3

      The User of the combat drugs must test every round..if roll fails it will take one wound before activation and then die

    42. Paolo Varotto on May 3

      Regenerative tissue may work like life support of forge guard armor in deadzone (cancel the first hit that exceeds armor)

    43. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 3

      see the thing about Regenerative tissue or some of the drug ideas is that in the game enemies all only have 1hp. If you get past the armor they are dead. cant really run Regen or accumulated hit when you are only dealing with 1.

    44. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 3

      So far I have
      Flame thrower. Cost 2....(everything in 6 range)
      Suicide Vest.....Cost 2...(3 dice)
      Extra armor......Cost 2....(upgrade color of armor die or get a white armor die if none)
      HE vest.............Cost 3..(6 dice)
      Toxic rounds......Cost 3..(no armor save)

      Legionaries movement boost...Cost(4?)..(move 4 spaces for mission)

    45. Paolo Varotto on May 3

      Or focusing on an upgrade for a single kind of unit
      Flamer for legionaries
      Bayonets for Necromutants
      Drugs for Centurions
      Regenerative tissue for razides (because they don't wear armor)
      Hunting twin for the stalkers (give a bonus when there are two of them)

    46. Paolo Varotto on May 3

      I would give Combat drugs on a single model (Centurion maybe?)

    47. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 3

      One interesting thing is that the DT's (barring Capitol) are hard capped at 7 credits. That's not a lot to split between 2 units. You cannot even get the violator combo and nimrod auto cannon at the same time. much less with a power arm and targeting eye. So as a result the DL deck is only options between 1-7 cost

    48. Nathaniel D Wolf, Guardsman of Valoria on May 3

      some potential in that. gear card (1 unit) or symmetry card (all/one type for the game)

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