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Save your treehouse from invading aliens! Use super cool weapons to stop them from taking over the world!

Hi! My name is Jefferson Johnson. I am 9 years old & I live in Virginia. I am creating an app called Treehouse Wars.  I've been working on it for 6 months. 

This is my first time making an app. It's a lot of fun when you work hard to build it and it works. I learned how to create an idea and understand what other people would want in a game. 

The game is about a kid who protects his Treehouse from invading aliens. The kid uses super cool weapons like water balloons, smoke bombs, boomerangs, and tornados. It's done and in the app store! Download for free and play it today!

I'm trying to raise $1,000 dollars so that I can build a legendary upgrade package that will have a super powerful weapon, a lot of money and extra protection for the treehouse. It will cost $.99 in the app store. Your help will be used to pay my tutor and fees for gamesalad and Apple.  

This is what I've created so far....

Why I am doing this
This is for my business, Candywrapper. Two years ago I started it with my younger brother Talmage (we first named the company Dragon Slayers). We have been busy. We sold stuff on ebay, made family night packages we sold in our neighborhood, and worked at our dad's office. 

I've been doing projects with my dad like building robots and I decided I wanted to build an app.  My dad has been helping me with everything. He's awesome. 

Please support me. I hope you like the rewards. Bye!

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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The game works right now and I play it a lot. I hope that we can fix bugs so that it always works for everyone. That's a risk. I'm confident that we can finish it and put it in the app store. I guarantee it will.


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