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    Become a Backer of Legend! Receive ten copies of the book – personalized, autographed, all that good stuff. (Enough to hand out gifted copies to a whole group of friends.) Receive ten downloads and ten bookmarks. Get your name in the book and four Zelda vs. Jesus T-shirts. Then you'll get a personal phone conversation with me to talk about Zelda, or Jesus, or anything else you'd like to discuss. And, then, it's time to get your game on – because I'll exchange Friend Codes with you and take you on in the multiplayer mode of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection game of your choice. You can snipe me from across the arena in Kid Icarus: Uprising, blast me with a Blue Shell in Mario Kart 7, smack me senseless in Super Smash Bros. Brawl or any other game you'd like – then I'll publicly admit my almost-inevitable defeat via Facebook, Twitter and any other online outlet you'd like so that your bragging rights are assured. (Really, donating at or above this level would be absolutely mind-blowing to me, so I'd count you as a personal friend already and be honored to game with you.)

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