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Customized poker deck. Inspired by your favorite heroes. Printed by MPC. Limited production run.
Customized poker deck. Inspired by your favorite heroes. Printed by MPC. Limited production run.
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Production update and other info

Posted by TwoGeeksGaming (Creator)

Where we currently stand...

So we finished all the files for the 3 decks and sent them over to MPC for final art/coloring approval. Once they give us the thumbs up, then will begin to make all your decks. Right now we are 100% on schedule for everything. That is awesome news and makes us very happy. 

T-Shirts pledged or won...

We will be sending out today/tomorrow the mini-survey to all the backers that pledged or won a standard T-Shirt or Custom T-Shirt. Please keep an eye out for that. Fill it out and send it back as soon as possible.

Mighty Heroic Minis - Fight Time Card Game

2GG was formed to make & release games that we wanted to see people play and have fun with. Games that had our own unique vision and twists... whether that was for Playing Cards, Card Games, Board Games, or even RPG's.

On Tuesday December 8th, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for an original Card Game by TwoGeeksGaming based on our Mighty Heroic Minis theme. We call it Mighty Heroic Minis - Fight Time. It is a casual card game for 2-8 players that can be played in 15+ minutes. It is very easy to learn, extremely easy to teach, but has lot's of strategy. It is reminiscent to classic card games like Uno, Mille Bornes, and No Thanks.

Our campaign though has one very cool & special thing that you generally never see offered to backers. A way to add your very own personal touch to the final product. ANY backer out there can truly be part of the game.

Please keep an eye out for this. We will be putting it in the Tabletop section of KS and not in the playing cards section.

Hope this is great information for everyone!

Steve (2GG)

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