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    1. David Kononen on

      Funny how this is still a live page

    2. Quarex on

      My favorite part is still "this is NOT a scam of any kind."

    3. David Kononen on

      We could create a new chat forum on this page, bahaha

    4. Quarex on

      hay guys whats going on in this thread

    5. Missing avatar

      Mark Something on

      Good thing I'm not a porpoise, then. :iceburn:

    6. Quarex on

      All porpoises come from Seattle.

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      Mark Something on

      In case anyone reading this missed it, Tycho of Penny Arcade wrote a bit about this: (also there are articles at a bunch of other gaming sites that I'm too lazy to link).

    8. David Kononen on

      What worried me the most is how Kickstarter allowed this to be posted in the first place. Is there no QA here? A simple Google search, and I found out for myself this was very shady, and TinEye on the sword images proved they were $199 weapons from a few years ago, not to mention the rewards stolen from another project that finished less than a week ago. With all the publicity they're getting recently, KS should check these better before accepting.

      My guess is the backer thought he'd get the pledge money right away, or he used duplicate accounts to "buy" the $2500 reward. Once he realized this, he fled.

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      Mark Something on

      Uh, hello, BetaBeat link clickers.

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      Mark Something on

      I'm not actually from Seattle, I was just proving I could see your profile.

    11. Kenny Chik on

      um... The video can still be viewed... XDDDDDD

    12. David Kononen on

      What I find funny is how bold whoever the guy in the video is showing for his face for the scam

    13. Kenny Chik on

      all In all ... I love the concept of the game..... is just a shame now

    14. David Kononen on

      The website was a free Weebly blog, that was the first red flag I aw. What a poor attempt at a scam, haha

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      Mark Something on


    16. Quarex on

      4,384/deity/my tomb in thebes here

    17. David Kononen on

      Not to mention all the reward levels match The Banner Sagas word for word

    18. Kenny Chik on

      oh... the website of the game still exists!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      D. on

      What James said :) Thanks you two!

    20. James Klingler

      High five to Christopher and Mark for the research on this.

    21. Quarex on

      This will be our own secret chat room forever!!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark Something on

      Wait, I can still post here? Thanks to those who did all the work gathering the intel.

    23. Quarex on


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      Little Monster Productions (deleted) Creator on

      A few members of our team worked at BDG last year beforeother found out the owner was being shady with funds. They left and joined our team shortly after. As for the concept art, it seems we have been subjected to false claims of ownership right to our concepts. The game itself is well in progress and is NOT a scam of any kind. Thank you for understanding. If you have any furthure questions please feel free to ask.

    25. Christopher Michael Casey on

      Hi everyone, I'm also putting a dollar down to warn off any other potential backers who read this. As Mark explained, this is a SCAM. All of the art is stolen. Look up "Little Monster Productions" on Google, and -- according to the internet -- they do not exist outside of this KickStarter page. They have no business, no press contacts on their website. Even the pictures of their supposed offices were stolen from another company.

      Little Monster, if you are reading this now, do the right thing and take down this project. Save us the trouble and save yourself the embarrassment. This entire situation is really insulting to anyone who actually creates or enjoys games, and you're ruining it for the rest of us.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mark Something on

      The concept art at was blatantly stolen from two different people in the competition at… and the character art was stolen from this guy (anubis:… ) (ra:… ) and the facebook page which recently went down had pictures of offices like this: which were blatantly stolen from Burton Design group:

      In summary, this is a blatant scam.

    27. Missing avatar

      Little Monster Productions (deleted) Creator on

      Hey Everyone, Look for an update this coming monday!

    28. Haran Sened on

      Concerning Ben's remark - as an aspiring game developer I would definitely consider upping my pledge if there was a tier which allows some insight about your work process (e.g. some design sketches, some kind of updates on your work, etc.)

    29. Missing avatar

      Little Monster Productions (deleted) Creator on

      Hey Ben, I will look into this and get back to you as soon as we can come up with something that makes sense! Thanks for all your support!

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      Little Monster Productions (deleted) Creator on

      Hey David, you will be able to make copies and pass them around to friends and family (no limit). We believe that open shared media does more good than harm (we are napster fans from back in the day). I hope this helps :-)

    31. Ben Thomson on

      Hi guys. I've backed at the $10 level but would like to pledge some more. I'm interested in the $30-$50 range, but I'm international. Was wondering if you would consider putting in a digital reward tier that doesn't include items like the shirt, similar to what other projects have been running. Cheers!

    32. David Kononen on

      What's the DRM situation?

    33. Missing avatar

      Little Monster Productions (deleted) Creator on

      Hey Ben, MYTHIC will roll out as single player first. We are aiming to have multiplayer roll out summer 2013.

    34. Kenny Chik on

      The Concept of this game is great for me... hope the goal will be reach ASAP

    35. Ben Waxman PA-C on

      Is this a multiplayer or a single player game?