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Repper is an app that learns from users, creating hard but doable workouts while discovering better ways to exercise.

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What is Repper?

Repper ( is a web app that creates personalized weight training workouts.  It learns from you to create highly customized workouts that are challenging but doable.

That's it?  That's all it does?

Absolutely not!  Repper is about much more than just you.  Stop being selfish!  Repper is also about performing large-scale experiments to learn more about exercising and the human body.  

Today, there are many books and workout routines in the world that claim their way is the best.  There is also a plethora of scientific publications that evaluate an exercising hypothesis on a population of 30 subjects, and extract "trends" from that.

But, what if you could run your experiment on 100,000 people?  What if you could say "during our random trial of 100,000 people, our results show that the test group increased their ability to do _______ 1.5x faster than the control group."  Now that would be a statistically significant and powerful conclusion!  No more marketing claims. just cold hard numbers!

Our ultimate goal is to become a place where, together, we can find the answers to complicated questions about exercise and the human body.  We want to open our doors to academic researchers who want to evaluate their hypothesis on a larger population.  And we need your help to do it.

Here's the best part: this is a cycle that people like you will not just contribute to, but also benefit from.  For example, by just doing your normal exercises, you'll one day find yourself (without even knowing it) being placed into one of our experiments.  By doing your workout you'll help us reach a conclusion.  Once we know the best way to do "x", we'll immediately deploy that answer to everyone who may benefit from it.

And never fear, our goal with experimenting is never to put anyone at risk.

That's so awesome!  I want to help, but I don't think I can...

Nonsense!  Repper is for people with zero to moderate experience with weight training.  It's not for advanced users as their workouts are likely highly customized for their needs.

Repper is created for men and women and for all ages.  Well, OK probably not children...but everyone else!

Oh, sweet!  I guess I can help.  What should I expect if I use Repper?

Well, you shouldn't expect to turn out like the Terminator!  Instead, Repper is designed to help people either add muscle or lose weight.  Said another way, Repper is for the 90% of the people in the world who just want to improve their overall body image and health [citation needed...].

Adding muscle means creating a stronger, well defined body.  Repper wont help you become a body builder or obtain that look.  It will help you fill out (or fill down...).

Omg I want to help!  Let me in let me in!

I'm glad you share my excitement.  Repper is in closed beta until late October/early November.  Since we are obviously dealing with the human body, which can be a fragile thing, we want to try to make sure we get as much right as possible before releasing it to a larger audience.

If you're dying to help us beta test (and hopefully you are) pledging at the $20+ level will let you get your hands on Repper while we're still in beta.

Otherwise, please support us, and kick back and wait a little while.  In a few months you will be able to start helping humanity.  You're so awesome!

Who is behind it?

My name is Jason Soo, and I'm a phd computer science student at Georgetown University in Washington DC.  I focus on data mining and information retrieval.

I also sympathize with most academics regarding the difficulty of getting enough data to correctly evaluate your experiments.  That's why I want to try and give back to the academic research community by one day helping them perform their experiments.

You can find Repper (and therefore me) at:

How will my support on kickstarter help Repper?

Repper is very young and needs some support.  Right now I'm a one man support/ops/design/code/evaluation/plan/copy/algorithm design team.  In order for Repper to become great, I'll need to find others to help me.

Just as (if not more) importantly your support will tell me that you believe in Repper.  You believe that collectively, by doing your customized workouts, you can help others.  That support and belief is all Repper is running on right now.  So your contribution is so much more than just a monetary bump, it's fuel to continue!

Is this related to PRISM?  Will you be secretly selling my data to the NSA?

Of course not...

But seriously, no, we wont.  Your data is your data.  

We will of course use your data to improve the lives of other people in the world by running experiments.  We may introduce the option to opt out in the future, but that really just hinders the community as a whole, so I'm torn about whether you should be allowed to reap the benefits without contributing.

Also, as I said earlier, some day I'd like Repper to be a source of data for academic researchers.  Academic researchers take privacy extremely seriously because their personal reputation, the reputation of their research lab and university, and their degree are all on the line if they don't.  That is why I'm comfortable sharing with that community.  If we do share with academics, I personally promise that any data we released would 1) be anonymized and 2) kept under tight control.  We wouldn't allow anyone to redistribute your data or spam you.

I take privacy seriously, and pledge to always keep you informed to decisions we make regarding it.  You will have the option to delete all the data we have about you at any time.


I'm so grateful for the opportunity and your time.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, consider supporting me!  If you aren't able to provide financial support, even a good word or a twitter follow (@repperapp) will make a world of difference.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are a few challenges associated with creating Repper. The two biggest ones are:

1) Customizing workouts to each person's gym.

Since all gyms are different, and have different equipment available, there isn't a one size fits all solution to this problem. Each person needs exercises with doable weights and exercises that they can actually perform at their gym. Typically it's easier to introduce someone to weight training by having them using machines before using free weights.

An observation and potential solution to this challenge is that most gyms tend to purchase their machines from a single manufacturer. Also, most gyms tend to have certain "core" machines. If we know what manufacturer is used at a gym, we can make an educated guess as to what "core" machines they'll have, what they'll look like, and what they'll be called. Ultimately, if an exercises cannot be performed at the users gym, we'd have the ability for the user to report that, and we'd never suggest that exercises to them again.

It remains to be seen how well this approach will work.

2) Everyone's unique in multiple dimensions

Just because someone has the same age, sex, experience and goals may not imply that they'll see the same benefits as other similar people. The human body is a complex thing, and it'll require some very complex analysis to get this right.


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